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Do you have any headcanons pertaining to what occupations/lives in general the Blackwood Mountain survivors would eventually have as adults (assuming of course they make it)? Thanks!

  • Sam takes up work as a professional (wildlife) photographer and travels around the world, hiking and protecting endangered species and protests for both animal and human rights alike. She comes back to visit her friends every once in a while and volunteers at the animal shelters and rehab centers whilst staying at Chris and Ashley’s.
  • Chris and Ashley moved in together and got married, a nice quiet (probably nerdy-themed) wedding with all the crew invited. They named their firstborn son Joshua and their daughter Hannah (middle name Beth).
  • Sam fell in love with the kids and became Joshua and Hannah’s godmother, often sending them souvenirs and postcards of her journey.
  • Chris got a job as a simple IT technician, makes decent salary and is pretty happy with his job. Ashley decided to go back to college after giving birth to the kids to pick back up her dreams of becoming a screenwriter/movie producer. 
  • Matt and Jess got together and moved in to a nice little house about a 10 minute drive away from Chris and Ashley. 
  • Matt is now a professional football player and is very respected/well-known. Jess never went to his games due to her agoraphobia, but she always watched him play from the TV and cheer/smile/cook some nice meal to celebrate his victories once he got home. Matt would always end the game by blowing a kiss for her on screen as a dedication.
  • Jess became an artist after years of art therapy had paid off. She sold home-made jewellery and intricate crafts, made beautiful and colourful abstract sculptures, painted gorgeous scenery and even had her own art exhibition after much encouragement from Matt and her friends.
  • Mike joined the army and became a dog trainer for their forces, a job which he loved. After he was discharged, he got his own apartment and worked as a dog trainer with several of his own puppies.
  • Emily went back to her studies and got a doctor’s degree, and is now working towards her post-doctor whilst also being the best (and most feared) professor in a well-respected university.
  • They all meet up at Chris and Ashley’s backyard every month for BBQ and beer and catch up with each other. Matt would play ball with Joshua as he fawned over his epic touchdown stories, Em and Ashley would patiently help Hannah with her homework together whilst bonding over smalltalk about how tiresome kids are, Sam told Jess stories from her travels and Jess would take inspiration from it for her art, Chris and Mike would do the white-dad and drink beer whilst manning the BBQ.
  • Every year, on the anniversary of the Washington’s death/disappearance, they would honour the memory of their friends by going somewhere for holiday and have a good time. Chris, especially, would make sure that little Joshua and Hannah were the happiest each year on this day.
Until Dawn Dancing Headcanons

insp by this gorgeous thing here

after thinking about the until dawn squad dancing, i couldnt stop thinking about how they would change their dancing styles with various partners, and so this happened

sam turns on the radio one day when everyone is just hanging out and whitney houston is playing and you cant just ignore whitney, so she drags josh up to dance and the others slowly join in

sam and josh are killing it on the dance floor. sam took swing dancing lessons a while back and she had taught josh how to do the most basic stuff, so they’re a swirl of twists and sliding around the place. it looks like their feet are on fire, ash cant look too long or she gets dizzy.

matt and em are consistently in sync when dancing, some part of their bodies are always tapping to the beat of the song. matt was originally very shy while dancing until he realized how much he loved it. em took classes as a kid to appease her parents, mostly classical stuff. matt likes to dip her when she leasts expects it which always makes her laugh

chris and ash are both very shy about their dancing. they’re not the best at it, so they do a lot of snaps and swaying and clapping and repeating the same moves over and over again. they know they look like dorks doing it but they never stop smiling through out the whole thing, so they dont care.

jess and mike both have the similar style of making big movements when jamming out to a song. they manipulate their weight and hip movement to move and circle each other the whole time. also, shimmies for days. 

then sam makes them switch partners and all hell breaks loose.

sam and mike jam out to the music, singing along with every word and doing so in full body movements, throwing their heads back to sing. all of their dancing is done with one hand on each other, the other hand on the invisible mic in their hands.

chris and josh have been bros since third grade so they do what they’ve always done, which is the childhood dances like the cupid shuffle and the macarena, no matter the song it is. they’ve also recently started trying the new dance moves chris finds on vine, like the nae nae, tho josh is the only one of the two that can pull it off. 

they try to start a conga line with the others but its doesnt work (ha, over emily’s not dead body)

em and jess get together and they resort back to what they did at sleepovers when they were freshman in high school; jam out and jump to the music, swishing their hair around as they do so. its ridiculous but they love it and the room is filled wit the sound of them giggling. 

mike and em on the other hand dance like they used to when they were younger, close to each other so that they can feel the others heart beat and warmth engulf them. the direction they move is based on whose hand is leading, and that often switches between both of them

matt and jess spin, doing that cliche spinning in a circle just laughing in pure joy. they usually pull each other back into their arms and dance a little slower than the music, but they like it that way.

ash and sam dance like no one is watching

matt and mike dance like everyone is watching

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