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Stories that explain life, the universe, and almost everything! Crash Course World Mythology with Mike Rugnetta is here!


This week, we’re looking at the roles of goddesses in myths in terms of life, death, and regeneration.

This started out as one of those expression meme things and then I just blew it way out of proportion like I always do. Which means by the end of the process I was begging for the sweet release of death. Link to the expression meme I used, in case anyone’s interested.



Gods tend to have pretty complicated family lives, and their family stories tell a lot about different cultures.


Another bash of photos now as regular warden, I guess you can say.. I got out of my box! I’ll go away now.

That last photo! Do not worry they didn’t know who I was they thought I was Willy wonka so I told them I’m a bootlegged version of Willy wonka! XD

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Boyf riends 12 :)

(Boyf Riends 12) “I found you—snuggling with my jacket, peacefully asleep”

“Harder!” The voice of some chick getting it in moaned out. Thank god for low quality cable porn.

“Probably faking it.” Jeremy mumbled, sinking into the beanbag chair in his best friend’s basement. He scratched the top of his head, feeling…strange. Not his usually uncomfortable strange this was a …something wasn’t right strange. First off, he wasn’t really into the porn. Secondly, he was watching it with a less interested Michael. Both of them were just staring off at the tv.

“His dick is probably fake too.” Michael added reaching over to grab more chips out of the bag. “The pizza in this looks good though.” Yet another delivery boy plot, did porn always come with such cookie cutter story? Did people watch porn for the story?

Jeremy shot his small, lack-daisy friend a look of curiosity. “Why are you looking at the guy’s dick” He smirked a bit trying to be funny. He half expected a half assed answer from Michael. Instead, Mr. Mell fell silent for a long moment and reached for the remote.

He turned off the tv and chucked the remote control across the room. “Why are we watching porn together?”

“Well…did you have something else to watch?”

Michael’s lips turned into a small frown, he didn’t have anything else in mind other than getting high and hanging around with his best friend.

Nothing but Michael didn’t want Jeremy to go … not yet. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. There wasn’t a need to get high or pretend to be, he felt a natural calm and joy radiating off his best friend right next to him. Jeremy was like the sun, all the warmth and none of the burn. “We can play some Mario Kart” Michael smiled. “What do you say player 2?”

His tall friend eyed up the controller being offered to him. He reached out, his long fingers brushing up against Michael’s hand. “I’m always game to be your player 2.” Jeremy, when he didn’t try so hard, could manage to be so smooth. Those beady blue eyes under a light frame of pale lashes, Michael’s little heart hammered against his ribs. Michael practically flung himself at the beanbag chair beside Jeremy’s. “Michael I swear to god if you pick rain–”

“RAINBOW ROAD BABY!” Michael wailed giving Jeremy a wink.

“You’re the kind of guy that likes to see the world burn, aren’t cha?” Jeremy pressed the palm of his hand against his face, hiding the flushed smile he sported. Michael’s outbursts never ceased to make him smile. Even if they did come at the expense of sounding all too lame. It was good lame, the lame that complimented Jeremy’s lame. They were two lames that managed to be cool when they were only exposed to each other.

Michael picked his character and kicked up his feet, sinking further into the beanbag. “No way, I’m all about sunshines and rainbows!~” The game began and the room was filled with grunts, empty threats, toying taunts and laughter. So much laughter echoed off the walls of his basement. They had enough noise to drown out the biggest party and to Michael this was the raddest party around. He needed nothing more than good times and his best…

Michael made the mistake of taking his eyes off the third lap, he watched Jeremy. The say he swayed as if he was really riding the turns of the course. His eyes wide with competitive excitement. His arms so far out past his knees he looked like he was going to nose dive into the tv. What a dork. What a cute…dork, Michael’s face felt warm. Then— “AHH I FELL OFF” He screeched watching as his character barreled down the endless abyss and Jeremy’s character crossed the finish line.

“HAAAA, Kiss my ass Michael~” Jeremy laughed so hard his nose wrinkled and a snort slipped out. He brought a hand to his mouth and tried to smother the unattractive nose out. Meanwhile Michael melted into his cushion. He pulled the collar of his red jacket, trying to hid his clearly smitten expression.

“Rematch and we’ll see about that ass kissin’” He bit his tongue a little, his voice just a touch to high and excited. Hours of laughter drifted into soft conversations between matches. Finally, Michael heard a delicate yawn come out of his long legged friend.

 Jeremy leaned back against the beanbag, his body sinking into the cushion. Michael took that moment while Jeremy’s eyes were closed to look him over. His face looking more at ease than any time he had been high off Marley. “Mike…mind if I crash here?”

Michael felt a jolt of energy surge through him. It had been a good minute since Jeremy stayed over. “Course’ not!” The excitement was getting too real, he slid off his jacket and hopped to his feet. “I’ll get the spare pillows from upstairs” he started bounding up the stairs.

Jeremy chuckled and sleepily muttered just as Michael passed, “how are you always so happy, Mike?”

There was no answer. Michael scaled the stairs and went right to the linen closet. He pulled only the softest pillows and blanket for Jeremy. He felt his heart squeeze and everything in him coiled up like a tightly wound spring. He pressed the pillow against his face and sighed, what was he doing? These feelings, his crazy feelings for his best friend. “Stupid, stupid.” He shook his head, he couldn’t do this to himself. To Jeremy, it wasn’t fair. Why ruin this good thing they had? He wouldn’t, if keeping Jeremy meant hiding all these feelings for the rest of his life…then he would.

Once he calmed down he started back down the stairs. “Yo, I got you some quality linens, you can still smell the fabric softener in these puppies.” He chuckled and got no response. “Jer?” He peeked around and walked over to the beanbag and blushed. There was his best friend, his gangly long limbed bestie coiled awkwardly into a ball. Like he didn’t know how tall he really was, he tried to tuck those legs under Michael’s jacket he was using as a blanket. “A-ah…” He muttered watching as Jeremy pulled the jacket closer to his chest and held it close. “…you’re making it hard not to fall in love with you…especially when you’re snuggling my jacket, peacefully asleep like that…” He frowned a bit, his fingers itching to touch the small tuff of hair against his pale forehead.

I was talking with some pals last night, and Mike told me that he got better at drawing by staring at this image until he “understood it.” (from Eric Goldberg’s “Character Animation Crash Course”)

The first image is drawing anatomical/construction first, gesture second. The second image is drawing the gesture/expression first, then the anatomy second. The first image produces stiff character acting, the second image produces explosive character acting.

I’m gonna stare at it too until I understand it. Come on, stare with me. 


Mike Rugnetta introduces us to the slurpee of knowledge that is mythology!

Recommended Reading: Bawson Edition Part Three

As I’m sure all of you know, Fox in all its wisdom (note sarcasm) cancelled Pitch. As heartbreaking as this is, the cancellation of this wonderful show in no way diminishes my love for these characters or my love for the stories created in this fandom.  Now me personally, I’ve never needed my OTP to be canon to ship it, just like I don’t need the show to still be on the air for me to participate in the fandom (proud Spuffy shipper here).

With that being said, here is my promise to all the talented writers in this fandom, if you keep writing, I’ll keep reading and recommending, and together we’ll all keep the Bawson fandom alive.  (To take a peak at my first list of Bawson recs click here and for the second click here)

Adjustments and Compromises by  2shytheshippy Usually, stories like these begin with some kind of disclaimer like: this started out innocently enough.

This is not that type of story.

anything we want by Anjali_Organna The night before the Padres are due to start their first spring training without Mike Lawson in over a decade, Ginny shows up at his house.

Bawson AUs by  Ellabee15    A group of Bawson AUs  

Coming Down   by ClassyWillow  Ginny hasn’t answered anyone’s calls for two weeks, until Mike finally calls.  

Experience is the Best Teacher by Bullpen_Antics Ginny has questions… Mike has answers…   

Falling One-shots by ClassyWillow A series of Ginny and Mike one-shots

Forget Me Not by  MagicInHerMadnes Instead of her arm, it’s Ginny’s head that gets hurt during her no-hitter game.

Friends (with a comprehensive benefits package) by oddlyfamiliar After a game of Never Have I Ever during a night of team bonding, Ginny discovers a few things about Mike that she can’t stop thinking about.

guys like you   by elegantstupidity  Ginny knows that playing Never Have I Ever at a house party is just going to lead into TMI Territory.What she doesn’t expect is for it to lead to some of the best sex of her life..

Helpless by  MagicInHerMadness  College AU. Mike and Ginny meet at a frat party

In your corner ‘til the end by Lady_in_Red Season 2: Spring Training. Ginny worries about making the roster, Mike is even surlier than usual, and flashbacks explain a lot.

More Than Friends by MagicInHerMadness Ginny and Mike experience an interesting change in their relationship in the middle of their junior year of high school.

Mornin’, Sunshine  by   Dynamic_Ideation  “He liked to take her in the morning just like this, to wake her up when she was soft and malleable, at her most vulnerable and open. ”

there’s no place like home  by  darlinginmyway Mike’s grandmother is having her 90th birthday party, and he needs a girlfriend for the weekend.

They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered  by  oddlyfamiliar  She’s been patient. She has been so goddamn patient. It hasn’t been easy, but Ginny’s pretty sure that it’s worth it, that they’re worth it. And now they’re here.

Tomorrow is Mike’s last game before he retires from professional baseball.

 Part 2 of You never really know someone until you talk to them at 4am

Tuned In by ClassyWillow One night at Spring Training was all it took to end Ginny Baker’s season and Mike Lawson to feel like a proper asshole for it.

vivid, electrifying detail by darlinginmyway Evelyn wants details—vivid, electrifying details.

Waiting is the most difficult bit by oddlyfamiliar  Usually, Ginny’s arguments with Mike end with one of them storming off. Sometimes, they just bicker for days, until one of them eventually forgets what they were even arguing about to begin with.Somehow, this argument ends with Mike handing her a vibrator in the middle of a dark and crowded nightclub, and calling her bluff.Ginny really didn’t see this coming.

Walk A Mile (With You Beside Me)  by  HookedonCS    “You like chasing. You don’t like having.” The words Mike Lawson’s ex-wife once told him play like a mantra in his head sometimes. It might have dulled as his budding relationship with Ginny Baker begins to soar (even when they are the only ones to know). But the baggage Mike carries through life can’t be ignored forever. Not by him. And not by Ginny. So where does that take them both when Ginny begins to ask the questions? And where does that leave them when Mike begins drowning in that mantra again?  

The What In the How and the Why  by 2shytheshippy  “It is known that there are an infinite number of worlds, simply because there is an infinite amount of space for them to be in; let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes.” Douglas Adams/Walt WhitmanBecause there are infinite universes with infinite Bawson stories to tell. Canon Divergent, AU’s, and prompts galore; stand alones, mini series, continuations, etc. 

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This week, we’re discussing some creation myths that construct or reinforce social orders.