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You were standing side stage, watching your boyfriend playing guitar. It was always something you enjoyed. Watching Tony pour himself into a show and have such a good time playing was something you never wanted to let go. However, right now, it was hard to focus on anything other than his fingers that moved delicately yet rapidly over his instrument, and not the one you wanted. He had been busy lately and hadn’t really been in the mood to do anything other than sleep. You had tonight planned, right down to getting the others out of the bus.

“Good night, Chicago!” You heard Vic yell out and immediately snapped your eyes up to the guys coming off stage. You wrapped your arms around Tony as he reached you, already having handed his guitar to their guitar tech.

“You did so well,” you whispered, ignoring the sweat covering his body as you pulled him closer. “As always,” you added as an afterthought and pulled back enough to peck his lips before pulling away completely and giving the others a hug. “You got me covered?” You whispered to Vic.

“Of course.” You smirked and pulled away as he did. “You owe me money for this.”

“I’m asking you to go party with a multitude of your friends, not to lick me.” His eyes widened before he grumbled something about not wanting to lick me anyways. You shrugged and turned back to Tony, who was wiping his face with a towel to get some of the moisture off. “Vic, Jaime, and Mike are going to a party. Do you want to go or head back to the bus with me?” This was the only part that there wasn’t really any way you could influence anything.

“I’ll head back to the bus with you. I’m not really in the party mood.” You nodded and grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers with his. “We’ll see you guys later? One of you stay relatively sober.” You rolled your eyes and we began the walk to the bus.

“You know I love you right?” You asked casually. Tony looked at you weirdly before nodding. “And you love me too?” Your insecurities crept into your head. You didn’t want the night to turn into a pity party for yourself while you locked yourself in the back lounge.

“Of course, babe. What’s wrong? Are you okay?” You nodded slowly and then glanced at Tony.

“I just miss you is all.”

“But we’re always spending time together?” It came out as a question since he was so confused. You gave him a look and realization crossed his face. “Oooooh.” He drug out the ‘o'and then smirked. “Is that why the guys are out tonight?” A blush rose to your cheeks.

“Maybe a bit.” He grinned and pulled you into the bus. Your eyes widened when his lips pressed against yours before you closed them and wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands gripped your hips. His lips moved to your neck.

“Tell me what you want,“he whispered against your neck.

"I just want you to touch me like you touch your fucking guitar,” you dared to say. You could feel the smirk against your neck and he bit into the skin, not hard enough to break skin. “Fuck,” you groaned. “I just want you.”

“That can be arranged,” he whispered huskily. “Now jump.” You jumped and wrapped your legs around his waist. Your eyes closed as he pressed his lips to yours again. You could feel him walking and figured you would be in his bunk in a matter of seconds. He had different ideas.

“The back lounge?” You breathed as he kissed your jaw and then your collarbones. “Tony, people spend their time here.”

“Your point?” He asked and you could feel him in his turned on state pressing against you. You moaned as he hit the spot on your neck and grabbed the hem of his shirt, pulling it up a bit. He let you go to pull it off completely. You were holding yourself up now as he threw it to the side and laid you down on the couch they had in the lounge. His hands moved under your shirt until you finally pulled it off, needing more contact. He pulled you up and unclasped your bra, obviously becoming impatient. He gave attention to both of your breasts and then began to travel further down. You went to touch him, but he grabbed your wrists, pinning your hands above your head.

“Tony,” you groaned in annoyance.

“If you touch me, I’ll stop,” he threatened. Your eyes widened. He’d done this before. Dominant Tony was your second favorite thing in the world, just him in general being the first. He let you go and continued. You fought back the urge to run your hands through his hair as he unbuttoned the shorts you were wearing and pulled both your shorts and underwear down at the same time. His eyes trailed over you. “God, you’re so fucking beautiful,” he breathed and then his tongue was on the place you need it the most. You moaned as it moved around. You moaned your hands and gripped his hair. He immediately pulled back.

“Shit,” you cursed and moved your hands quickly. “Fuck.”

“Since you can’t control yourself, you’re going to have to do something for me instead.” He unzipped his pants and pulled them down before doing the same with his boxers. He looked at you before gesturing to his dick. “It’s not going to suck itself.” You rolled your eyes with a smile.

“I should fucking slap you.”

“Oh, please do.” You held up your middle finger before wrapping your lips around him. He let out a groan. “God, I needed this. Fuck, (Y/N). I almost forgot how goddamn good you were at this.” You would have smirked if your mouth wasn’t full, but alas it was. You bobbed your head up and down and he threaded his fingers through your hair.

“I’m going to need you to stop so that I can be inside you.” His sentence ended in a moan. He pulled you up and laid back, pulling you down on top of him. He leaned over and grabbed his pants, pulling the foil package out. He opened it and quickly put the condom on. You gasped as he entered you and then moaned.

“Shit, Tony.” He guided you as you moved on top of him. “God, I love you,” You whimpered as he thrusted up into you.

“I’m so close, (Y/N).” You had gotten him closer than You had thought. Your hands landed on his chest for balance as you moved over him. He pulled you to him, pressing his lips to yours. You could feel the familiar feeling in your stomach. You hadn’t done this in so long, and you were so ready for it that it was hard to contain. Tony flipped you over and went faster, rubbing your most sensitive spot in the process. You wanted to scream in ecstasy but didn’t want people to think we were shooting porn in here.

“Tony!” You screamed as he hit the spot you were hopping for him to find. All hope of being quiet was lost. “Right there,” you breathed.

“I- Shit.” Before you could say anything, he was shuddering over you, an orgasm wracking his body. You were soon to follow, both of you moaning each other’s names. He pulled out of you and disposed of the condom before returning back to you and picking you up, carrying to the bunk you two shared and crawling in after placing you in there. “Hey, babe. Don’t ever let me say I don’t want to make love to you, okay?” You laughed and pressed a kiss to his lips before snuggling into him.

“Tony, (Y/N)! Get your damn clothes out of the back lounge!” You heard Jaime yell in the morning. You groggily opened your eyes, realizing that instead of being naked like you had been when you fell asleep that you were in Tony’s shirt and a pair of his boxers. You glanced up at him and saw that he was awake as well. “I take it you two had fun last night,” Jaime said with a smirk as he opened the curtain to your bunk.

“You too,” you retorted, noticing the bags under his eyes and the way he squinted in the light. He rolled his eyes playfully.

“Yeah, yeah. Just get up so that we can go get some breakfast.” He left afterwards and you looked up at Tony.

“I love you,” you whispered and pressed a small kiss to his chest.

“I love you too.” Then you were being tugged out to get ready for breakfast.

This is absolute shit and the first smutty thing I’ve ever written.

Sorry bout it caitlin-perry

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when I look at this I feel a mix of emotions. disappointment, happiness terrified, and questioning my choices in life and the people I look up to.  

Show Me Your Best Tattoo (Mike Fuentes) (Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 696


It was a nice day and your friends had dragged you to the beach because they complained you were too pale. You put down your towel before stripping off your Slipknot tank and lying down. You left on your shorts and admired your new bikini top.

“Do you ever regret any of your tattoos and piercings y/n?”

You shake your head at y/friends/n, always the concerned and nosey friend.

“I love tattoos and piercings, the more the merrier. I love a guy with them as well.”

“God no, give me a clean cut man. No offence y/n but some tattoos look tacky.”

You roll your eyes and go to defend tattoos when a shadow looms over you.

“Maybe I can change your mind ladies?”

You blink and lock eyes with a very tall and attractive guy. He pulls off his shirt revealing a chest of beautiful tattoos you could easily get lost in.


The guy laughs at your reaction. You notice him checking your tattoos out as well and blush.

“Same love. I’m Mike.”


You stand up and brush the sand off you before throwing your tank back on. Mike tilts his head to the side.

“Nice shirt. Do you want to grab a drink?”

“Why do you think I got up Mike? I’d much rather hang out with people who appreciate body art.”

You’d always been confident when it came to guys. You assumed Mike was single because he wouldn’t have swaggered over to a few girls and took his shirt off, unless he had a big ego.

“Go have fun y/n, leave the rest of us to burn. Maybe another hottie will walk on by.”

Your friend flips you off as you drag Mike back towards the boardwalk.


I never wanted to go to the beach in the first place but after meeting y/n, I was more than happy I’d come. I let myself get dragged towards the boardwalk where the bars were, y/n was strong for a small person.

“So tell me Mike do you take off your shirt whenever someone mentions tattoos?”

She sat across from me at the small table in one of the beach bars. I let out a laugh and shook my head.

“No not normally, but I was hoping to score with a beautiful girl.”

“Such a charmer Mike.”

The bartender puts two bottles of beer in front of us and a tray of shots. I look at y/n and raise my eyebrow not remembering ordering shots. She grins and puts one in front of me and then herself.

“Let’s play twenty questions with a twist Mike, unless you can’t handle a few shots.”

Ah hell no, I never stepped down from a challenge involving alcohol. Then a crafty idea came to mind.

“How about we do one better y/n. Ten shots each, if I finish first then you go on a date with me. And if you win I’ll let you pick out my next tattoo.”

y/n’s eyes lit up like a child at Christmas.

“You’re on Mike, though even if I lose I’ll still go on a date with you.”

We divided the shots and started the race. y/n was winning up until the 7th shot when I overtook her and finished my 10th just as she picked her 10th up. She was one of a kind, a girl who could hold their drink was a keeper in my eyes.

“Looks like I’m going on a date with you Mike.”

“Give me your number and text me your address, I’ll pick you up at seven tonight.”

~2 Years Later~


Mike had just proposed to you in the bar by the beach where you met. You said yes and had the ring on your finger to prove it. You were going to be a Fuentes. And all this started when Mike tried to change your friends’ minds about guys with tattoos.

“How about we finally play that game of twenty questions with a twist babe?”

Mike snakes his arms around your waist and starts planting kisses down your neck. You had the man of your dreams and were never letting him go.

Drumming Lesson (Mike Fuentes) (Pierce The Veil)

Requested via Wattpad

Word Count: 376


Waking up to the sound of drums was normal in yours and Mike’s home. Today was no different as you wake up and stretch, before attempting to get out of the bed without hurting your rather large baby bump. You and Mike were expecting twin boys, and Mike was ecstatic and swore at least one of them would become a drummer.

You waddle downstairs and make Mike some coffee before heading to his music room. Through the glass door you can’t help but watch in awe as he skilfully handles the drums as if they were a part of him. Pushing open the door you walk inside causing Mike to stop playing and look up.

“Good morning baby, is that coffee?”

He gets up from behind the drum kit and quickly closes the space between the two of you, before taking the cup of coffee from your hands and kisses you on the forehead. He sips the coffee before placing one of his hands on the baby bump.

“I can’t wait to see our beautiful children y/n.”

“Me to Mike. Now how about you finally show me how to bang the drums like a pro?”

Mike scoffs as you make my way towards his baby and sit down on the stool. You can’t see your feet because of the bump so decide to stick to beating the cymbals quite loudly and out of tune making Mike wince.

“Come here baby, let me show you how to do it properly.”

Mike puts his coffee down and stands behind you. He wraps his arms around your waist and takes control of your hands which were holding the drumsticks. He then guides them and explains the different parts of the drum, but you soon zone out of his lesson.

He soon realises that you’re not paying attention and chuckles before bending down and brushes his lips across yours. You kiss him back letting the drumsticks fall to the floor.

“I love you Mrs Fuentes.”

“I love you more Mr Fuentes.”

The two of you continue your little make out session until the babies kick telling us they’ve had enough. This is how you want to wake up every day, with the man you love kissing you.