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-Zodiac: virgo

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-Favourite Music Artist: Imagine Dragons

-Song Stuck In My Head: this life is mine from the RWBY vol 4 soundtrack

-Last Movie Watched: we got to rent 3 movies that we watched all in one sitting which includes lights out, lego batman and get out. i like lego batman but get out was probably my favorite one

-What I’m Wearing: pajamas–red dave strider shirt and red basketball shorts

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-What My Last Relationship Taught Me: no

im doing a regular relationship

idk so i guess my relationship with @kakashifan9 has been a weird new experience for me

i’ve always thought things that weren’t actually, y’know….uh, things????? and she says stuff like its ok i just havent met the right people yet and….

idk how to explain it but she (probably) knows what im talking about

i’ve learnt a lot from this relationship

i mean besides the fact that someone shares a thirst for aizawa the same way i do

-Religious or Spiritual: ooooh boy i have bad experiences with both not even gonna touch upon these subjects besides saying both have people who are fucking crazy

maybe closer to spiritual, the auntie upstairs runs a mystical sort of gig outta her apartment and sometimes i’m her ‘assistant’

i am not paid

-Favourite Colour: red, gray, black

-Average Hours Of Sleep: 3-6

-Lucky Number: any number that is a multiple of 7 is my favorite number idk why. 7, 14, 21, etc.

-Lesser known Favourite Character: hmmmmmmmm. i guess a fave people don’t know from me is….frank zhang from the PJO series.

-Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1 of those thin soft blankets from hot topic with the RWBY girls on it and a kind of heavy, wooly green blanket on top

-Dream Job: author, actor, or bartender

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Small World

(Mike Fuentes)

Y/n got home from work pretty late last night and I didn’t want to wake her just yet. She was working towards a promotion and putting in lots of extra hours. 

I had managed to sneak out of bed without waking her to make myself some coffee. While I was standing at the island sipping my coffee I felt two arms wrap around my waste.

“Mm. Good morning handsome.” Y/n cooed worming her way around to stand in front of me.

“Baby. What are you doing up?” I asked kissing her nose.

“I smelt coffee.” She smiled stealing my cup and taking a large drinking.

“Oh. I’m sorry sweetie. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“It’s ok. I was up off and on anyways.” Y/n shrugged hopping up on the counter.

“Aww. My poor baby.” I cooed kissing the top of her head.

“So what’s the plan for today?”

“Well, James has a 3 month check up today at 1 so I’m meeting Ashley at the hospital and then I figured you and I could do something special tonight. Anything you want.” I offered knowing y/n was in dire need of a night off.

James being my son. His mother and I broke up about 2 months into her pregnancy. Y/n knew about him from the being and has been super cool about it.

“How about we do a whole lotta nothing? I’m exhausted.” She sighed resting her head on my shoulder.

“Ok. That works for me.” I smiled hugging her closer to me. “Alright, I gotta go shower.” I sighed after a few moments.

“Fine.” Y/n pouted refusing to let go.

“I’m sorry baby. I have to go see my other baby.”

“I know. Go.” She sighed kissing my nose.


“I won’t be gone long. I promise.” I whispered kissing y/n’s cheek before slipping on my shoes that were sat next to the door.

“It’s ok. Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.” She smiled getting off the couch.

“I love you y/n.” I cooed wrapping her in a bone crushing hug.

“I love you too Mike.” She smiled kissing me a few times before closing the front door behind me.


Your POV:

“Finally get some good sleep?” Mike asked as I woke from my nap.

After Mike left I was going to clean our room up a little bit but I ended up falling asleep. He must’ve snuck into bed when he got home. And repositioned me to lie on his chest.

Damn. I really am a heaving sleeper.

“Mmhmm.” I murmured snuggling further into my new pillow. “So how did it go?" 

"Great. The doctor said he’s doing amazing. He’s right on track.” Mike smiled. The happiness bursting out of him.

“That’s great. I’m happy for you, baby.” I congratulated kissing him lightly.

“Thank you.”

“So when do I get to meet him?” I asked hopefully.

“Hopefully soon. I’ve been talking to Ashley about it. She’s just so stubborn. She thinks you’re going to try and take her place.” He sighed playing with my hand.

“I would never.” I defended feeling kind of offended.

“I know and I told her that. I think I’m finally wearing her down though.” Mike reassured me kissing my forehead.

“Ok.” I sighed nodding.

“Come on. Let’s go watch a movie.” He smiled sitting up with me still in his lap.

“Star Wars?!” I asked hopefully.

He has to be tired of that movie by now. I make him watch it constantly.

“Of course.” He smiled getting off the bed with me still in his arms.

God. He really is perfect.


(About a week later)

“Babe! What are you doing right now?” Mike yelled as he made his way down the hall.
“Just got out of the shower.” I yelled in reply while looking through my closet.
“Get dressed. We’re going to the park!” He smiled as he burst through the door.
“The park? Why?”
“It’s a surprise.”
“I hate surprises.” I whined as I grabbed my favorite teal sundress.

 If I’m being forced to do something I don’t want to do, may as well look cute doing it.

“You’ll like this one.” Mike smiled. “I promise.” He kissed my nose before leaving me to get ready.
“You ready?” Mike asked giddily as he parked the car.

“I guess.” I sighed as I climbed out of the passenger’s seat and Mike grabbed my hand interlocking our fingers.
“Ashley! Hey.” He smiled and waved at a blonde girl as we walk towards a large tree.
“Ash?” I questioned as the girl sitting at the picnic table turned around.
“Y/n?” She questioned right back.

 Holy. Fucking. Shit.
“Oh my gosh. Hi.” I greeted awkwardly when we got to the table.
“Hey.” Ash smiled just as awkward. 
“Wait. This is the Ashley?” I questioned turning to Mike.
“Yea. How do you guys know each other?” He asked.
“We went to school together.” I replied turning back towards Ash and she just nodded.
“Oh cool.” Mike nodded awkwardly.
He had to be uncomfortable. Poor guy.

“Really is a small world.” I mumbled to myself. “So is that why we’re here? Is that James?”
“Yep.” Mike grinned widely. “See. I told you you’d like this surprise.”
“Can I?” I asked Ash pointing to the covered car seat.
“He’s actually asleep right now. He should be up any minute though. Why don’t we catch up until then? What have you been up to?” Ash asked motioning for me to sit next to her.
“Not much. Just working tons. On my way to a promotion hopefully. You?”
“That’s good. Just working and spending all my free time with the cutest little bundle of joy ever.” She finished just as we hear small cries. “Which speaking of, he is now awake.”
“Oh my god.” I gasped as soon as she pulled him out of the car seat.
“You wanna hold him?”
“Sure.” Ash smiled handing him to me.
“He’s so cute. I want a hundred.” I giggled as he cooed at me. “What did you do Michael? Clone yourself? He looks just like you.” We all laughed at that.
“I know. Isn’t it crazy?” Mike grinned widely completely entranced by his adorable mini me.
“He’s got his mother’s eyes though.” I complimented Ash.
“Aww. Thank you.”
“He’s gorgeous Ash. I’m so happy for you.”
“Thank you. But hey, he’s partially yours now too step mommy.” Ash winked at me.
“Oh no. He’s all yours. I don’t want to take your place.” I shook my head.
“I know. And you’re not. I’m still his mother. He just has 2 mommys now.” She smiled at James making him giggle.
“You hear that Mike. You’re stuck with her now.” Ash warned him.
“I have no problem with that.” Mike whispered kissing my cheek.
“Now that I know you’re not dating some crazy hoe maybe he can start coming to your house. So you don’t always have to come to mine.” Ash offered as I handed James back to her.
“Really?” Mike lit up.
“That would be amazing. Thank you.” Mike cheered grinning for ear to ear.


“Oh. Someone’s getting cranky. That’s the ‘feed me’ cry.” Ash chuckled putting James back in his car seat.

 We had been sitting there just talking and laughing for a little over an hour.

“Ok. We’ll walk you to your car.” Mike offered before standing up and grabbing the car seat.
“It was great seeing you again y/n. I kind of missed you. Just a little though.” Ash winked at me as we got her car. Which just so happened to be right next to ours.
“I missed you too Ash.” I smiled hugging her.
“And Mike. You finally caught a good one. Don’t throw her back.” She joked taking the car seat from him.
“I won’t.” He laughed grabbing my hand again.


“So you like him?” Mike asked later that night as we were sat on the couch watching tv.
“Like him? I love him. He’s so cute.” I swooned.

 It was silent for awhile while I thought about how great today was.
“Mikey?” I whispered breaking the silence.
“When do we get to start making babies?”
“How about right now?” Mike laughed thinking I was kidding.
“I’m being serious.” I informed sitting up so I could face him.
“I don’t know sweetie. Whenever feels right I guess. I’m sure we’ll know when the time comes.” He reasoned sitting up as well.
“Wait. So seriously? You really want to have babies with me?” I asked a little shocked.

 I had expected this conversation to go very differently.
“Of course. You want to have babies with me right?” Mike questioned a little nervously.
“More than anything.” I whispered before kissing every inch of his face I possibly could.

 I can’t wait to start my own little family.

60) “Man cave”


Sunday afternoon means cleaning up after last week’s mess, the only down side of all the fun and having guests over. 4 months into the New Year and I’m already tired. I was cleaning the dining room table, throwing away trash, and organizing papers. I looked thru the papers before stacking them and came across interesting papers. I picked it up and kept reading, turning page to page. “SAM?!” I yelled at, stilling staring at the paper. “WHAT?” he yelled back to me. I walked into the living room and walked to the table where he was eating, and on his phone.

“What’s this?” I ask as he looks up trying to get a glimpse of the paper that I’m waving around. “Well, if you stop moving it, I can tell you.” I throw it next to his plate and he looks at it, “Uh,” “You accepted my offer to move in completely, the day after New Years.” “Yeah…. I did…” “So why is your renewal lease for your OLD apartment signed, and dated yesterday?!” “About that..” He scratched the back of his head. I crossed my arms while tapping my foot. We heard 3 honks outside and he quickly got up and ran out the house. Why would he still want his apartment when he said he wanted to move in completely with me as a next level of our relationship? Yeah okay, he already lives here, but sometimes. He used to go back to his apartment from time to time to sleep there, hang out, he still had his stuff there. So he never really fully moved in with me.

Hours later he returned home and acted like we never had the conversation earlier. I just crossed my arms and ignored him. “What’s wrong Y/N?” “You still never told me why you are renewing that lease.” I looked at him with dagger eyes. “Ohmygod y/n.” He whined out. “No Sammy. You said you wanted to move in. You wanted to take the next step of our relationship. This is not it. You still keeping secrets. You lying. You not completely being here. What’s the point of even having it anymore? You and the boys are ALWAYS here. So why are you paying for an empty space?” “Y/N, can you just give it a rest?” “You know what? Whatever. Just go back to your apartment then since you want to keep it. Might as well occupy it.” I got up, ran up the stairs and slammed my door, like a teenage girl. I heard him leave. A couple minutes later, I heard my phone ring, “What’s up J?” “Princess, I need you to listen to me about this apartment controversy.” I sat there on the phone, listening. 

2 days later, I ask Sammy to come back to the house to “talk.” I was out in the backyard pool house, waiting for him. I heard the door open and close and his keys set on the table. “Y/N?” I heard him yell. I stayed silent. “Y/N? WHERE ARE YOU?” I heard him again. I heard his footsteps make way to the backdoor of the house that led to the backyard. I had the lights and the door to the pool house slightly open. “Y/n?” He said lightly. He opened the door to reveal the inside. “Y/n?” 

“SURPRISE…?!” I yell, shrugging my shoulder and arms at him. “Wha-what is all this?” “Your very own Man Cave! Wiiiiiiith 3 couches, 2 recliners, 1 coffee table, a fridge/freezer, microwave, pool table, beer pong table/set, bluetooth surround sound speakers, game consoles, one 50″ flat screen, a little bar to put your alcohol in the back, and one poker table. Oh and you can adjust the lights however you are feeling when in here cause I know you like that.” I stood there after showing him everything, smiling at him. He engulfed me in a big hug, “Why did you…?” And I pull apart from him,

“I was told the only reason why you kept that apartment was to be used as a man cave, with the boys or with yourself, to just get away and just… be…. And you told the boys that if you completely move in with me, you’ll be stranded with no where to go. And I get why. I can get a little bit crazy.” “A little bit?” He raised an eyebrow at me. “Don’t push it.” He just laughed. “Thank you y/n, so much. I love it, and I love you.” “So does that mean you’ll completely move in?” “Actually…” he trailed off slowly. “I tore up the contract already.” I smiled and grabbed his face and kissed him. 

“Sweeeeeeeeeet crib, Wilk.” We heard Gilinsky say and the boys made their way in. “Is this where you’ll be sleeping when she gets mad at you now? No more on our couch right? Just making this clear.” Nash asked. We all just laughed, “I’m serious.” Nash said. “So, is this the new trap house now? No offense y/n. it was nice while it lasted at your place.” J asked. “Yeah cause 10 feet is a big movement.” I rolled my eyes at him. 

“Trap house? Nah that will always be y/n’s place. This is a new place. The…  The Manetarium!” Hayes said. 

“No, no, The Fortress of Solid-dudes!” Swazz said. 

“The Dick-a-dome.” Nash commented

“The Library.” We all looked at Nate and he continued. “Gonna be home late baby, going to be in the library for awhile.” We all laughed at his explanation.

“The Lair.” G spat out. “Very original Gilinsky.” Hayes said

“Sam Wilk’s Man cave?” Mike said. “Oh, and I’m original.” G rolled his eyes. 

“The Castle.” Ben said confidently 

“The Pit.” J jumped in. 

“I got one.” and they all looked at me. “The Sausage Festival.” I joked and they all just chuckled. “No offense babe, but,” Sammy said pointing to the door. I rolled my eyes. “Dang. You make one joke and you get kicked out.” I smiled, making my way to the exit. I was almost out the door when I stuck my head back in again, “The OGCC. OG Cali Cave.” They all nodded in approval, “OGCC it is.” Sam high five the boys as I closed the door behind me. 

“Mike has a new place.” Blip said, coming into Ginny’s locker room. Ginny rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, right.” Mike’s love for his ridiculous Big Brother is watching nightmare was dwarfed only by his love for his beard. There was no way he’d given it up.

“He does.” Blip said.

“There’s no way he’s giving it up.” Ginny scoffed. “He described it as his Monticello, his Mont Vernon.”

Blip’s eyes narrowed. “I’m hoping you called him out on comparing himself to slave owning presidents.”

“Oh definitely.” Ginny said, smirking at that memory of Mike’s sputtering face as he desperately tried to come up with a better analogy. Blip tilted his head and gave her a calculating look that she wasn’t sure what to do with before he sad,

“Well, he’s done it.”

There was a knock on the door. Mike stuck his head in. “House warming, my new place. Bring booze.”

“You don’t have a new place.”

Mike sighed. “Oh of course, I just hand out 3 million dollars for the fun of it.” He shook his head. “I’ll text you the address.” He moved to leave.

“There’s actually a house?” Ginny got up and followed him. He stopped and smirked.

“No, Baker you got me. I’m breaking into a stranger’s house to throw myself a housewarming.”

“Well, senility is a side affect of your advanced years.” Ginny shot back. Mike threw up his hands.

“Come or don’t come. Won’t change the fact that I have a new house.”

He had bought a house. Not just any house. Mike had bought the house. The house Ginny had been secretly jogging by 3 times a week. It was the house that she pictured living in when she started to feel like her spot on the Padres was secure. It was her dream house. She hadn’t even known it was on the market…but apparently it was and Mike Lawson had bought it. Mike had bought her dream house.

“BAKER” Mike shouted from the entrance. She’d frozen to the spot on the bottom of the walkway, mesmerized by the front door. She swallowed, glaring at him.


“See.” He said, motioning to the house. “Told ya.” He walked all the way to her, throwing an arm around her shoulders and tugging her inside. “Come, I’ll give you the tour.”

Every room was perfect. He couldn’t have decorated it himself. She’d seen his old place and it had been the result of a cheap one night stand between a villain lair and a piece of modern glass sculpture. This…this was so…domestic.

“And here’s the yard.” He said, opening the sliding door and leading her out. “Well, what do you think?” He was looking at her eagerly. He’d pushed through all of the guests, not allowing any of them to interfere with his tour, but now…now the two of them were outside while the rest of the guys and their guests were getting trashed inside the house. Ginny bit her lip.

“It’s…” She struggled to find the words. “It’s not what I expected.”

Mike glanced inside and put his hand on her elbow, leading her further away from the noise of the party. It was cool outside and she had a full view of the sky above their heads. “Well…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately.” He said. “I’m out.”

“Out.” She repeated. Surely he couldn’t mean…but he was nodding his head. She swallowed. “You’re retiring.”

He nodded. “I am. At the end of this season. The doctor said I might end up in a wheel chair if I keep pushing myself the way I do. Frankly I think he was being dramatic, but…I drove home, drank a six pack and got to thinking…I really hate my old place. Mostly I bought it because I knew it was the exact opposite of what Rachel would have liked and it’s not healthy to focus on buying things because of what other people think. So I went for a drive and…I saw this place. The realtor was putting the for sale sign in the lawn and…” He was grinning, Ginny had never seen him so carefree. “So I parked the car. Walked up to her and asked how much and…” He motioned to the yard. “Here we are.”

“Here we are.” She echoed.

“So…” He turned to look back at her. “Do you like it?”

She shifted, unsure why his question unsettled her so much. “I thought you weren’t going to pay attention to what other people think.”

“You’re not other people, Ginny.”

It didn’t escape her notice that he’d used her first name…or that he’d placed her in a different category than his ex wife. He wanted her opinion for a reason. A reason that had something to do with what had almost happened the last time he’d used her first name. A reason that they’d avoided talking about, even through her injury and rehab, her failed relationship with Noah and his second falling out with Rachel. Her opinion clearly meant something to him, which meant that he was counting her in his post retirement plans. She looked back at the house. It was fitting, she decided. Mike had made her feel secure. He’d been there for her whenever she needed him during the aftermath of her injury. It made sense that he’d bought the house that she’d wanted to call home.

“Honestly?” She whispered, acutely aware of the way he’d stepped closer and seemed to be holding his breath. “It’s perfect.”

Let the Flames Begin

Request: Michael conquers his fear to save you. I hope you like this one! It gets sort of intense! ***

At first, it had all been fun and games.

You had joined Michael at an album release party, and you and your boyfriend had been having a blast. Him and Calum had played an intense game a beer pong, and when he had won, you both shared quite the kiss, receiving hoots and hollers from all their friends. It was a big crowd, taking place in a fellow music producer’s grand L.A. home, but everyone was great and the party seemed to go on and on, and you found yourself hoping that the night would never end. Pushing past midnight, you found yourself upstairs in one of the luxurious bathrooms, washing your hands and applying some chapstick to your dry lips.

You looked hot, you thought. Your hair was beautiful, and your cheeks had a nice, lively tint to them. You weren’t drunk, but being buzzed always gave you a bit of a glow. No wonder Michael had had trouble keeping his hands off you all night. Your dress was short yet classy, and you felt confident. A great night indeed.

Rubbing your lips together one more time and smiling at your reflection, you moved to open the door. Just as it unlocked, a faint smell caught your nose that at first you couldn’t place, but seemed familiar. It reminded you of a bonfire.

Opening the door all the way, a blast of hot air scorched your face and sent you tumbling backwards onto the still-cool tile. You stumbled to get up, registering that the small window in the bathroom would leave you trapped in there. Making haste, you ran out into the hallway, choking on the smoke that burned your lungs. Everything was hazy, and you struggled to come near the staircase. There was still a strong bass beat thumping through the house, but you could hear people yelling from downstairs. You wanted to call out to them, but the flames were catching along the carpet, and soon you were rushing into the main bedroom, trying to breathe through the smoke. It was beginning to suffocate you, and you slammed the door shut in an attempt to keep the flames out, but you knew it was only a matter of time.

All you could do was wait.


Saying Michael had been hot and bothered all night was an understatement. He couldn’t keep his eyes off you at all, and although the party was fun, he wanted to get home and get to the real fun. You had left him momentarily to go to the bathroom, and he found himself on a couch between a very drunk Luke and an almost as drunk Calum. Both were trying to have a conversation, neither realizing how idiotic they sounded.

“I think… I think… this was good!” Luke laughed out and Calum followed, both leaning slightly towards Michael, who proudly held his liquor better.

“It…Yeah!” More laughs, with Luke spilling half his beer down his shirt.

“You’re so fucking drunk!” Calum laughed loudly in Michael’s ear.

“Shut the fuck up,” Michael groaned, not liking how loud they were being. He wanted you, not them. Why was he with them?

“Fire,” Luke laughed some more, but Calum crinkled his eyebrows and sniffed the air.

“Fire…” Michael took a sniff too, and as soon as realization dawned on him, there was a scream.

“There’s a fire! The house is on fire!” And suddenly people were flooding the living room, pushing for the front door and to get out. Michael hopped off the couch, and through the glimpse of the hallway he could tell the kitchen was on fire, and flames were licking around the doorway, progressing fast. He turned back to the couch, watching his two best friends just sit there in a daze, and practically dragged them up, hooking an arm under both of their shoulders and stumbling to the exit with everyone else. It was a hard push to get them out the door, but Michael couldn’t leave them, no matter how much he was scared of fire.

The fear had started up after the pyro incident, and sometime Michael just realized fire scared the shit out of him. It replaced his fear of heights, and had been at the top of his list for close to two years now. He even hated candles, going as far as to make sure that none occupied the apartment you both shared.

After shuffling far enough away from the house, he plopped Luke and Calum onto the grass, turning back to look at the big home which still had people rushing out of it. The upstairs seemed worse off than the downstairs, with a steady stream of smoke escaping a blown out window.

“We think it started because of something wrong with the heat vents,” Someone said from his left to him. “Definitely started upstairs first. Good thing we got out before it got bad.”

“Yeah,” Michael murmured, scanning the crowd for your familiar face. He looked around but you weren’t there. Panic started to set in as he pushed through, asking people if they had seen you, most replying with ‘no’. His fears came true though when he finally found one of your friends, who was obviously just as worried, and cried saying you went to the bathroom upstairs.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” Michael yelled, your friend coughing slightly from the smoke in the air. He could faintly hear sirens in the distance, but he didn’t care. He needed to find you.

He rushed back into the house, feeling fingers grab at him which he unceremoniously shoved off, choking down smoke as he reached the stairs. He could see flames at the top, but for once he didn’t turn away from them.

 “Y/N!” He yelled, taking the stairs two at a time as he tried to avoid the flames. He fucking hated flames. “Y/N!?” 

 When no response came, he halted at the top of the stairs, seeing the ruined second floor through the smoke. The floor crackled beneath him, and he took a step away just in time to watch a massive portion of the staircase crumble and crash into a burst of flames. He could hardly see through the smoke, and the heat was close to unbearable, but there was one door that was shut at the end of the hall, and he made his way toward it as quickly as he could. Feeling the wood to make sure flames wouldn’t burst out at him, he swung the door open, slamming it again and choking as he realized the room was filled with smoke. However, the flames seemed to have stayed out, and that was what really mattered.


His body whipped in the direction of the scratched voice, and he felt his whole chest stop beating for a moment as he took in your figure, huddled in the far corner of the room, face covered in soot. 

 “Oh my god,” He said, crouching down next to you as you let out a cough, your head lolling slightly and your eyes seeming unfocused. “Baby, you’re gonna be fine okay? We’ve gotta get out now.”

 You shook your head, knowing that you had far too little oxygen in your system to be productive. 

“Mikey… we’re stuck here. There’s no way out, Mike. We’re gonna burn.” 

Your statement was met with a boom that rattled the whole house, and he could only assume something blew up somewhere. Michael got up from next to you, stumbling to the door to see if there was another way to get back downstairs. As soon as his hand closed around the knob, it burned his skin.

“Fuck!” He screamed, holding his hand and feeling tears prickle in his eyes at the realization that the fire was right outside the door, ready to consume you both. 

“The window is stuck,” You muttered, knowing he would go to that next. “I tried already.”

He was getting dizzy, but he could not let you both die like this. Striding over to the window, he fiddled with the lock, struggling to push up the screen of glass. You were right, it wouldn’t budge, not even a smidge. 

“Shit shit shit,” He cursed, looking around as sweat dripped from his brow. How could he die like this? You didn’t deserve this ending. 

And then he saw it. In the corner of the room opposite from you there was a small desk with a chair, and he dragged it over to the window, picking it up and smashing it into the glass. At first, nothing happened, but he did it several more times and a crack appeared. 

“You motherfucker! Break!” He screamed, feeling his strength depleting with every inadequate breath. He took several steps back and then he just threw it, letting the chair smash into the window with all its might as the glass finally shattered, leaving jagged shards still attached in certain places. You watched the whole exchange through hazy eyes, your breaths seeming to come much slower as fresh air blasted in from outside.

“Baby,“ Michael let out a cough as if hacking up half a lung. "We’ve gotta get on the roof. We need to jump.” You let him stand you up on shaky legs and make your way towards the broken window. The fresh air almost left you puzzled, as if you hadn’t remembered what anything but smoke felt like. Michael helped you through the window, quickly stepping out himself. You were standing on the roof of the back porch, and you could hear the fire department not far. Still, you looked below you, knowing you were at least ten feet up. 

“Michael…” You gripped his sleeve tightly, feeling a tremendous heat at your back as something wet dripped down your arm. 

“We’ve gotta jump.” Michael said, looking down below. You started to argue but he cut you off. “We need to! This house is going down, and we can’t be with it." 

Just as he said that, you felt another boom go through the house, presumably another appliance blowing up. The roof beneath your feet cracked, and you would have fallen if it weren’t for Michael gripping you so tightly. 

You could see people very far away, the party guests who had fled, and wondered if they saw you. You wondered why no one bothered alerting the firemen to save you, or if maybe they had and you both were deemed as a lost cause. The clock was ticking and the flames weren’t going down. 

"We need to jump!” Michael yelled, pushing you both to the edge of the roof. That got someone’s attention, and suddenly you saw several firefighters running your way, although they were still quite far. 

And then it happened. 

There was a final crack, and the surface beneath your feet gave way, suspending you and Michael midair for a moment. You felt Michael’s body hurl into your’s as you both tumbled off the edge of the collapsing roof, and suddenly everything was bliss. 

Midair. You could feel fresh air weave through your hair, and you stared at the stars glistening in the sky. You could see a thick cloud of smoke everywhere, but even that seemed pretty. Michael’s hand was in your’s, and your beautiful dress rode up higher, making your legs seem extra long in the moonlight. ‘This is okay’, you thought. Everything seemed magical in that moment that you were suspended in air. 

And then suddenly, the magic was gone. You screamed as your body smashed into grass, your breath being forced out of your lungs as a horrific snap filled the air. You wished you could black out, or even maybe be dead, but the pain was far too real for either possibilities. 

“Fuck…” Michael groaned lowly, coughing some more. You heard voices around you, and suddenly you felt hands on your skin as your breath left you in short gasps. 

“Get them away from the house.” A voice ordered. You screamed as you were jostled into someone’s arms, certainly not Michael’s, and a piercing pain shot through your leg.

“Calm down, honey, you’ll be alright,” whoever was holding you said. You were finally placed upon some type of cushion, and you opened your eyes just in time to see an oxygen mask get placed over your mouth. The person with you told you to take deep breaths, which was difficult since you were crying so hard and you still felt the thick smoke in your lungs. You shut your eyes as you felt hands on your thighs, tugging your dress down from where it had bunched up, another hand rubbing something to a spot on your arm that stung. 

“She inhaled a ton of smoke,” one voice said, and another murmured their agreement. 

“Sweetie, you’re going to go to the hospital, alright?” At this, your eyes opened and you shook your head, pushing the oxygen mask down. 

“Michael…” You croaked out, feeling utterly broken in every possible way. 

“The boy will meet you there,” the kind voice promised. Suddenly you watched as a needle was inserted into your arm and everything became hazy, the oxygen mask covering your mouth again as you slipped out of consciousness.


Maybe a part two? If there’s any takers?

anonymous asked:

can you do a josh smut where he thinks you like mike but you prove him wrong ?

a/n: I hope you all know you’re sending me to hell and I’m showing Satan the receipts of who’s sending these.

Rating: R??? I don’t know but Josh eats you out hella

Warning: idk really descriptive smut and swearing obviously

Word Count: 1,738

This is hella long so if you have shit to do don’t read this bc you’ll be here for most of ur life mkay.

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“What time is it?”

“7:41AM, the same time it was two seconds ago when you asked Chris” you sigh.

Chris shrugs his shoulders sinking further into his seat, “I’m just asking, just want to make sure I have time to catch some rest”

“All the time in the world, any ways don’t blame me for his you can direct all your complaints to the head of this trip, Mr. Washington”

“Har har” Josh playfully glares, “This was a group trip, if you wanted to sleep in and still remain a virgin that’s your business not mine Chris”

“Aren’t you going to say something?!”

“Sorry Chris, Josh does have those sweet ass comebacks, I think I’m team Josh for this one”

“Hopefully not all day” you hear Mike grumble.

“And the prince rises from slumber, how was dreamland?”

He smirks, popping an eye open to glance at you, “It has it’s downsides”

You see Josh roll his eyes from beside you, he and Chris always seemed to have differences. 

“So, how far are we?”

“I don’t know, navigator Chris?”

You un-buckle your seat belt and turn fully in the passenger seat, Chris reaches deep into his pocket to pull out his mobile, releasing curses under his breath.

“It’s flat, I’m- I’m sure I turned it off earlier to conserve battery and all that”

“Don’t worry I got this, right pocket” Josh nods down toward his jeans, you reach in and pull out the small device. 

“Look like we’ve still got a shitload of time to burn, 7 hours at the most, which means pit stop so I can rest” you sigh, sinking down into your seat, propping your feet up on the dash. “No complaints right?”

Chris agrees with you without even needing to second guess and it seems Mike may have dozed off again.

Everyone else took the other car, sadly Josh’s car wasn’t big enough and everyone got into groups, luckily for you, you ended up in the fun group. Not that no one else was fun it’s just this simple, Josh, Chris and Mike have been your friends for a long time no, longer than anyone else and of course you have your inside jokes and so on, basically, it’s not as awkward trying to make some type of conversation.

“Mind if I put on the radio, for traffic reports and stuff?”

“Knock yourself out, I’m going to try to catch some Z’s against this window here, don’t kill us”

Josh begins to fiddle with knobs and buttons as you make yourself comfy, pulling your feet up onto the seat. “Hey” Josh nudges you.


“Seatbelt, safety first”

You reach up, puling the seatbelt back over yourself and clicking it in, Josh gives you a smile and pinches your thigh. 

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After watching Stranger Things, I couldn’t get my head out of it. The story, the 80’s and of course Mike, Eleven and the rest of the gang had got me completely stuck to it. So I decided to design a poster. It took more than a couple of hours, but I think it ended up pretty nicely and I hope, you think it catches the atmosphere and tone of the show. 

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"How much did you drink?” “not enough” for bawson bc im trash and love pain

So I kept this prompt for week because I needed time to suffer with it. I was gonna get really angsty then grump!jealous baby!Mike happened last night and I got a different idea of how it would go down.

“How much did you drink?” Mike turns to look at Blip then squints at the beer in his hand. It’s his fourth, he thinks. But the cluster of bottles on their table is blurry so he can’t be sure.

He finally answers, “Not enough.”

It’s the truest statement he can give because even as he finishes his fourth (fifth?) beer, he knows he’ll need another if the evening is going to progress in its current direction. A cacophony of cheers rises on the other side of the bar and Mike glares in its general direction before signaling for the waitress to bring him another.

Across the bar, Ginny is embroiled in the most infuriating bar game Mike has ever witnessed. She’s holding court at a tiny table not unlike his own, her own cluster of beer bottles flanking her sinewy arm as she engages in what Mike is sure is her fifth bout of arm wrestling with Odell Beckham Jr.

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day 11 of my 12 Days Of 5sos

skyping with mike during christmas eve because he got stuck in the states due to a snow storm and so he couldnt get home on time and he’s smiling really wide to keep the christmas mood up. since you dont want to bring him down youre also trying to remain with a positive attitude and he says through a grin “baby, we should open the presents we got each other” but you shake your head no cause you wanna keep your main gift a secret because its a kitten!! but the little guy suddenly begins to softly meow and purr and you softly begin trying to shush him and michael’s like “??? what is that???” and you have no choice but to show him the little grey and white kitten and you pick him up in front of the camera and you say “merry christmas i guess” and he gasps so loudly and goes “YOU GOT ME A KITTEN??” and you nod and he excitedly squeals and beams at the camera but he then clears his throat and goes “im cool, im cool” and you laugh as his eyes widen again and says “im more excited to see my new kitten than you now, babe”


I’ve been listening to a lot of Faith No More this week. This song really stuck in my head today. I guess Mike Patton wrote it when he was lacking sleep, and it’s a bunch of jumbled things he took in, like fortune cookie sayings. I feel like I’m getting close to ready for the barrage of free sketches I’ll be doing next weekend. I think my inking style is getting to a comfortable place, and I’ve got a plan.