mike is looking exactly like their father

Guys this ST season 2 trailer has me SHOOK

1. When Mike screamed Elevens name and then it cuts to her I cried
2. Either Mike or Eleven (seriously who was that) was curled up in a ball crying and I am not okay with that
4. Okay Will’s drawing looked exactly like that thing in the sky
6. What are the boys cycling so furiously away from
7. Why are glass shards flying at Hopper um leave our father alone
8. what the FUCK is that thing in the fucking SKY
9. When the door was opening itself, the child staring at it looked an awful lot more like Will than it did Eleven does he have powers or does that thing in the sky

Getting Along (TG/AP)

Mike and Derrek were constantly at each other’s throats. Most brothers fight, especially during their adolescence, but these two were in almost non-stop conflict. Their screaming and fighting was taking its toll on the boys’ parents, and eventually their parents had reached the last straw. They locked the boys, both kicking and screaming, in their bedroom and told them that they were grounded until they could work out their differences. After an hour, their parents could still hear them screaming through the door. Their mother, Mary, looked at her husband, Dave, and sighed. “I know they’re children,” she began to say to her husband, “but why can’t they just talk it out. We’ve never had a fight like the ones they have. I wish they were more like us.” Mary and Dave both felt a strange feeling pass over them as she uttered those words. Little did they know that the universe was listening and that Mary’s wish was about to be granted.

              The two boys were standing at opposite sides of the room with their backs turned to each other. They had run out of words to scream and were now simply ignoring one another. Suddenly, Mike heard Derrek let out a grunt. He turned to see his brother rapidly beginning to grow. He heard Derrek’s bones crack as he grew to about six feet tall, his limbs lengthening along with his body. His muscles bulged as he took on a mature, masculine physique. His clothes tore off his growing body, revealing a surprisingly hairy and sculpted body underneath. He grunted again, this time with a much deeper voice, as his head cracked and shifted into an exact replica of their father’s. Derrek looked down at his dick in confusion as it began to grow long and thick, aging through puberty in a matter of seconds. Mike, terrified, was about to run past his transforming brother and try to break down the door when he felt a jolt run through his body and bring him to his knees.

              “What the -ach!” Mike screamed as his body began to grow as well. He looked at the ground as it grew further away, his limbs extending and pushing him further from the floor. He felt his joints pop and crack as his frame rapidly grew into maturity. His shoulders and hips widened with two loud pops, tearing his clothes in the process. He looked over himself on all fours, terrified and confused by what was happening. He was about to stand and try to run again when another loud crack came from his spine. He arched his back inwards with a groan, trying to fight the changes his body was undergoing. It felt like his body was off balance now, but that was soon rectified by two breasts beginning to grow out of his chest. He looked down as the breasts continued to grow from his chest, dangling freely as his nipples grew larger. He instinctively pushed his new breasts together between his arms in an effort to stop them from wobbling around freely and reluctantly let out a moan as they sent alien pleasures coursing through his maturing body. He noticed that his voice sounded more feminine now, but also disturbingly familiar.

              “Derrek, what’s happening to us?” Mike said with a tremble in his voice.

              “I don’t know…but I feel stronger,” he said with his deep new voice. Mike realized that Derrek now sounded exactly like their father. Mike’s eyes widened in horror when the realization finally hit him: if Derrek had turned into their father, and Mike now had breasts, he was turning into their mother. Mike wanted to scream, but as he opened his mouth to call for help the only thing that came out was a sensual moan. A tingling sensation began to come from Mike’s groin as it began to retract into his body. He tried to look at his crotch, but his view was blocked by his new cleavage. He couldn’t tell what was happening down there, but he could feel his member slipping between two folds between his legs. He felt a little sick as his internal organs shifted around, making room for his new ovaries and womb. A wave of pleasure washed over him as he shot through puberty, his ovaries flooding his body with hormones and leaving him with an alien wetness between his legs. He didn’t know why these changes suddenly felt so good, but for a moment he felt okay with what was happening. He snapped out of it when he looked at the posters he had hanging up in his bedroom, remembering that he was just a kid, and that he definitely didn’t want to be his mother. Another tingling began to come from his butt as it inflated, tearing his pants even more as it grew to an alluring peach shape. He looked back at his ass and admired it for a brief second before being disgusted by the thought of admiring his mother’s body. He began to panic, realizing his mind was beginning to change, but before he could move his current position he felt his brother move closer to him and begin to tear off the tattered remains of his clothes.

              “Wow, Mary, I knew you had a great ass, but for some reason it looks even better today.”

              “Derrek?! What the hell are you saying?” Mike screamed in his mother’s voice, terrified the things his brother was saying. “It’s me, Mike! And you’re my brother!”

              “Honey, have you been drinking today? You’re speaking nonsense,” Derrek said with the confident, soothing tone of their father. Mike shook his head as he heard his father’s voice. The wetness between his legs was growing against his will, as if the more he heard Derrek speak, the more excited he felt. As Mike shook his head, he felt his hair tumble down past his neck. He looked at it out of the corner of his eye and noticed that, as expected, it looked smooth and silky, exactly like his mother’s. He grimaced as his facial structure shifted, popping and moving until it was an exact replica of his mother’s. He wanted to cry, but was taken aback by two firm hands grabbing his hips.

              “Derrek, no…don’t…OHHH!” he screamed as he felt Derrek’s throbbing cock enter his new sex. He wanted to fight his growing desires, but as Derrek thrust in and out, he felt himself getting lost in pleasure. Memories began to flood his mind as he grew closer and closer to his first orgasm. Mike remembered meeting her husband…no, his father, in college. He remembered sleeping with Dave on their third date. He remembered being impressed with how big his cock was…and how Dave got her pregnant after one year of dating.

              “No! Dave is my dad…you’re my…brother…not my…” Mike trailed off, trying to fight the mental changes assaulting his mind. It felt so good, like nothing he’d ever imagined. Each thrust of Dave’s cock…no, Derrek’s cock into his new pussy pushed him further from his past life. The pleasure was overwhelming, and with one final thrust, Mike screamed out as the name Mary filled his mind.

              “Oh, daddy!” she screamed, cumming as her husband continued to pound her. She loved calling him that, and she knew he liked it too. She moaned in ecstasy as she felt her husband unload into her, his warm cum coating her insides. They had always been a kinky couple, and fucking in their children’s room was something they had both wanted to try. They rolled onto the floor together and basked in the afterglow, staring longingly into each other’s eyes and smiling. That was the best sex they had had in months. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door. Their kids were yelling through the door, asking their parents if they could come in yet. They wanted to grab some toys to play outside together with. Mary and Dave looked at each other and smirked as they began to get dressed. “I’m glad our kids get along together so well,” she said. “I can’t imagine having kids who fight all the time.”

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I'm interested in learning more about The Catholic Church and what Catholics believe. Do you know of any good resources I could go to for this?

*cracks knuckles* 

Catholicism for Dummies - It may sound totally stupid, but this was the first book I read when I began discerning converting to Catholicism. It really gave me the framework of the Church; more practical matters like the Papacy and why we do certain things at Mass, more so than theological matters. 

The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church - This is an extremely condensed version of the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church), which can feel overwhelming from the moment you open it. This tells you exactly where the Church stands on social teachings like abortion and divorce, what the Sacraments are, a breakdown of the Mass, teachings on moral conscience and man’s relationship with God, etc. The Compendium breaks things down in a way that is easy to… digest, if you will. 

Word on Fire, or Ascencion Press (Father Mike Schmitz) - If you’re not much of a reader, or you don’t really have time for it, I would suggest looking up videos by Father Mike Schmitz and Word on Fire ministries. The videos are usually short, and contain easy language that non-Catholics and even derp-Catholics like myself can understand. 

Reach out to your local parish - Most Catholic parishes have what’s called an RCIA program, or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. This series of classes teaches you all about the faith. This is the place where they can best answer your questions about the Church, our beliefs, WHY we believe certain things. And if you decide that you want to become Catholic, they take you through the process of preparing for the Sacraments of Baptism (if you haven’t already been baptized), Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation. Disclaimer: If you decide along the process that you do NOT want to become Catholic, you’re not going to have a priest or some little old ladies banging down your door. 

Hope that helps to get you started! Of course, I have no doubt that some of my awesome, more Catholicy-Catholic friends are going to reblog this with their own helpful suggestions. *nudgenudgewinkwink* <3 Best of luck, my friend, on whichever path God calls you! 

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Ok so idk if you saw this but on the fridge in Sara and Jacobs house there is a picture that mike drew and it says "mommy, me, stepdad" and I don't know why but I just burst out in laughter and I still find it really funny even though it's not that funny 😂

YES!! i did notice that. for anyone that didn’t, here it is:

hahahaha i fucking live for the fact that sara made sure mike knew exactly what jacob was to him. he’s not his father. she established that boundary to respect michael. mike knows who his father is. sara made sure he does. 

i saw on twitter earlier where someone asked if mike even knew what michael looked like, if he would recognize him if he saw him, and i have to think that answer is yes. he left them with that video message, and i have no doubts sara showed that to mike so he could hear michael himself say how much he already loved mike, even before he was born. 


Little Baby Fuentes (Mike Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 1,933


You sit staring at the little white stick in your hands, seeing the little positive sign telling you that you’ve got a bun in the oven. You’d always wanted to be a mum and everyone around you said you’d be perfect since you loved kids, your boyfriend on the other hand would take some convincing. Mike told you he wanted to wait until you were married to have children, but unprotected sex had led to that option going out the window.

Mike was at the studio recording tracks for the band’s new album, this probably wasn’t the best time for you to get pregnant. Mike was stressed with making a perfect album for the fans, also once they released it they would tour for months and you didn’t fancy being pregnant on a tour bus. Mike wouldn’t be there for the important scans, but maybe just maybe this happy news would cheer him up.

You walk into your shared living room and sit anxiously on the sofa, you put the test on the coffee table and wait for Mike to get home. Around 8pm you hear the front door open and Mike’s voice rings through the apartment.

‘Babe I’m home. Where are you?’

You chewed your lip and took a deep breath.

‘I’m in the lounge Mike. I have something to tell you.’

He enters the room cautiously; he didn’t like surprises so you decided not to hold him in suspense.

‘I’m pregnant Mike; you’re going to be a father.’

You expected a little joy to appear on his face but what you got was the complete opposite. His jaw clenched and you noticed his fist also clench, why was he angry? A baby was good news.

‘Why did you have to go and ruin what we had y/n? We had a plan, this complicates thing. We have an album and then a tour; I can’t be expected to be in two places at once. Do you want to make me choose between my band and you? Because I won’t.’

Tears threatened to spill out of your eyes as each harsh word left his lips. Why was he acting this way, he didn’t need to be cruel.

‘I would never make you choose Mike. I love the band as much as you. I didn’t ruin our plan, I ruined your plan. Scratch that no, a baby doesn’t ruin anything. Do you not want to have a baby with me? I’m not getting rid of it.’

‘I didn’t say you had to get rid of it y/n. Why are you always so over dramatic, it gets on my nerves. Why I’ve stayed with you this long I’ll never understand. Fuck this I’m out.’

He punches the wall nearest to him and you jump back wide eyed in shock, you’d never seen him this worked up before. What did he mean by ‘I’m out’? You get off the sofa and make your way towards him but he raises a hand to stop you.

‘Do you not love me Mike? I love you. Stop acting this way; don’t say words you don’t mean.’

‘Oh I meant them y/n. Goodbye.’

Your heart stopped beating for a millisecond when those words left his lips. You stood frozen to the spot as he stormed out of the apartment slamming the door behind him. A tear rolls down your face and next thing you know you’re collapsing on the floor a sobbing wreck. You needed to call your brother.


We’d just finished at the studio and I was back at my apartment when I heard my mobile go off. It was my baby sister y/n so I picked up in a heartbeat, I was happy until I heard crying down the other end.

‘y/n what’s wrong? Has something happened? Has Mike hurt you?’

I knew Mike would never hurt her because he loved her madly but it just slipped out of my mouth.

‘Jaime…I’m pregnant…’

My little sister was pregnant, I was over the moon about being an uncle but why did she sound so upset.

‘Err then why are you crying sis?’

She sniffled before answering.

‘I told Mike…he…he…said it ruined what we had…it ruined his plan…he said…he’d choose…the band over the baby…he said…cruel things…he said he was out…punched a wall and left…he hates me Jaime…’

With each word that left her lips I got angrier at Mike. How could a baby ruin something? He and y/n were perfect for each other, hell I wouldn’t have set them up if I didn’t think they’d have a future. Mike did want kids because he’d talked about it. So why was he freaking out over the fact y/n was pregnant? He promised me he’d never hurt my sister and here she was crying to me over the phone.

‘I’m going to talk some sense into him y/n. You deserve happiness and Mike would be stupid to throw what the two of you have away. I’ll talk to you later.’

She said goodbye weakly and hung up. I slammed my phone down on the counter knowing exactly where Mike would go. Vic was chilling at Tony’s where as I chose to come home. That’s where I would find Mike.

I got in my car and drove the short distance to Tony’s. Mike’s car was already in the drive. I was going to make him pay for hurting my baby sister like he had.

I entered the apartment and heard laughter coming from the lounge; Vic and Tony were playing some video game while Mike nursed a beer on the other sofa. How could he be so calm and relaxed?


Vic and Tony paused the game while Mike glanced up at me and shrugged. I went to lunge at him but Tony got up and managed to hold me back.

‘Jaime chill, what exactly did Mike do to y/n?’

I pushed Tony off me and clenched my fists.


I pointed a finger in Mike’s direction and continued my rant.


‘Mike is this true?’

Vic turned to his brother and Mike bowed his head sheepishly before nodding.

‘It’s true Vic, I yelled at y/n when she told me she was pregnant. She looked happy when I walked in the door and now I’ve broken her.’

‘What changed Mike?’

Tony asked a valid question, it was a question I wanted an answer to. Mike shuffled on the sofa still keeping his eyes down.

‘In interviews people keep bringing up the fact that I drink a lot and smoke weed occasionally. I’m never going to be father material guys, just look at me I’m not exactly a cookie cutter guy. Everyone’s against us, I don’t want people looking down at y/n or the child because of their assumptions of me.’

It was true, Mike did like to party but so did y/n. I didn’t realise how much interviewers asking questions about his habits had affected him, he always shrugged them off and laughed. Now I felt kind of bad for yelling at him, but at the same time I would always fight my sister’s corner.

Both Vic and Tony looked equally shocked at Mike’s confession. He was so scared of being a bad father that he intentionally sabotaged his relationship with y/n, who would stick by him through thick and thin. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

‘I’m still mad at you Mike, she is my baby sister. But why didn’t you tell us any of this? You know y/n would fight tooth and claw for you as would the rest of us. I’m not going to let you throw this away. You need to man up, realise that people are on your side and fix things with y/n.’

For the first time Mike looked up and locked eyes with me, I saw sadness and regret behind his eyes and knew he felt awful about how he treated her.

‘What if she doesn’t take me back guys?’

‘She will Mike, you just need to show her that this baby doesn’t change anything. You’re going to be a great father and myself, Jaime and Tony will be the best uncles a child has ever had.’

Mike put down the beer bottle and stood up shakily. He knew what he had to do to make things right with y/n. He walked around the coffee table and stopped in front of me.

‘I’m sorry for how I treated her Jaime.’

I simply nodded.

‘I forgive you Mike, now go and win her back. But hurt her again and Tony won’t hold me back.’


It felt good to get that off my chest, I just hoped I wasn’t too late to salvage things with y/n. I loved her like crazy and I was going to try my best to change to become a good father for my unborn child. Screw the media, y/n and I were happy and both of us had the band and our family and friends behind us.

I opened the apartment door and heard the faint buzz of the TV. I walked into the lounge and noticed y/n curled up on the sofa with a blanket over her asleep. I gingerly walked towards her and sat down on the sofa next to her before putting her head in my lap. Her eyelids fluttered open.

‘Mike is that you?’

I bent down and kissed her forehead.

‘Yes it’s me. I was a dick before and I don’t deserve your forgiveness y/n. But your brother and guys talked some sense into me.’

‘I forgive you Mike, but why were you so cruel?’

That was one of the things I loved most about y/n and that was that she was forgiving easily, she could never stay mad at anyone. But she did deserve the truth. I told her everything I told the guys.

‘I didn’t know you felt that way Mike. But together we’re going to have a healthy child who’s got two loving parents.’

I didn’t deserve someone as pure and good as y/n. When Jaime introduced her to the band I knew it was love at first sight, why she chose me I had no idea? Then again she did admit to having a weakness for drummers one night when she was drunk. I wrapped my arms around her and held her.

‘You’re too perfect y/n. We’re going to be great parents. Plus I’m teaching him or her to play the drums okay?’

y/n laughed.

‘So we’re going to raise a little drummer? I can get on board with that Mike.’

She sat up and pressed her lips against mine and I kissed her back with equal passion. Then something crossed my mind which made me chuckle, y/n pulled away and quirked an eyebrow.

‘What’s so funny Fuentes?’

‘Last time we kissed we ended up making a baby.’

y/n soon joined in with my laughter and playfully slapped my chest.

‘Shut up and kiss me Mike.’

‘As you wish my lady.’

I claimed her lips once more; we could make hundreds of babies because I never wanted to stop kissing this girls lips.

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Hello same anon who wanted to share head canons!! So i was thinking Mike and El's first kid is their daughter Max. She looks exactly like El but has black hair and freckles head to toe like her dad, but has no powers. El couldn't be more relieved. She exactly like her father! She stumbles over words, a terrible liar, the most nervous hands, and the biggest nerd on the planet. But she loves her friends to death and is the best leader and always takes risks. More head canons to come!!

Anon, thank you for sharing! I love that they name their daughter Max and she sounds like such a sweet and adorable kid. Actually, the way you describe her reminds me a lot of my childhood self! Love this! (1/3)

An Encounter (Chapter 1)

Summary: Karla couldn’t deal with it anymore. She couldn’t keep staying in that gang, suffering every single day through their torment, even if it meant survival. So, one night, she snuck out, promising herself and her dead parents that she would never go back. But she wasn’t expecting life to be so hard afterwards, struggling to survive on her own in the streets. Then, Mike Jauregui finds her, immediately feeling the need to help this broken girl.

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Promt: Ginny´s dad didn´t die in the car accident and meets Mike. Either as her captain or her boyfriend. Extra: They don´t like each other. Both thinking that they know best.

The first time Mike meets Bill Baker, he’s in a shit mood. His knees are kicking his ass and his back is giving him hell and on-top of it all, it’s looking like he’s gonna have to coach a rookie greener than the grass at Petco through a nightmare of a starting game.

He’s not in the mood to deal with overbearing fathers of 23 year olds. He’s not in the mood to deal with them usually, but even more so today.

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