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Bruno Mars - Marry you (Childish Gambino cover)

Donald Glover aka rapper Childish Gambino has recently made it clear that the Childish Gambino “project” may be drawingto a close sooner than later, and here he showcases a completely different side with this new cover of one of Bruno Mars’ most popular tracks “Marry You” which includes no rapping, but only singing. This cover is specifically for the movie Magic Mike XXL and is included in the soundtrack. Childish Gambino showcases his sweet vocals in the backdrop of a more experimental r&b production compared to the original, what do you prefer? Let us know! - Ali

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Y'all really sleepin on this show. I love how they speak the mf truth. White people gettin mad when Darius shooting at a dog target but they over here shooting a specific “dad” poster. Remember when Sandra Bland and Eric Garner and Mike Brown was shot but they was worried about a damn lion?

And they made Justin Bieber black 😭😭😭😭😂😂


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And shit like that.

On Keke Palmer and the bullshit term "new black"

Can one of you enlightened “stay woke” humans explain what “New Black” means, because it seems to me there’s no common thread aside from famous Black people who don’t “pass” for a media stereotype. 

Donald Glover is “new black” even with lyrics like:
we all look the same to the cops, ain’t that good enough?
the black experience is black and serious
cause being black, my experience, is no one hearin’ us
white kids get to wear whatever hat they want
when it comes to black kids one size fits all

But then so is Keke Palmer? for saying what MLK said, just less eloquently. I mean, I’m not really here for the “I don’t see color” bullshit, but I don’t think she ever even implied that. Her biggest problem is that she felt the need to say something, even when it didn’t match the severity of what’s happening in Ferguson. She’s not a journalist or a refutable source, she’s a girl who starred in a spelling bee movie and didn’t have to go to college because she’s still rich from that. 

Pharrel is new black because he coined the term. But, there you go, using it as an insult to other people, when the name itself is insulting and demeaning. As if Black people could possibly be responsible for their “old problems” of systemic racism and slavery and income and education inequality. I think the only thing he was right about is that there is a mentality that accompanies being disenfranchised where you can either succumb and feed into the system, or you can play the game, beat it, and rise above it. Maybe he tried to say that, but what he said instead was stupid. Much like his hat and the song “Happy.”

But what I really hear when people call people “new black” is more divisive in-fighting in the “Black Community.” It’s calling people an oreo because they didn’t conform to a stereotype that discredits us. If you want to say that Keke Palmer is aloof, uneducated, and too-far removed from the world we actually live in, by all means. But to go as far as to call her a “house nigger” and “new black” seems like exactly what the other team wants.