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DVD Review: Mike Donavanik's Extreme Burn

I’ve always been a fitness DVD junkie (formerly fitness VHS junkie), and despite expanding my repertoire beyond what any normal person should have, I still find myself on the hunt for new favorites. 

Like dating, finding the a good fitness DVD takes a lot of trial and error. Not every DVD I get ends up being used more than a few times. I’ve done them all, but some, I just never liked. Some I’ve simply outgrown (sorry Tae Bo). Some are fine for others, but just don’t fit my personality (I like Jillian Michaels, but have to mute her). I get bored really easily, especially when they’re too easy. I’ve started giving some away because I know I’ll never use them again. It’s tricky to find a DVD that will stay on my shelf and get used regularly.

I bought Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn: Total Body Interval Training

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a few weeks back, but hadn’t tried it until a few days ago. It’s VERY quickly becoming one of my favs! I’m a sucker for creative, interval workouts that keep me engaged, sweating & challenged: this fits the bill handsomely.

My Review

The DVD: Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn: Total Body Interval Training

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The PROMISE: “TRANSFORM YOUR BODY IN 6-WEEKS! Celebrity trainer Mike Donavanik brings you the best of his sculpting, cardio and ab work to create one of the most dynamic workouts available. Extreme Burn is a 6-week program, consisting of three workouts, designed to dramatically transform your body. Each workout is jam-packed with dynamic compound strength moves and intense bursts of cardio that will fire up your metabolism, burn fat, build lean muscle and deliver maximum results”.


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