mike foote

Until Dawn: The Ultimate Don't Move Mechanic

Alternate ending where the group decides to play Twister all night and have to freeze in place when the Wendigos break in.

Mike: *whispers* Left foot yellow

Sam: *also whispers* Mike! This is not the time…

*wendigo crawls past, they all freeze*

Chris: *gritting teeth* I can’t feel my arms

Ashley: *hushed snap* Lucky you, I feel like I’m going to collapse!

Emily: *whispers* you’d better not, bitch, my leg is right underneath you. You almost killed me once already tonight.

*another wendigo crawls past, they all freeze again*

Mike: Don’t play the game if you can’t handle the pain

Sam: *kicks him*


Better Call Saul (“Mijo”)  //  Breaking Bad (“Full Measure”)

Jimmy/Saul & Leg breaking

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Mike Foote, yurt-dwelling hermit runner

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Mike Foote in The Bitterroots