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the boys + first lines

Do you think that after a campaign, when the boys have gone home and Mike’s still sitting at the table in his basement, he’ll flip the game board over and stare at the black surface like Eleven had? Does he ever place a piece that he’s come to associate with her in the middle, wondering if she’s lost in the darkness, all alone? Does he crush The Demogorgon piece in his hand as he thinks this?

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sunshine over Motorcity


‘Fool’ (Official Video)

so i have this fnaf theory (i mean its less of a theory and more of an idea) and idk other people have probably said this but i wanted to draw mikes

basically i like the idea that mike schmidt is the protagonist of both fnaf1 and fnaf 3?? this makes like no sense but let me try to explain 

like in fnaf1 mike is this bright eyed teenager/college kid whos poor or trying to pay off college loans or whatever and is just trying to survive his whacky new job until he gets fired

and then 20 or so years later in fnaf3, mike is a 30-40 year old man whos still plagued by the fazbear gang and years of therapy havent rlly helped bc how could he possibly explain what he saw so he decides to go back and face the source of his trauma head on until fazbears burns to the ground and mike can sleep much easier 

idk i just wanted to excuse to draw my hc mike schmidt