mike bridavsky

Hi WANDERING WOLF listeners. Check out Yoni’s conversation w Mike Bridavsky, owner of famous cat, @iamlilbub Li'l Bub.

Episode 45- Mike Bridavsky (Li'l Bub’s bud). Famous cat owner/ studio owner/ engineer/ producer/ musician, Mike and Yoni meet up at Joyful Noise Recordings in Indianapolis to discus his cat, Li'l Bub, and his music career.

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  1. Quit smoking
  2. Open door
  3. Pick up and hold BUB in BUBHOLD Position 2
  4. Let BUB nuzzle your face
  5. Reposition BUB in BUBHOLD Position 1
  6. Let the BUB magic go: this position allows for insane amounts of powerful energy to flow throughout the universe
  7. Feed BUB

Meredith Vieira sits down with Lil BUB and her owner Mike Bridavisky to discuss the realities behind the celebrity pet curtain. BUB’s many birth defects and day-to-day care require close attention that people don’t often see, and Bridavisky also reveals future guests on BUB’s VICE show to be Andrew W.K. and Fred Armisen! Bonus? The adorable dwarfed cat is (GASP) a nudist and going naked for Halloween.