mike hiscott

Larimar by mike-hiscott
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him/his
Height: 6’2”
Weapon: 2x Blue Katar
Gem Type: Larimar
Likes: organization, libraries, museums, collecting.
Dislikes: clutter, lending out parts of his collections.
Hobbies: Bug collecting, book collecting, spice collecting, rock climbing, boxing.
Talents/Skills: eidetic memory, lore keeping. 
Personality: Larimar is quiet to the point of silence.  He doesn’t talk (to the point no one is sure if he even can.), yet he’s outgoing, enjoying missions and time spent with others. He’s an avid collector of items he can organize and categorize. He uses his eidetic memory to chronicle the missions he takes part in, and stores each new entry in his ever growing personal library.

✰ Same Gem? Same Gem!✰
There’s sure to be at least one other gemsona who has the same gemstone as yours- draw them hanging out together! [x]

Wanted to something like this already and lucky me it’s in this months gemsona prompt! This is a group shot for Larimar because there’s a lot of nice designs for them! I wish I could have include more but I didn’t really want to spend too much time on this!!

Anyways, mike-hiscott’s Larimar on the left and genchiart’s Larimar on the right! My Larimar on the center. They’re probably talking about water or something.