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End of May or early June, this picture perfect afternoon we’d share…

I just really wanted to make something within these two months to commemorate this song. I love it so much. It makes me tear up a little but in a good way 😊😢💙🌳

Hold Me, Thrill Me…

Prompt 13 - “Kiss Me.” for anon.  Hope you like it.

The banter used to be their way of flirting.  Now it’s just for those surrounding them, a show put on for colleagues and clients alike, because Harvey and Mike are more now.  

Since shaking on Mike’s return to the firm, as a real lawyer, they had become everything to each other.  The world had fallen apart and been put back together that night, with one handshake, one embrace, and one life-altering kiss.

Now two months on as they slide into their seats, and give Ray the daily run down with smiles and laughs, the ever-knowing Ray will put up the privacy screen.  How could he not see how madly in love they are, how devoted to each other they had always been, but until now, free of all the lies and all the pressure, they had been unable to show it, to have this beautiful thing between them shine.

And as soon as that screen is up, they are together.  Free to be.

Sometimes it’s Harvey grabbing Mike’s hand, squeezing it and bringing it to his lips for a kiss, or Mike unbuckling and climbing into his lap to curl into him, as Harvey holds onto him tightly.

Today has been a long day of them being within arm’s reach, but that’s not close enough.  Now they need.

“Kiss me,” Harvey breathes, pulling Mike across the seat and against him.

Mike smiles up at him and whispers back, “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me… Batman.”  Then crashes his lips against Harvey’s.

This is how they are now, finally one, and it’s perfect.

The End.  

gif source  posted on AO3 here

Tuned in Chapter 4

So I finally got around to writing chapter 4! Yay!

Mike woke to the sound of his shower running. Swinging his legs over the bed he took in the time displayed, five in the morning what the hell was she doing awake at five in the morning. Groaning he made his way into the bathroom. He probably should have knocked but considering she was using his shower instead of her own he had the upper hand here.

And then his eyes caught her mid motion as she moved the soapy lather across her body and he thanked every god there was that he hadn’t gotten frosted glass. She was a mesmerising sight, her long lean legs, her impeccable breasts, her ass and jesus that stomach housing what they’d created together. A sense of pride bubbled in his chest along with the arousal that made its presence known.

She caught him at the threshold, “Jesus! You scared the shit out of me.”

Read the rest @ http://archiveofourown.org/works/10065752/chapters/24265395


I’ve been a huge Mike Mignola fan forever and I wanted to share some art from my nerd collection that is pretty unique. I purchased these pages from the colorist, Linda Lessmann Rheinhold at the last few C2E2s and she filled me in on the talent behind the pieces. This is a page from First comic’s Chronicles of Corum, drawn by Mike Mignola. The pencils were sent to Kelly Jones, who then inked the transfers, and then a colored background was created by Linda. The pictures don’t do these pages justice. I now have 15 pages and eagerly await C2E2 next year to add to my living room wall.

Ok, I do get that some things about Mike’s disability itself wasn’t right and they could of done a better job at it but they did show the struggle right (which coming from someone who has disabilities too can vouch on it big time) and I defend Mike, not for his disability but for who is as his own person/character cause the reason I like him is due to his sweet, kind-hearted, goofy like personality and the cute little things he does when he’s being himself. 

Yes, I like the alters as running an rp/ask blog for Mal shows that well but they’re not why I like Mike and never will be. I’m a fan of him cause I relate to the struggles he’s gone through and the fact that despite those struggles he still remains positive and hopeful which in turn gives me hope. 

I wish people on here would see and understand that.