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Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Spider-Man from Avengers: Millenium #1
by Mike Costa, Carmine Di Giandomenico and Andres Mossa

Week 13 fantasy advice.

Well, if you took my Thursday advice you’d have started Stafford (21 points) and started Matthews (11 points). Unfortunately I played against both…

But yeah, if you took my advice Thursday you’re off to a good start, let’s keep that ball rolling to lead you into victory.

I just put a couple suggestions for each game. Some are obvious. I try to avoid the obvious ones but some games that’s all we got.

I didn’t make this silly or quirky this week likeI used to. Just very simple advice if you’re tossing and turning on a few players.


Start Philip Rivers. If that’s too obvious, this is a week that Keenan Allen may finally break out. Especially in a PPR. The Raven are 30th against WRs. 2 of the last 3 weeks the Ravens have allowed over 250 yards to WRs.

I’d keep rolling Forsett too. He’s the #7 RB and SD is right in the middle for run D.


Neither of these match ups are great. The best options are Gordon and Fred Jackson but we’re not sure the role of either. If you don’t have a great #2 RB this week, Jackson is probably a good play. I mean, Cleveland gave up 18 points to Atlanta RBs last week. Atlanta…


Houston has been destroyed by WRs this year but Ten doesn’t have one that jumps off the page. But how about Mettenberger? He probably won’t score 20, but he could get 15 or 16. If you’re in rough shape at QB (started RGIII last week for instance) he could be a decent play. Cleveland put a lot into their running game but I’d avoid both RBs this week.

Foster is probable. Start Foster.


Alf is significantly better with RGIII behind center. No RGIII today could be bad news for this matchup. However, he’s still going against Indy. I’d still start him. Bench Garcon, if you’re even still starting him. And if you are still starting him, quit fantasy football. The other McCoy week Garcon did nothing. Feel free to start Jackson though. He had 6 rec and 136 yards for McCoy’s other start.

For Indy, Luck and Hilton are the way to go. Don’t play any Indy RB. I don’t care how desperate you are. We’re at a point now where I don’t need to tell people that Trent Richardson isn’t good, right?

Let’s hope for video game numbers!


Start ODB, Jennings, and Manning. Good match ups for all.

I know Shoelace had a bad week last week but start Robinson vs the Giants. Bench the Jags WRs. It’s a good match up but it’s throwing darts. 

Here’s the receptions for these guys. 

Hurns: 4, 2, 1, 5, 4, 2, 1, 3, 7, 1, 1. 

Lee: 6, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 3. 

Shorts III: 5, 2, 10, 3, 3, 5, 5, 1.

Do you really want to trust one of those guys?


Start DeAngelo. This is a bold call of mine. But I envision 12 points. It a real good matchup but this backfield is impossible. He has ZERO TDs this year, this is the week he gets in the end zone.

Asiata will get a TD too. So far in his career when he gets 1 TD, he gets 3 TDs. I don’t expect 3 TDs, but I kinda expect 2…?


Out of the dome the saints offense slows down. In away games this season Ingram has 18, 16, 2, and 23 points. And the 2 was against Det. I don’t love Ingram this week with Pierre back. But I expect most of the Saint TDs to be Ingram and Graham. If he’s your #2, you’re probably in good shape.

Start Bell, he may be the #1 RB this week. Start Brown and Bryant too. I see a double digit points from both. Damn, how many TDs do I see Pitt getting this week?!?


Expect Tre Mason to have a good week. Bench everyone else in this game.


Lean on the RBs this week for Cin. If I had to choose one it would be Giovani. Only 1 week this season has TB allowed less than 84 rushing yards. They’ve allowed 6 teams over 100. Might as well start the WRs too. AJ Green will have a good week but you can try Sanu if you’re desperate.

I love Mike Evans this season but don’t start him this week. I’d stay away from all Bucs.


Ellington should have a a monster week. Take a flier on John Brown too. Fitz is Q and Floyd is Floyd.

I don’t love the ATL match ups but I’ve got to start Julio in every league, you should feel safe enough doing so. But consider that the last 3 weeks they’ve shut down WRs.


Both match ups are stacked. Start both QBs.

Well we know Gronk. For RBs I feel safest with Blount but you’re rolling the dice. I expect Blount to get the work and will get the Red Zone touches but would you be surprised if Gray suddenly was the #1 RB again? Or they do the hurry up offense or passing game and play Vereen a ton? But the Packers are last in run D.

With GB I love Lacy. With the WRs, we have no idea who Revis will cover. I’d probably start both.

Blount will lead the game in awkward hugs.


Don’t play Julius Thomas (unless you have Tamme). I think he may play but it’s the night game and It’d be too late to replace him UNLESS you have Tamme. If you have both roll out which ever starts. Start both Den WRs (not Welker).

I don’t love CJ Anderson but RBs in a Peyton offense do well. He may get low double digit points.

I like Kelce this week. He gets about 4 catches a week and the Broncos give up some TD to TEs. The Broncos have given up 6 TDs to TEs this year. Although it doesn’t seem like a good matchup, 6th against RBs, I like Charles. He could get some good receiving yards.


Unless you have a top-5 QB play Tannehill this week! I benched Romo for him. Oops. Look for him to go off against the Jets. I expect 2 passing TDs and 1 rushing from him. I like both Mike Wallace and Jarvis Landry. I’d consider Landry the best skill player in this matchup. He’s got 5 or more receptions in the past 4 weeks. Stay away from Lamar Miller. The Jets D has been ok vs the run. Not great lately. But Miller’s last 5 weeks are 9, 10, 1, 9, 5. Not great.

Stay away from the Jets.