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In my time of dying, want nobody to mourn. All I want for you to do is take my body home.
Andy Wood - 1967/1990, & Kurt Cobain - 1967/1994.
Shannon Hoon - 1967/1995, & Jeff Buckley - 1966/1997.
Layne Staley - 1967/2002, & Mike Starr - 1966/2011.
Scott Weiland - 1967/2015, & Chris Cornell - 1964/2017.

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“I don’t get as much fan mail as an actor or singer would, but when I get a letter 99% of the time it’s pointing out something that really had an impact. Like after ‘My Own Private Rodeo’ all these people wrote to me and said Dale’s dad inspired them to come out. And this was when it was still illegal to be gay in Texas and a few other states.

Another one that really stuck with me was this girl who survived Columbine. See, “Wings of the Dope,” the episode where Luanne’s boyfriend comes back as an angel, aired two weeks after the shooting. About a month after that, I got a letter from a girl who was there and hid somewhere in the school when it was all going on. She said the first thing she was gonna do if she survived was tell a friend of hers she was in love with him. She never did. He ended up being one of the kids responsible for it (Dylan Klebold).

So you can imagine how - you know, to her, it felt wrong to grieve almost, and she bottled it up. But she saw that episode and Buckley walking away at the end and something just let her finally break down and grieve and miss the guy. I remember she quoted Luanne - 'I wonder if he’s guardianing some other girl,’ or something along that line, because she never had the guts to tell the kid. That really gets to people at Comic Con.”

—  Mike Judge (Creator of King Of The Hill/Beavis and Butthead/Office Space) talking about the infamous Columbine fan letter he got after the episode Wings Of The Dope was aired in 1999

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Elizabeth Henstridge will be this weekend at the Ultimates convention in Blackpool with Natalia Cordova Buckley, Brett Dalton, Gabriel Luna, J August Richards and Reed Diamond


I guess we are supposed to be believing that Mike was leaving the gummy bears for Mona and he bought the necklace for Mona…and he thought mona was just gonna fake her death and now he think A got her…..ans thats fine and all, ill buy it.

But, if Mike is innocent and the above is true… why the hell he did he have access to a bank account with an incredibly large sum of money and what was/is he doing with it all? Was this answered and i missed it?


“The writers did this awesome thing for me…..where it was over…..and he walked out…. and you know he was in his hoody….HIS HOODY!!”

God I love Mike Buckley!