mike frawley

Don’t date me if you think I’m easy.
I’m honestly not.
I’ll fall head over heels for you,
Before I even realize it,
And Heaven help us all if I don’t
Put you first in everything I do.

Don’t date me for my heart;
Goodness, she’s a wild thing with a penchant
For blood. She’s a frightfully vicious thing, 
with too much sentimentality for her own good.

My hands are always cold, 
(And I’m told I’ve got a heart of gold),
I’ll be clingy and needy,
I’ll wake you up at 3 AM just to tell you that 
I love you. 

I’ll make you feel too much,
And then nothing at all,
I’ll drag you down to the depths of the ocean,
I’ll breathe life into you only to
Take it back. 

I’ll be lover sighs on Sundays and preparing for a fight Mondays,
And I swear, I’ll drive you insane because I can,
And I’ll be someone who needs protecting,
And someone who knows how to fight alone.
I’ll make you simply mad.

—  a-heart-full-of-ink

She feel too much
Or nothing at all;

She will flood you with a love so profound it leaves you gasping for breath,
Or she will abandon you in the desert, thirsting for her.

She is all razor sharp edges and warm hugs at night,
A soliquey of love at its finest.

She will be the black hole that swallows up your every smile,
Every heartbeat will pulse in her hands.

It is all or nothing, those who dare love her.
There is no in between.

-For Maddie

—  a-heart-full-of-ink
huong1952:To Sir With Awe

huong1952: Dear Mr Frawley,

After reading a-many-poems of yours,

here is your profile,

as seen through my eyes.

Your poetry

reaches out to each one of us

whether it is

the complexity of emotion

the depth of thought

or the rhythm of speech.

Your poetry

the ripple effect of kindness

so much positivity with acknowledged pain

sunrise on the beach

blurred into

the azure darkness of the ocean depth

that spiritual song

infused sometimes with sadness.

Your poetry

the sigh

behind the smile

the rainbow

of compassion



Dear Sir,

You are awesome!

Yours Admirably.

Fuck Plagiarism

This poem was submitted for a previous poetry riot prompt and was not written by the person that claimed it was. It was written on 4/25/2015 by Mike Frawley, you can read Mike’s poem here. Mike does a lot for the TWC. He is someone I respect, and someone I consider a friend. I want to apologize to Mike that this has happened. Also, thank you to the person who pointed it out.

The plagiarized poem has been removed from Poetry Riot and the offending person is banned from all future/past prompts. If any of you see anything that should be attributed to someone else appear on this blog, please let me know. Thank you.