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all of this and heaven too: bawson fic

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So basically, Mike is supposed to be getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame and then he sees Ginny in a dress and their night get sidetracked.

For obvious reasons.

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The dress:

He’s being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame…and he can’t find his favourite cuff links.

Mike has checked the drawer where they usually are, every possible place in his closet, and the bedside table, for whatever reason they may have ended up there. Nothing.

“Ginny! The cuff links? The ones you gave me? Any ideas? I’m running out of places to look,” she’s in the bathroom and he can hear her faint laughter through the door. Of course she’s laughing at him.

“I’m looking at ‘em! You forgot them in here, old man,” her voice is full of mirth and he’s about to head over to open the bathroom door when she beats him to it. 

Mike has decided he’s not at all interested in being honoured; leaving the house is most definitely the worst possible thing he could do right now. Leaving this bedroom even. She looks unbelievable, so unbelievable he blinks a couple times just to make sure she’s actually real. He takes a second to remind himself that she is his wife. She is all his; she agreed to be with him for the rest of their lives in front of everyone who matters to them both.

He’s never going to get over it, it astounds him over every time he sees the ring on her finger.

The grey sheer fabric hangs off her like a dream, the tie accentuating her waist and the dipped neckline brings his eyes to her beautiful breasts like he’s zeroing in on a target. His favourite part though, is that one of her beautiful, long, strong legs is visible through a sinfully high slit in the fabric.

Mike lets his eyes rake slowly over her. He starts at her feet, the heels she’s wearing making her legs pop and his mouth go dry. His gaze travels slowly up her body, along the curve of her thigh to the flare of her waist, her chest and neck, until finally landing on her face and the artfully tousled hair falling around her stunning face.

This has to be a dream. This can’t be his life. There is no way he won a world series, is being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and has a living, breathing goddess as a life partner. There is just no way.

He almost pinches himself but his hands are tingling and his brain is working too slow to force any of his limbs into movement. 

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I HAVE! A LOT ACTUALLY! Harvey helping Mike picking up a suit for the wedding at Renes. And like he eould look at Mike trying one and just knows... like not realizing he loves him, but accepting, embracing it. He would just get lost in his thoughts for a moment and Mike would go like "Harvey? What do you think?" and... i'll leave to you to continue. Happy ending pleaseee

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It’s a long drive over to Rene’s.

Actually it’s not, not even close, but Harvey lost his sense of temporal recognition sometime during the brief drive from his condo to Mike and Rachel’s place; once Mike slides into the backseat beside him with a giddy little bounce, biting down on a perfectly innocent smile, the next fifteen minutes somehow both stretch out to three hours and condense to approximately zero seconds. Then Mike grins at Harvey and opens the car door again, and Harvey thinks he pauses for a second or two before he gets out (which would be confusing if true), but at this point it’s impossible to know for sure (so it doesn’t mean anything).

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His ideal birthday party and gift
  • Eren: A small, quiet day with the person/people special to him would suffice. He wouldn't do anything extravagant, and will treat his birthday as if it were any other day because at least he's with the people he loves. He would like to receive something he could carry around all the time to remind him of the person who gave it to him, like a keychain, necklace, or bracelet.
  • Armin: He would love to have a quiet afternoon with friends and family in an open space, something like a picnic or a a garden lunch. He'll just savor the warm atmosphere and chit-chat that he'll have. He would love love love receiving books, no matter what genre.
  • Reiner: He would be a sucker for surprise parties. He'd get a grip of what's about to happen, he'd still be surprised and have the time of his life. He'd be up to receiving anything at all, as long as it comes from the heart.
  • Bertholdt: He would rather be by himself and pamper himself on his special day. He would spend the whole day watching his favorite movies/TV shows, or he'd go out and get some Bertl time. Still, he would appreciate small things his friends will get him, especially if it's clothes that fit him well.
  • Jean: On his special day, he would want everyone to share his happiness, so he'd opt for a big house party. He would be a gracious host, and might even forget to eat from entertaining everyone. If he were to receive anything that's trendy, he'd be super thankful.
  • Marco: He would invite his family and a few friends over to enjoy a meal made by him. Even if it's his birthday, he thinks that it shouldn't be an excuse to be spoiled. He would love receiving sweets, since it would be sweet of the person giving it to him.
  • Connie: A big pajama party with all his friends would be the ideal for him. He'll go all out and bring out the chips, drinks/booze, movies, and games. Basically, it'd be his chance to jump around like the hyper kid-at-heart he is because he know he'll get away with it. Receiving something fun would be something he'd like, like action figures or video games.
  • Levi: Instead of having everyone fussing over him, he would much rather spend a day with family. He would just want a simple, quiet meal with some conversation, then immediately have some alone time after it. He would appreciate it if someone gave him cleaning equipment or fashionable clothes for his birthday.
  • Erwin: As cheesy as it sounds, he would want a karaoke party or a huge, formal dinner. He would spend the night singing or dancing away even if it's not his forte. It's his birthday after all, so why not go all out? Expensive-ish gifts would catch his attention more, like watches or cuff links.
  • Mike: He would just want a simple, dinner at home kind of birthday party with the company of the people he loves. It may not be a big party, but all that matters to him is the food, atmosphere, and valuable time spent with his loved ones. He would love to receive something memorable but useful, like a shirt or even underwear.