mike fuentes hair

things that are not fair
  • vic fuentes flexing
  • vic fuentes with straightened hair
  • vic fuentes smiling
  • vic fuentes singing the word “sunshine”
  • vic fuentes’ moan in “bulls in the bronx”
  • vic fuentes biting his lip
  • vic fuentes in tank tops
  • vic fuentes laughing
  • vic fuentes

I want a boyfriend that:
-Actually cares
-Gives me hugs
-Sends cute messages
-Takes cute pictures with me
-Doesn’t change around friends
-Possibly looks like Vic or Mike Fuentes
-Watches films with me
-Buys me band merch
-Reassures me about life
-Shares my love for music
-Sorts things out when I’m mad
-Spends time with me
-Is cute
-I can talk to about personal shit and he actually listen and cares
-Looks out for me
-Accepts my flaws and insecurities
-Loves me

I ask for too much…