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Zaya, Bhandallas & Eclare - Relationships put to the test

Maya, Dallas and Eli, three characters who were arguably the most deeply affected by Cam’s death, grappled with intense levels of anger, guilt and hopelessness in the aftermath of his suicide. In their own ways, they each took it out on the people who were closest to them and who wanted so desperately to be there for them.  

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(if you don’t get it, Harry Shum Jr ((Magnus Bane on Shadowhunters)) played Mike Chang on glee and who’s singing in the video)

Thoughts on tonights Degrassi since it’s the last one of 2014! I’m talking about it all, so listen up! 

Drew & Clare: I definitely believe the response Clare got was indeed expected. However, I understand that Drew is upset but one thing that bugged me was him blaming everything on her. She gave him an out in the very beginning. Yes, he was doing the responsible and right thing, but none of this is her fault. I am sure Clare thought “Well I had sex with Drew last so it has to be his” Im sure she didn’t think that she would go a long time unaware of her own pregnancy. It’s scary to think you can miss something that important. Drew has every right to be upset that the baby isn’t his, but he doesn’t have the right to just blame it all on Clare like she did this for shits and giggles okay? 

Ali & Clare: I love Ali and Clare’s friendship. Although, they went through a rough time, I am so glad they’ve become best friends again. Clare definitely needs someone like Ali in her life, they balance each other when both are at their weakest moments. 

Eli & Clare:  WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK DEGRASSI WRITERS. All I keep thinking about Eli’s character is

  1. Lets give Eli this dark past where his first gf dies.
  2. Lets give him a new girl named Clare to love
  3. Lets give him a guy that doesn’t like him and basically bullies him and it ends in a near death
  4. Lets make Eli go off the deep end and be super creepy and controlling towards Clare
  5. Lets make him crash his car
  6. Lets give him bipolar disorder
  7. Let give him his life back a little
  8. Lets make him find the dead body of a fellow student
  9. Lets make him lose Clare again because he can’t handle shit
  10. Lets make him regain his life a little more again
  11. Lets get him into NYU
  12. Lets give Clare cancer
  13. Lets kill his bestfriend
  14. Lets make him cheat on clare!
  15. Lets make him lose but then get Clare back
  16. Lets make him become super distant and then lose Clare once again
  17. Lets make him see Clare in New York and give him the possibility of happiness with her again
  18. But wait! Lets make Clare pregnant
  19. But even better! Lets rip Eli’s heart out and make the baby not his
  20. Lets turn Eli into a heart broken ASSHAT
  22. But wait, when she goes to tell him lets make him into the biggest fxcking douche ever and make him call her a whore.

Like seriously? There is so much more but I’m just going to leave it at the ones I can throw off the top of my head. Eli has one shitty ass life when you think about it. I feel like they made him so good, then bad, then good, and now they’re trying to completely demolish his character. I honestly hope they come out and say “Eli has been off his meds” because something is seriously off. Or maybe I am in denial.

Ali & Dallas: I didn’t like the whole telling Dallas that she wanted to have sex but now never mind because he told Drew something he really needed to know. Dallas shouldn’t have told Drew, and should have give Clare time but you know what? No. When you hear something that directly will effect your best friend you bet your ass you’re going to tell them. I just wished Ali had handled how she dealt with that differently. You can’t dangle sex around as some sort of award. Dallas shouldn’t feel bad for having his friends back. Ali should feel proud that Dallas respects his friendship with Drew and knows that withholding such information might hurt Drew even more. It’s a sticky situation though because I am sure he wanted to have Ali’s back also.

Miles & Tristan: I had a whole bunch of second hand embarrassment for Tristan at the beginning. But I am proud that he realized he didn’t deserved to be treated wrong. I mean it only took him forever. I honestly had a love hate feeling for Triles. I did however call it in the beginning that Miles was probably using Tristan. I hope Tristan can stop begging for love and just let it eventually come to him<3

Miles & Maya: I have always had a soft spot for Maya. Theres just something I love about her. I am a matlingsworth shipper, but I definitely think if anything happens it has to be later. Maya is in a fragile time right now as well as Miles. Honestly, Maya needs to focus on herself more than anything and Miles needs to get help with the issues he’s dealing with. I hope they are friends through it all though because I am hoping for a reunion. The way Miles looked at Maya like she was the cutest thing ever was just the best. I honestly think Maya is one of the only people that understands Miles and is the only one that has proven that he can trust her with anything. 

Winston & Tristan: Lol i’m still confused as to what Winston is trying to do. 

Frankie & Zoe: Well if I didn’t hate Zoe before, I do now. Frankie just wants to be accepted and cheer. Zoe just wants to be the top dog. The way Zoe bullies Frankie, pisses me off. Frankie didn’t want to sell nudes, but Zoe took everything she said and twisted it to fit what she wanted. I really like Frankie for some reason, I really can’t wait to watch how she develops. However, Zoe is just cruel sometimes. You would think after everything she has been though, she would be a little more considerate of other people. Anyways, I am very proud of how Frankie finally told Zoe exactly how she is. Zoe definitely needed it.

Next week!

I am super excited for next week!

I honestly do not understand why everyone is flipping shit because they find out Grace is lesbian. Grace is a fxcking badass, her sexual orientation doesn’t make her any better or any worse. I love Grace every which way man, she’s one of my favorite characters this season. I feel like Grace will be one of the characters I’ll always like to watch, and I can’t wait for her to get her own plot.

Frankie taking the fall really pisses me off, I hope Zoe doesn’t get away with anything. 


It’s finished, guys! I made this video so quickly that it’s actually ridiculous! O.O Let’s blame that fact on our never-ending hiatus… Anyways, I hope you enjoy version two of my cackvids!