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Here’s how human athletes (our very BEST human athletes) measure up against a few other members of the animal kingdom. We don’t look too good.

BUT there is one physical activity where humans actually do pretty well. In fact, we might be better than every other species on planet earth. Watch Skunk Bear’s latest video to learn more:

signs as halloween characters pt2

aries: gremlins (gremlins

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taurus: cheshire cat (alice in wonderland

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gemini: frankenstein 

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cancer: scooby-doo (scooby-doo)

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leo: winifred sanderson (hocus pocus)

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virgo: matilda (matilda)

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libra: harry potter (harry potter

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scorpio: wednesday addams (the addams family

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sagittarius: grandma aggie (halloweentown

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capricorn: mike wazowski (monsters inc

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aquarius: jack skellington (the nightmare before christmas

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pisces: coraline (coraline) 

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part one


Festival Walk, a mall in Hong Kong, hosted a Tsum Tsum Festival from April 11th to May 5th. The event featured the world’s largest Tsum Tsum (over 1m tall!), interactive games, a Tsum Tsum vending machine, and a Tsum Tsum pop-up shop with over a hundred exclusive Tsum Tsum merchandises.