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Every time I see somebody trashing Dear Evan Hansen, it becomes evident that that person has never known what it’s like to hate yourself because you’ve never seen a character like yourself. They’ve never known what it’s like to feel like they can never be something, never be someone, because no beloved characters would ever be like you. They’ve never experienced the relief of finding out that the main character of one of the biggest musicals of the year is finally like you. Finding out that a character, loved by so many, feels the same way that I do, is the same way that I am. It feels like I could actually be loved some day. Dear Evan Hansen is so important to me, and the fact that these people hate it so much because they don’t know what it means for so many people makes me so sad.

I Could Be Jewish For You {Ben Platt imagine}

hiya, the more i wrote this the more anxious i got that people would get mad at me?? dear god if i got something wrong in this don’t hesitate to fight me. I’ve never been religious whatsoever so?? idk please don’t hate me i thought this was cute and i HOPE i’m the first one to do this. funny story this was going to be a Jared fic but i changed my mind because boy oh boy i love ben platt. anyway. i hope you enjoy this, i got the idea for it from this so!!

Warnings: swears, deals w religion?? kinda shit writing

word count: 889

Y/n and Ben had always been distant friends, They’d met while back at some audition, and every few months they’d catch up over coffee. Over the years, the two of them may have developed slight crushes on each other. Okay, slight is a bit of an understatement. Needless to say, After endless egging on from all of your mutual friends, you two quickly became an official item. In practically every interview, Ben would find someway to bring you up, along with how proud he was to be Jewish.

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Mike Faist and his girlfriend Lexi❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ben platt has committed so much to portraying social anxiety in dear evan hansen and has even said in interviews that he has developed some of evan’s ticks, such as bad posture, biting his nails, etc. also, he worked with writers to make the ticks accurate as the show was being developed and he also is originating the role like it’s amazing, the portrayal and the passion blow me away,,, just another reason to luv ben platt