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Hi! I would love to know how the blink animation for female characters in BoJack is done. Is there a way I could see a frame to frame example? Thank you!

Thanks for your question @amora-b! We gif-ed a page from our character bible to illustrate how we approach female blinks. We hope this is helpful!

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rewatching s1 for like the 100th time--at what point does all the brilliant animal sight gag stuff (eg the croc wearing crocs) get added? is it like, we need to have a croc wearing crocs, where can we fit this in? or do you start out by needing someone to guard the food and say let's do a crocodile--hey, he should wear crocs? or some kind of total afterthought, or something else entirely? thanks. love the show, my favorite of all time.

Hello! I am going to answer your question, and then I am going to talk a little bit about GENDER IN COMEDY, because this is my tumblr and I can talk about whatever I want!

The vast vast vast majority of the animal jokes on BoJack Horseman (specifically the visual gags) come from our brilliant supervising director Mike Hollingsworth (stufffedanimals on tumblr) and his team. Occasionally, we’ll write a joke like that into the script but I can promise you that your top ten favorite animal gags of the season came from the art and animation side of the show, not the writers room. Usually it happens more the second way you described— to take a couple examples from season 2, “Okay, we need to fill this hospital waiting room, what kind of animals would be in here?” or “Okay, we need some extras for this studio backlot, what would they be wearing?”

I don’t know for sure, but I would guess that the croc wearing crocs came from our head designer lisahanawalt. Lisa is in charge of all the character designs, so most of the clothing you see on the show comes straight from her brain. (One of the many things I love about working with Lisa is that T-Shirts With Dumb Things Written On Them sits squarely in the center of our Venn diagram of interests.)

NOW, it struck me that you referred to the craft services crocodile as a “he” in your question. The character, voiced by kulap Vilaysack, is a woman.

It’s possible that that was just a typo on your part, but I’m going to assume that it wasn’t because it helps me pivot into something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last year, which is the tendency for comedy writers, and audiences, and writers, and audiences (because it’s a cycle) to view comedy characters as inherently male, unless there is something specifically female about them. (I would guess this is mostly a problem for male comedy writers and audiences, but not exclusively.)

Here’s an example from my own life: In one of the episodes from the first season (I think it’s 109), our storyboard artists drew a gag where a big droopy dog is standing on a street corner next to a businessman and the wind from a passing car blows the dog’s tongue and slobber onto the man’s face. When Lisa designed the characters she made both the dog and the businessperson women.

My first gut reaction to the designs was, “This feels weird.” I said to Lisa, “I feel like these characters should be guys.” She said, “Why?” I thought about it for a little bit, realized I didn’t have a good reason, and went back to her and said, “You’re right, let’s make them ladies.”

I am embarrassed to admit this conversation has happened between Lisa and me multiple times, about multiple characters.

The thinking comes from a place that the cleanest version of a joke has as few pieces as possible. For the dog joke, you have the thing where the tongue slobbers all over the businessperson, but if you also have a thing where both of them ladies, then that’s an additional thing and it muddies up the joke. The audience will think, “Why are those characters female? Is that part of the joke?” The underlying assumption there is that the default mode for any character is male, so to make the characters female is an additional detail on top of that. In case I’m not being a hundred percent clear, this thinking is stupid and wrong and self-perpetuating unless you actively work against it, and I’m proud to say I mostly don’t think this way anymore. Sometimes I still do, because this kind of stuff is baked into us by years of consuming media, but usually I’m able (with some help) to take a step back and not think this way, and one of the things I love about working with Lisa is she challenges these instincts in me.

I feel like I can confidently say that this isn’t just a me problem though— this kind of thing is everywhere. The LEGO Movie was my favorite movie of 2014, but it strikes me that the main character was male, because I feel like in our current culture, he HAD to be. The whole point of Emmett is that he’s the most boring average person in the world. It’s impossible to imagine a female character playing that role, because according to our pop culture, if she’s female she’s already SOMEthing, because she’s not male. The baseline is male. The average person is male.

You can see this all over but it’s weirdly prevalent in children’s entertainment. Why are almost all of the muppets dudes, except for Miss Piggy, who’s a parody of femininity? Why do all of the Despicable Me minions, genderless blobs, have boy names? I love the story (which I read on Wikipedia) that when the director of The Brave Little Toaster cast a woman to play the toaster, one of the guys on the crew was so mad he stormed out of the room. Because he thought the toaster was a man. A TOASTER. The character is a toaster.

I try to think about that when writing new characters— is there anything inherently gendered about what this character is doing? Or is it a toaster?



Thoughts on tonights Degrassi since it’s the last one of 2014! I’m talking about it all, so listen up! 

Drew & Clare: I definitely believe the response Clare got was indeed expected. However, I understand that Drew is upset but one thing that bugged me was him blaming everything on her. She gave him an out in the very beginning. Yes, he was doing the responsible and right thing, but none of this is her fault. I am sure Clare thought “Well I had sex with Drew last so it has to be his” Im sure she didn’t think that she would go a long time unaware of her own pregnancy. It’s scary to think you can miss something that important. Drew has every right to be upset that the baby isn’t his, but he doesn’t have the right to just blame it all on Clare like she did this for shits and giggles okay? 

Ali & Clare: I love Ali and Clare’s friendship. Although, they went through a rough time, I am so glad they’ve become best friends again. Clare definitely needs someone like Ali in her life, they balance each other when both are at their weakest moments. 

Eli & Clare:  WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DEGRASSI WRITERS. All I keep thinking about Eli’s character is

  1. Lets give Eli this dark past where his first gf dies.
  2. Lets give him a new girl named Clare to love
  3. Lets give him a guy that doesn’t like him and basically bullies him and it ends in a near death
  4. Lets make Eli go off the deep end and be super creepy and controlling towards Clare
  5. Lets make him crash his car
  6. Lets give him bipolar disorder
  7. Let give him his life back a little
  8. Lets make him find the dead body of a fellow student
  9. Lets make him lose Clare again because he can’t handle shit
  10. Lets make him regain his life a little more again
  11. Lets get him into NYU
  12. Lets give Clare cancer
  13. Lets kill his bestfriend
  14. Lets make him cheat on clare!
  15. Lets make him lose but then get Clare back
  16. Lets make him become super distant and then lose Clare once again
  17. Lets make him see Clare in New York and give him the possibility of happiness with her again
  18. But wait! Lets make Clare pregnant
  19. But even better! Lets rip Eli’s heart out and make the baby not his
  20. Lets turn Eli into a heart broken ASSHAT
  22. But wait, when she goes to tell him lets make him into the biggest fxcking douche ever and make him call her a whore.

Like seriously? There is so much more but I’m just going to leave it at the ones I can throw off the top of my head. Eli has one shitty ass life when you think about it. I feel like they made him so good, then bad, then good, and now they’re trying to completely demolish his character. I honestly hope they come out and say “Eli has been off his meds” because something is seriously off. Or maybe I am in denial.

Ali & Dallas: I didn’t like the whole telling Dallas that she wanted to have sex but now never mind because he told Drew something he really needed to know. Dallas shouldn’t have told Drew, and should have give Clare time but you know what? No. When you hear something that directly will effect your best friend you bet your ass you’re going to tell them. I just wished Ali had handled how she dealt with that differently. You can’t dangle sex around as some sort of award. Dallas shouldn’t feel bad for having his friends back. Ali should feel proud that Dallas respects his friendship with Drew and knows that withholding such information might hurt Drew even more. It’s a sticky situation though because I am sure he wanted to have Ali’s back also.

Miles & Tristan: I had a whole bunch of second hand embarrassment for Tristan at the beginning. But I am proud that he realized he didn’t deserved to be treated wrong. I mean it only took him forever. I honestly had a love hate feeling for Triles. I did however call it in the beginning that Miles was probably using Tristan. I hope Tristan can stop begging for love and just let it eventually come to him<3

Miles & Maya: I have always had a soft spot for Maya. Theres just something I love about her. I am a matlingsworth shipper, but I definitely think if anything happens it has to be later. Maya is in a fragile time right now as well as Miles. Honestly, Maya needs to focus on herself more than anything and Miles needs to get help with the issues he’s dealing with. I hope they are friends through it all though because I am hoping for a reunion. The way Miles looked at Maya like she was the cutest thing ever was just the best. I honestly think Maya is one of the only people that understands Miles and is the only one that has proven that he can trust her with anything. 

Winston & Tristan: Lol i’m still confused as to what Winston is trying to do. 

Frankie & Zoe: Well if I didn’t hate Zoe before, I do now. Frankie just wants to be accepted and cheer. Zoe just wants to be the top dog. The way Zoe bullies Frankie, pisses me off. Frankie didn’t want to sell nudes, but Zoe took everything she said and twisted it to fit what she wanted. I really like Frankie for some reason, I really can’t wait to watch how she develops. However, Zoe is just cruel sometimes. You would think after everything she has been though, she would be a little more considerate of other people. Anyways, I am very proud of how Frankie finally told Zoe exactly how she is. Zoe definitely needed it.

Next week!

I am super excited for next week!

I honestly do not understand why everyone is flipping shit because they find out Grace is lesbian. Grace is a fxcking badass, her sexual orientation doesn’t make her any better or any worse. I love Grace every which way man, she’s one of my favorite characters this season. I feel like Grace will be one of the characters I’ll always like to watch, and I can’t wait for her to get her own plot.

Frankie taking the fall really pisses me off, I hope Zoe doesn’t get away with anything. 


The amazing artist Natasha Kline not only storyboarded this EPIC section of episode 111 (directed by Amy Winfrey), as you’ll see above she also cleaned up her work for animation. She’s a triple threat! 

What? I only named two things? Oh, yeah, well she’s also a world class Line Dancer. TRIPLE THREAT!

Chasing Pavements

Characters: Mike Dallas, Hunter Hollingsworth, Vanessa Brandon, KC Guthrie, Jonah Haak, Grace Cardinal, Tiny Bell and Lola Pacini

Timeframe: Friday, May 26th, 2017

Summary: When you mix prom night, alcohol and driving together, I’m sure you can imagine the outcome. But I don’t think any of these eight teens imagined something like this.

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Degrassi Season 14 Premiere: A Reaction Post

Alright my fellow Degrassi fans I thought I would do a follow up reaction post to my season 13 finale post so here we go:

So we start of with this whole smoke and fire alarm thing 

“WHERE IS FRANKIE?!?” Guys I sense some serious big bro love from Miles this season

‘10 weeks later’ - So basically the first 'finale’ before a hiatus is going to be the fire at the cheerleading competition

AND we cut straight to a really happy Becky… Didn’t her bro just go to jail..?

Anyway we have Becky all excited about cheerleading - she has the pep…

“Have you seen Frankie?” #Foreshadowing

Drecky is still a thing… 

“Girls only”

“Are you sure it’s not morning sickness?” HAHAHAHA

Clare being uber bitch to Drew


“My stupid ex-girlfriend”

Zoe’s cheer tryout

“I was making out with my boyfriend”

Clare and Drew fight #BabyDaddy

Degrassi FINALLY acknowledging the fact that there is a percentage of people who still do get pregnant even if they use a condom 

Mr. H being himself

Clare at the hospital #SheKeepingIt

Zoe blabbing her mouth and Becky falling 
“Looks like a spot just opened up”
“I am a distraction”

“I’m keeping the baby” (Saw that coming)

Just a quick side note: am I the only one who’s pissed that Clare didn’t talk to Jenna before making this decision. If there is anyone who knows what she’s going through its the girl who had a baby already…

And finally to the rest of season 14:

So I am going to conclude that this season will be a drama filled as the last 13 and I will be here enjoying every minute of it.
See you all next time on:
“Monica gets really bored at 2am and makes reaction posts”

new degrassi promo broken down
  • maya and miles kiss. maya looks away at someone or something.
  • miles in a cowboy get up looks like hes going to throw a punch
  • leo is getting arrested
  • alli (beaten and wearing a sling on her arm) looks at leo getting arrested
  • leo gets put in the police car
  • closeup of alli whos severely beaten
  • miles pushes drew at a party
  • zoe slides into miles’ lap at the party. voice over of zoe saying “you said you loved me”.
  • zoe looks as though shes just woken up and is confused
  • zoe walks with a red cup in her hand at a party
  • picture of zoe drunk and passed out on someones phone
  • zoe partying at miles’ house near the pool.
  • miles is on top of zoe (who is in a bikini) on a couch. it looks like miles is pulling away from a kiss to look at someone in front of them.
  • video of a drunken zoe on someones phone
  • zoe pulls her dress down in front of miles to reveal her bikini top.
  • frankie and new scrawny male character who is holding a tray of orange juice. frankie says “what didnt you do?” (presumably to zoe).
  • zig and maya in school. maya seems to have gotten a makeover. shes wearing a black jacket with studs, a black hoodie underneath, a black studded choker, black glasses, and a black nose ring. zig gives maya a once-over at her makeover and looks a little confused.
  • someone is putting eyeshadow on maya. someone else watches.
  • maya (in her new look of course) walks through a group of girls outside degrassi. maya smiles to herself.
  • back to the scene with zig and maya in school. zig says “what are you doing?”
  • closeup of maya outside degrassi. shes looking away at something.
  • maya walking with a girl outside degrassi. the girl has dark hair with blue, purple, and green hair framing her face. she has a guns n roses tank top on and a plaid skirt.
  • close up on maya who looks unsure about something
  • back to maya and zig at school. maya says “fitting in”. zig gives her the stankface.
  • becky looks at someones cell phone with shock and sadness
  • shes looking at pictures. one of them is of luke kissing zoe on the cheek. another one is of miles or drew (not clear) kissing zoe on the cheek. next 3 are of zoe passed out and and someone has their hands on her face. one is of zoe in her bikini top. next is a video and the last is a shot of girls in a pool.
  • becky sadly (probably talking to luke) says “tell me what im seeing isnt real”.
  • wide shot of becky looking at the phone
  • close up shot of becky looking at the phone. she looks shocked and digusted.
  • clare, jenna, and alli in the hallway at degrassi. clare says to alli “youre getting married?!” alli pushes past them and walks away. clare and jenna look at each other.
  • an angry and sad zoe walks with intent quickly in the foyer
  • outside degrassi, zoe says “so what, i was asking for it?” to frankie. frankie shrugs.
  • jenna wears a tight white short dress to a school dance. she says “how do i look?” alli raises her eyes and grimaces. jenna looks away a little saddened.
  • at the school dance maya (sans makeover) says “miles, just tell me the truth”. miles looks at maya and walks away. maya looks as though she is about to cry.
  • alli is wearing a veil and leo is wearing a suit. they smile and kiss.
  • alli and leo are in a car. it appears as though leo is in the same suit, although alli is not wearing the veil. leo is very angry and attacks alli. alli screams in terror “get off of me leo! stop it!”
  • clare, jenna, and alli are in the degrassi bathroom. clare takes off alli’s big sunglasses to reveal a big black eye and a swollen face.
  • jenna and alli are in what looks like a restaurant. jenna says “i knew he was violent”.
  • an injured alli walks out of the degrassi doors with a frown on her face.
  • clare is in degrassi student government room on her macbook and is video chatting with eli. she says “no one said long distance relationships were easy”.
  • shot of eli crying while talking to clare (not on video chat)
  • clare and drew on a bench in school talking. clare has her hand down on the bench. drew puts his hand on top of hers. close up of their hands touching.
  • maya in school (no makeover). she says “you guys are being a bit dramatic”.
  • shot of zoe in drews lap. zoe says “it could be fun”.
  • alli and dallas kiss
  • back to the scene where clare, jenna, and alli are in the bathroom. clare says “we are calling the cops”.
  • connor and dallas are in a car. dallas punches the roof of the car in frustration.
  • dallas was pulled over by the police. connor and dallas exit the car. voice over of dallas saying “i cant believe this”.
  • maya (again no makeover) and miles are at a party. miles puts his index finger over mayas lips to shush her then throws his hand to the side. maya stumbles back slighty.
  • clare and drew are facing each other closely in a dimly lit room. clare says “youre gonna get yourself into serious trouble”. they look like they are about to kiss.
  • imogen opens her hoodie and flashes that she is wearing her bra over her t shirt.
  • becky has her arm around a crying zoe as they walk in the school.
  • zig and maya are sitting in a classroom. zig says to maya (makeover this time) “i hate you”.
  • a crying becky turns her head away
  • maya, tristan, and miles are outside of degrassi. the message board outside the school says “yee haw! get ready for wild west night!” they are all wearing cowboy outfits. miles starts to come at maya, but tristan intervenes and pushes him away.
  • zoe says to an unknown person “you used me”.
  • clare angrily says “you let this happen”.
  • the degrassi auditorium is full of people. there are two podiums on the stage and an unidentified man is standing at one. there is a poster on the stage that says “Q&A with the city’s mayor today” and has a picture of drew on it. drew is walking away from the stage defeated in the middle aisle. everyone in the audience is looking at him.
  • alli is outside and appears to be crying and on a bench.
  • close up of alli on her cellphone saying “i just want my life back”.
  • zig and maya are sitting in a classroom at a table (different scene, she doesnt appear to have the makeover, although you cant see her face). zig moves closer to maya and slams his fist on the table.
  • drew in the same outfit as from when he was walking away in the auditorium is talking to zoe. he says “i broke up with you!”.
  • maya walks out of degrassi in her cowboy outfit. she screams angrily “MILES!”
  • zoe charges up to luke in the foyer and shoves him. maya and miles are distantly behind her looking on. (presumably a continuation of the closeup shot of zoe walking quickly in the foyer)
  • at a party miles is hosting, he screams “you don’t understand anything!” to maya.
  • drew is in the car and frustratingly hits the steering wheel.
  • alli and dallas are in a mall looking at sunglasses and there seems to be a small explosion in a trash can. they look back at the smoke and trash can terrified. a woman sitting near the explosion falls out of her chair and hits the ground.
  • miles, maya, and winston are sitting in a classroom in desks. miles and maya turn back to look at winston.
  • drew’s eyes widen and his mouth gapes open. he seems to have been talking to zoe.
  • zoe and frankie(?) are in the degrassi hallway. zoe looks down at the ground and says “who would do this to me?”.


i hope no one else has already done this because it took me a really long time. each clip was literally like a fraction of a second long. anyway, i think this helps a lot in predicting whats gonna happen next season. it also makes me really excited because i feel like theres going to be actual interesting drama this season and not just fluffy drama and filler episodes. all degrassi fans please reblog!