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Liam Payne voted the third hottest man in the world!

Liam Payne is apparently the hottest member of One Direction, if Attitude magazine readers are anything to go by.

The 21-year-old was voted number three in Attitude’s Hot 100 2015, soaring up from number 39 last year.

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Surprising right?

Well, even more surprising is that Liam’s bandmates Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson didn’t even make the top 80. Yes. Really.

Poor Hazza was voted number 26 last year, but came in at 83 this year, Louis has fallen from 65 to 85 and Niall has fallen to 87 from 47. WHAT’S GOING ON TO THE WORLD?

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Making the poll just a tad more awkward is that - other than Liam - their former bandmate Zayn Malik managed to scoop the number 29 slot. He should’ve been higher, really.

If you’re currently screaming at your computer, “WHO THE HELL IS NUMBER ONE IF ¾ OF ONE DIRECTION ARE SUPPOSEDLY NOT HOT ENOUGH TO MAKE THE TOP 80??!?!?!?!” I have the answer for you. And it’s a shocker.

Simon Dunn, anyone? No? Didn’t think so.

This is him:

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OK, well I mean… Yeah, I get it now.

ANYWAY, he’s an Australian bobsledder FYI, who managed to knock Tom Daley off the top spot down to number four.

Even Magic Mike himself (Channing Tatum) didn’t even manage to beat Simon, only coming in at number two.

So, in conclusion, Attitude readers have hella weird taste in men.