mike baltzell


This is my friend Mike Baltzell.

Mike is 21 years old. He was driving home from work at 2am Saturday June 15th on his moped and was hit by a SUV. Mike was airlifted to a better hospital and is in critical condition and on life support. This isn’t a post asking you to pray for him or hope for a recovery, because there isn’t hope for one. There’s too much damage to his body and his brain and even if he did pull through he would be a vegetable.

This is a post meant for the sole purpose of allowing all of you who never knew Mike, and now never will, the opportunity to know who he was, what he stood for, and hopefully love him as much as all his friends and family do.

Mike always had a smile on his face. He was always happy to be wherever he was and to do whatever he was doing. It didn’t matter how bad conditions were or how boring the activity, he was just always in good spirits. His favorite activities were playing Runescape and watching Doctor Who. Obviously with these hobbies Mike was teased quite a bit in school, but he never let it get to him and he never lashed back. Mike never had a bad word to say about anyone or any judgements to pass. It didn’t matter how cruel someone was to him, he always saw people for better than they were and treated them with the kindness and respect they didn’t show him. He would do anything for anyone even though he didn’t have a whole lot himself. He was the best and most selfless person I’ve ever known and probably ever will know. If there is any light in this world it was shining in that boy. I just hope that his light won’t die with him when that time comes. My wish is that everyone he touched including those who read this can take a little of his light with them and try to live like he did for that remarkable human being.

Do what’s good, do what’s right. Do it for Mike.