mike gangloff

Cara & Mike Gangloff with the Great American Drone Orchestra — Knock on Life’s Door (MIE Music)

It’s called “The Great American Songbook” — the collection of those classic tunes that have been beamed out of the USA since the country was founded, spread to our ears by country minstrels, blues artists, jazz players and crooners alike, songs that are now as much as part of the world’s DNA as America’s. But the experimental potential of these songs has rarely been properly explored outside of the jazz world, if you discount Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s nice-but-unremarkable take on the likes of “Waltzing Matilda” on their Americana album, making Knock on Life’s Door by the husband and wife duo of Cara and Mike “Pelt” Gangloff a special discovery in these hyperfast days of Pokémon Go and 24-hours news.

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