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KINJAZ “Fear None” | ARENA 2017

This set is so good I don’t even have the words to describe it. The detail in the opening song, I see you Tony and Mike. Vinh killing Humble. THAT REVEAL. I’M STILL SHOOK. Also the production and lighting and editing?? GET OUT. I’M IN LOVE GET OUT OF MY FACE

While I enjoyed it, the love and likewise scene with Mon-el and Lena was a very poor continuity choice by SG writers that made no logical sense. Shouldn’t Lena have said, “How do you know Kara?” Because Lena knows Mike not Mon-el. But, hey everybody if she knows Mon-el is Mike than bam there’s no way she doesn’t know Supergirl is Kara. For the Karamel shippers it makes no sense for Lena to say likewise that she agrees Kara loves Mon-el too if she doesn’t know Mon-el is Mike. Also, even though, honestly, she does know Mon-el is Mike, Lena has not had enough interaction with Kara and Mike together to suggest she even believes or knows Kara loves Mike. Mon-el knows Kara loves Lena because he knows Kara’s saved her several times, even once leaving him behind to do it. He knows that Lena saved Kara from the Nanobytes swarm. The real kicker is minutes after she hears Kara/Supergirl loves her from Mon-el’s mouth she wants to go back to rescue Supergirl/Kara. Mon-el doesn’t care to stay with Kara on the ship. He’s fine with leaving at her order. If anyone should be able to outmaneuver Rhea and be a real hero against the Daxamites it should be him. Nah, He’s a coward who literally did nothing all season. He can’t protect himself, his girlfriend or his girlfriend’s real love, Lena. Lena rescued his sorry ass before Kara arrived.


“Fear None” by The Kinjaz | Respect All…Fear None!

Choreography by: Tony Tran, Mike Song, Bam Martin, Anthony Lee, Vinh Nguyen, Keone Madrid

Performed by: Mike Song, Tony Tran, Anthony Lee, Jawn Ha, Charles Nguyen, Bam Martin, Vinh Nguyen, Pat Cruz, Keone Madrid

Music by: DJ Cam “China Girl” | Kendrick Lamar “Humble” | Problem “Betta Watch Yo Self”

Fell For You
Green Day
Fell For You

Green Day - Fell For You

I’ll spend the night living in denial
Making paper planes just for a while
I’ll crash into you, I crash into you
‘Cause you crash in my imagination too

Break a leg and you crush my heart
I’m a mess and you’re a work of art
Count your blessings going zero to five
I steal a kiss and I took a dive

Then I went down like the speed of sound
You’re out of sight but not out of mind

I had a dream that I kissed your lips and it felt so true
Then I woke up as a nervous wreck and I fell for you


Isang karangalan para sa akin na mapabilang sa Tatt Awards 2015 GREAT 10. Patuloy kong gagamitin ang Social Media sa pagpapalaganap ng aking adbokasiya at inspirasyon sa mga netizens. Maraming salamat sa @enjoyglobe at Tattoo sa pagkilala. Maraming salamat din sa mga Tatt Councils na pumili sa akin na mapasama sa #Great10 (Mrs. Bianca Gonzales-Intal, Mr. Jim Paredes, Ms. Anna Oposa, Jinno Rufuno, Quark Henares, Daphne Osena-Paez, Sen. Bam Aquino, Mike Carandang at Nix Nolledo)

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Song you have sex to? xD


Ashton: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap - AC/DC
Idek i just feel like this hoe would be rocking out drunk then BAM sex.

Mike: El Dorado - Iron Maiden

He likes the beat, and feeling all rock n’ roll at the same time xD

Luke:  King For A Day - Pierce The Veil ft. Kellin Quinn

this cutie would be in a mood again, playing the song and relating to it bc Kellin Quinn is Luke’s god so yeh. You’d automatically jam to this song because PIERCE THE VEIL AND KELLIN LIKE then sex tho.

Cal: Wires - The Neighborhood


Some kids are cooler than others. Mike from Old-Stf Cycle has one of them kids. Catch Mike and his fam-bam at the next NorCal Cycle Swap on November 6th. Think he makes some cool parts, too. That’d be a good time to check some of em out