mike hiscott

I always manage to miss out on the Gemsona Week’s prompts because it takes me forever to draw anything. REGARDLESS I thought the High School AU prompt was fun so I took a stab at that the other day and decided to slap some colors on the sketch now that my tablet’s sorta working.

Moon would be the kind of student who shows up to her classes with nothing but a pen and her lunchbag everyday yet miraculously manages to ace all her subjects when finals week rolls around (I wish I could do the same in my classes). Well, we both eat a lot, so I’m halfway there! 

She’s hanging out with Space-Chaser’s Spinel and Stuffthatisirrelevant’s Honeycomb Opal because they’re both nerds, but they’re the kind of nerds Moon would hang out with (and of course Mike-Hiscott’s Larimar who is the the ultimate nerd and I love him). Agate and Tourmaline also belong to Mike, Moon and Moldavite (the green girl who forgot to study) belongs to me.

I’m going to be opening gemsona commissions like the requests I did a few weeks back as soon as I figure out how the heck to use Paypal!