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Outfit #171 “Inglorious Bastards”

Breaking Bad S05x07 “Say My Name”

Our dove carried forward this outfit from the last episode. He was wearing it when Mike tried to off Walt, and babe begged for him to hear Walt out. Oh, the humanity.

J is in all black, which is a beautiful rarity for him. Also a rarity: a button-front top hiding under that leather jacket. The noir look must be to highlight how J is backing the wrong horse here. He doesn’t want anyone else to get hurt, so clearly Walt falls under that category, but dude should have let nature take it’s course a bit there. Anyway, his support of Walt leads us to this eye-roll moment wherein Walt makes a point to tell the gangsters he’s trying to woo that Jesse is one of the best meth cooks EVER, just like him. And, I just love Walt dialling up the sycophancy in this episode toward J. His manipulations have never been more overt, nor have Jesse’s reactions to them. Ever since the whole whistle-through-the-grief moment, he’s like, is this guy for real? 

And so, Jesse tries to follow in Mike’s footsteps with the “I’m out” business, and Walt steamrolls him like a Dad making you sit through family dinner before you can talk about that ski trip / prom date / whatever the fuck y’all had to talk through with your ‘rents. I was 100% spared this kind of parental fuck-shittery so it makes me cringe all the more. What, is he going to make J write out a little pro and con list so they can really talk that shit through? Ugh. I just want to shake Jesse and be like, DUDE, you are free. It’s just a mental prison. Fly away, little bird.