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mistahboosh  asked:

As an Albertan where there are few options for us to oppose the pipeline bc there are so many for it do you have any suggestions for taking action against it? I know there's a lot of options for people in BC but I haven't seen any options for opposing it for an Albertan citizen. I think the pipeline is ridiculously irresponsible and Alberta will end up screwed over if we don't diversify our economy and it's very frustrating not knowing how to take action.

Here’s some social media to follow for updates:

Indigenous Run Campaign against oil pipeline expansion (supported by 122 of First Nations in Canada and Tribes in the USA):

Treaty Alliance

BC’s twitter campaign against Kinder Morgan:

Coast Protectors

The major First Nation fighting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline:

TsleilWaututh Nation (they’re based in BC but often post petitions and protests)

Also follow Clayton ThomasMüller‏. He posts a lot about indigenous resistance to pipelines.

350 Canada posts a lot about anti-pipeline activism in Canada.

Mike Hudema is part of Greenpeace Canada and focuses a lot on action against pipelines.

This isn’t a complete list but if you want to keep informed of actions against pipelines in Canada, its a good starting point. Sorry that I’m not aware of many that are based in Alberta.

Last week, in Alberta (as of May 8, 2015)

I live in Alberta, considered by most to be the bastion of old conservative values in Canada. It’s a lot like Texas, except it is bigger, has more cattle, more oil, but doesn’t really care to compare its size to others because it isn’t quite as insecure.

A friend of mine (named Mike Hudema - credit) made a list of things that have happened in Alberta or to Albertans in the last week. I reworded them here. Keep the above in mind as you read these:

• The City of Edmonton, whose hockey team is called the Oilers, and whose welcoming image to those driving in from the highway is a huge oil drill, and my hometown until a month ago, unanimously passed an energy transition plan last week which will see Edmonton move away from fossil fuels to renewables.
• Albertans elected 53 New Democrat Party MLA’s to the Legislature giving the NDP a governing majority. To unpack that, this means we ended 44 years of governance by a Conservative party by completely replacing them with a party further left than the mainstream of the American Democrat Party. They are most frequently described as “democratic socialists”.
• Albertans elected the most women elected to government in Canadian history last week.
• Albertans elected Alberta’s first, second, and third openly LGBTQ MLAs in the province’s history.
• Alberta elected the youngest legislature in the country. The youngest MLA in Canada’s history is from Alberta, and serving right now. He is twenty years old.
• Yesterday, Canadian political prisoner Omar Khadr was released from an Albertan prison.