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back when I joined the newsies fandom I made a cast chart to learn the newsies names

I found it the other day and made a new version toursies included

newsies live cast

broadway cast

papermill cast

italian cast

korean cast

stuff I could get some help with are below read more so this isnt longer than it already is

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major league baseball icon pack (number one) || by @smellbaseball
- included in the pack are a few of my favorite USA Softball players and others!!

Wassup everybody!!
I’ve finally made an attempt to make icons (inspired by @shortstopped)! I made 80+ icons and added them to my page featuring players and teams that you all sort of requested after I asked for some of your favorite players (here). I didn’t get them all but that lets you all know there will be more packs to come!

Thanks to the people who helped me out by suggesting players I really appreciated that! I’ll be adding more soon especially since this blog is close to reaching a milestone number in followers (thanks again to you all) progress even if i don’t always make an announcement post. enjoy!!! all icons can be viewed here

• Credit isn’t necessary, but please don’t claim as your own
• Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated
• Any requests for further packs can be left here or by tumblr message

how funny is that specs, romeo, jack kelly, david jacobs, crutchie morris, spot conlon, racetrack higgins, katherine plumber, smalls, sarah jacobs, medda larkin, henry, albert, jojo, finch, mike, ike, buttons, boots, mush meyers, kid blink, swifty, skittery, pie eater, darcy, dutchy, itey, sniper, elmer, and literally every other newsie are all trans haha


1985. Master of Disguise

is the first album by band Savage Grace.

the band formed by Chris Logue and Brian East , they active between 1981 and 1993.

followed in 1985 and introduced yet another new vocalist, Mike Smith. The album’s controversial cover depicts a police officer with red demon-like eyes keeping a topless girl cleave gagged and handcuffed to his motorcycle. The album was also recorded with only one guitar player, Chris Logue handled all guitar duties. During its release Grace were joined for a short period by Kurt Phillips of Canadian band Witchkiller and then Mark “Chase” Marshall. Later Mike Smith was fired and after touring Europe Dan Finch left the band.

“Master of Disguise” Easily one of the earliest and best speed metal albums ever.

              Mike Smith     Chris Logue    Brian East    Dan Finch