mike jenner


i know it’s not ginny. cause’ even you’re not that crazy.

<< then  w h y  haven’t you told ginny? >>

                                                  << i  d o n ’ t  know >>

My Skin is not my Sin...

The lack of regard for black bodies and black people cause us to scream out in pain!

Black lives matter!

My blackness should not offend you but if it does that’s your problem not mine.

It should not cost my brother his life, it should not cost my sister her life, it should not cost any ones child their life!!

My blackness is a part of me; my humanity is a part of me, they are not separate!

I’m tired of mourning black bodies, they matter!

If you can appropriate our culture and that matters then how dare you not realize our lives matter!
The biggest part of our culture is our lives; black lives matter!

Black lives matter
Black lives matter

Very disgusted right now

Between the Duggars’ recent hypocracy, James Holmes (the dude who shot up the Colorado movie theatre in 2012) saying he feels like he’s been ‘made to feel like a supervillain’ and Mike Huckabee cracking a disgustingly offensive joke about ‘wishing he had claimed to be transgender to be able to shower with girls’, I have reached my tolerance level of stupid and dangerous people having a platform to share ideas.