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@splickedylit it was gonna be an actual scene from Werewolves of Detroit but the message got MAD lost on the way from my hand to my brain.  I’m very tired.  Anyway here’s weremike having a little adventure outside his natural habitat.

everyone, did u know splickedy’s working three 12-hour night shifts in a row this weekend??  damn!!  she’s working even as we speak!

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I can imagine Mike and Jeremy going to the mall together and finding one of those hypnotist shows. Jeremy would make Mike volunteer, and as soon as that pocket watch swung in front of Mike's face he'd fall into a Blank then totally fuck shit up-




The protest in Mike’s sneer was worth more than all the pairs of eyes the couple had upon them, eyeing him in disapproval whilst covering children’s ears as strings of curses flew from his mouth. Jeremy managed to convince him anyway.

“This is fucking lame” The security guard grimed, glaring at both culprits. “Both of you are idiots. Magic isn’t real, it’s fake.”

“Hypnotism isn’t magic, sir, it is simply a trick of the mind.” A strange man, clad in a theatrical vest and bow tie held the microphone. “It’s completely safe, I assure you.”

Mike was about spew another insult, something involving the velocity of the stranger’s hat, yet he was cut off by a much more chipper voice. “I-It looks like fun! We don’t get to see things like this around here often, so that means we should at least t-try it out, right?”

Blue eyes darted to green, the older man giving Jeremy a critical stare. But to his irritation, the younger male hardly seemed phased by his act of intimidation. “I’m not doing it.”



“But it’s my birthday!”

“Your birthday isn’t until next week.”

“…you actually remembered?”

Mike’s eye twitched, shrugging towards what little of a crowd the performance had attracted. There’s hardly anyone paying attention. An old couple, a man with what looked to be his toddler daughter, a woman having no notice as to what’s around her and some teenager glued to their phone. 

Only six people, none of which look ready to humiliate him, or Jeremy in anyway. Not like he was paranoid or anything, he just simply didn’t want to get bored, that’s all.

Mike sighed and stepped up on stage. “Fine, but only once.”

He catches a glimpse of Jeremy’s glee filled smile as the teen returns to his seat, swinging his legs anxiously while watching the guard take his position. Mike swallows down the urge to twitch his own mouth into a grin. Now was not the time to toothy moron.

The stranger, now pleased to have a new victim volunteer, directed Mike to stand, sticking his hand into his vest pocket and pulling out what looked to be a small black case.

A lump forms in Mike’s throat when he pulls out a watch on a golden chain, it’s dial and numbers inscribed in red

“Now, try to relax, sir. Allow your energy to seep from your skin and out from your head.” The stranger smiled, swinging the clock. “Simply allow your thoughts to go Blank.”


Jeremy watched in awe as Mike’s breathing became slower, his eyes drooped and his limbs went limp. The guard on stage was standing still, but obviously deprived of consciousness. The stranger, however, continued his chant of hypnosis that he couldn’t quite hear.

The crowd had dispersed, the few remaining keeping their sole attention on the act. It was incredible, at least to the night watch, to see such a usually stoic and stiff man follow orders so with calmness and ease.

The time limit was sixty seconds, and the hand on the clock was ticking near fifty. So of course, the stranger turned back to the crowd. “As you can see, hypnotism is completely harmless. It’s even healthy to be practiced in most cases. Good for stress and-”

His voice over the room abruptly cuts off, a hand reaching forward and snatching the watch from his grasp. Blinking, the stranger whips around to stare into the darkened eyes of his volunteer, raising a brow at how the man rotated the object between his fingers, glaring at it will dull interest.

Strange. They haven’t gotten to the awakening step of hypnosis yet.

Though a bit confused, he simply adjusted his bow-tie and offered a polite smile. “I appreciate your admiration for my watch, sir, but I’m afraid I’ll need it back. That doesn’t belong to me, it belongs to my company, I’m afraid.”

He was completely ignored, a harsh neutral expression plastered on Mike’s face that he couldn’t quite identify.

Impatient, the stranger placed a friendly hand on the security guard’s shoulder. “Sir, I asked that you-”

Jeremy heard two things: someone screaming behind him and the sound of bone snapping. That, and perhaps his own heartbeat was making thrum as well.

The stranger’s hand was caught mid-contact, another arm trailing up to grasp the elbow and forcibly twist the other in the opposite direction. With fingers curled around the man’s wrist, his other hand pressed against the back of the arm, Mike grit his teeth as he pushed downward. 

The bone had put up some resistance, naturally. But with another bend and curve of Mike’s shoulder, he pressed his weight until the sound of something cracking could be heard, the sound of the bone’s breakage drowned out by the man’s painful wail.

Jeremy’s already on stage at this point, chest hammering and fingers digging into the back of Mike’s sweatshirt in a feeble attempt to pull him away. “MIKE!

The watch, as well as the damaged stranger, fell to the ground as said guard whipped around, sharp eyes piercing the teen’s own gaze and sending a shudder down his spine. 

He raised his hand towards the brunette’s neck, but paused when a familiar voice reached his ears once again. 


One blink. Two blinks.

“…Mike, please…”

Three blinks. Blank.



The night watch felt his worry die, pulse slinking to normal pace as Mike’s skin returned from it’s pale and sickly look, eyes gaining it’s bright blue once more. Those eyes, with his expression, however, fell into a look of despair.

He takes one glance towards the mangled man beside him and snatched Jeremy’s wrist, pulling him off the stage. “We’re leaving”

“B-But…th-that man is h-hurt-!”

“You think I don’t know that?”

With the pressure of Mike’s grip around his wrist, Jeremy’s feet are flying out from under him at this speed. Yet, he manages to spare a glance behind him, throat going dry at the scene.

The mall’s security guards are rushing though the crowd, whom of which had the good sense to scatter before any more trouble could arrive. On the floor surrounded by men in black uniform sat upright the stranger, his broken arm laying limp beside him, whist staring grimly at his cracked watch with his other.

He looks up with fearful, angry eyes, mouth moving in what can only be assumed a stream of curses directed towards them.

Mike makes the mistake to glance back with Jeremy, catching sight of the man mouthing the word ‘freak’ just as the glass doors shut behind them.

They haven’t been back since.

Here's what legitimately happened a few minutes ago:
  • First Dad: (his name is Tyler BTW.) *Walks into bedroom* Dustin, It's 1:40!
  • Me: Your point, Father?
  • First Dad: You really need to go to sleep, Dusty.
  • Me: I can't. Trust me, I've tried...
  • First Dad: Well, then what are you doing on the computer?
  • Me: Reading.
  • First Dad: Oh, is it the one where Jeremy has to go to his mom's wedding but doesn't know how to dance, so Mike teaches him at the pizzeria before the wedding?
  • Me: 0_0
  • First Dad: Or is it the one where Mike "blanks" during the night shift with Jeremy and ends up nearly killing the puppet and kissing Jeremy?
  • Me: How the fu-
  • First Dad: Or is it drabbles? The drabbles are my favorite...
  • Me: You read Jeremike?!
  • First Dad: Hell yeah I do! Honestly, I think my favorite one was the one where Mike-
  • Second Dad: *From his bedroom* Tyler, sweetheart, what're you doing? I thought you were telling him to go to sleep?
  • First Dad: I was honey, but he's reading Jeremike!
  • Second Dad: Oh, really? Which one are you reading Dustin?
  • Me: I... I can't even... what's happening?!
  • Second Dad: *Enters room in his robe and puts his arm around first dad* Trust me, Dustin, we've known about Jeremike longer than you have...
  • Me: ... Are you two hiding something from me?
  • Both Fathers: ...
  • Me: Fuck.
  • Both Fathers: *look at each other and then back at me* You know I was joking, right?
  • All of us: *Laughing*
  • Me: Lol yes, but that would be awesome, huh?
  • Both Fathers: *laugh and nod*
  • Me: Alright, I'm just gonna keep reading my fan fiction, then...
  • First Dad: Alright, sorry to bug ya. *Kisses second dad on the cheek*
  • Second Dad: *giggles and kisses First Dad on the lips*
  • Both Fathers: *Close my door and walk off*
  • Me: Is this why I /am/ and /love/ gay things?
  • Second Dad: *Yelling from living room* Most likely!
  • Me: -3- *Couldn't be happier with being adopted*