mike ball

  • me at school: 🎶 cause all that it takes is a little re!en!ven!ton!🎶(does leg kick think and knees a desk)
  • me walking home from school: 🎶 even when the dark comes crashing in 🎶(does extreme hand motions and punches friend in face)
  • me at home: 🎶 word fail, words fail, there's nothing i can say except sometimes you see everything you wanted 🎶(sobs a lot in a ball on the floor)
Losers’ Club Head Canons

okay okay so @exceededexpectations and I were talking about the losers club and we got too carried away; you’re welcome

  • Mike, Bill, Richie, and Bev don’t sleep with tops on. Ben doesn’t sleep with pants on. Stan owns like 5 pairs of matching pajama sets.
  • When Richie and Eddie first start to date, Richie starts to wear tops to bed because that is the only way Eddie would cuddle. Even when Eddie isn’t there, he starts to sleep in tops because it reminds him of Eds.
  • Richie and Bev are 100% bffs and always have sleepovers. When it is just them they don’t bother with clothes because they don’t care about seeing each other naked.
  • Richie has seen Bev naked more times than Ben has tbh.
  • Everyone has seen Richie naked on many different occasions.
  • The first thing they did after killing pennywise was go swimming at the quarry to clean themselves. At this point, they had been through so much together that they just wanted to be normal kids so they just went skinny dipping.
  • After IT happened the Barrons stopped being where they would hang out. They did start going to the quarry a lot more and they built a treehouse at mikes farm which they would go to on the weekends.
  • Bev moves in with Richie a couple weeks after IT happened because his parents don’t care and they have a spare room anyway?! But she ends up in Richie’s room so much that they just bring the other bed into Riche’s and it makes his single bed a double. This makes a few problems down the road when Richie and Eddie start dating because ‘No Richie we cannot make out, Beverly is sleeping right there!!’ Richie talked to Bev about it and she said she would either spend the night at Bens if they wanted her to because she is a good friend and understands that Eds is small and awkward and doesn’t know how dating works. She does make sure she gets all of the details from Richie the next night!
  • Richie has ADHD so Eddie brings him calming tea like peppermint or chamomile. When Richie first drank it he really didn’t like it but he really likes Eds so he drank it. Eddie brought him tea every day after that and now Richie can’t go a day without drinking it.
  • Bev brings Ben granola bars so that he can not just eat salad when he tries to get fitter. Bill joins the track team with him all throughout high school so that Ben had someone to support him.
  • No one moves away, Mike goes to high school with the rest of the losers and becomes the biggest jock ever. He doesn’t turn into a massive dick-bag like the other jocks.
  • Ben and Stan lead a book club every week for the whole school and even teachers turn up because bless those boys. Richie and Eddie want to be good friends so they go to the first meeting. Everyone got really angry with them though and they are no longer allowed to go.
  • Every teacher both loathe and lives Richie Tozier because he’s fun but also a dick and they all ship Reddie because yes. Richie has a secret meeting with the Spanish teacher where they talk shit and drink coffee (unbeknownst to Eddie) every Wednesday.
  • Bev, Richie, and Stan sit behind the school in Ritchie’s shitty car and smoke during lunch and then join the rest of the losers who sit on the field to watch mikes practices and they make daisy chains and have grass fights because they are children. Stan started smoking after IT happened because he couldn’t deal with it. 
  • Stan is so fucking good at making flower crowns and he makes them from all of the losers but mostly Bill because you give flowers to the person you like, right?
  • When Stan gives Richie flower crowns Eddie has to spend the next few days picking daisy petals out because Richie’s hair is such a mess and they get stuck. He does try to wash them out but it never works.
  • Ben is really good at braiding hair, no one knows how he just is. Beverly grows her hair out a little longer because she loves when Ben plays with her hair. He does something different to it nearly every lunchtime. 
  • One lunchtime Richie dared Eddie to go grab the football from Mike, no one thinks he’ll do it, but he does and then he has to join the football team because not only does he get the ball from Mike but he keeps it away from the whole team and scores a goal earing a loud cheer from the other losers.
  • Mrs. K hates that Eddie started to play football because he could get hurt and get an infection. ‘You’re allergic to grass, Eddie. You can’t go out there!’ Honestly, fuck off let Eddie doing something for himself for once, football won’t kill him.
  • When Eddie makes the team he gives Richie his team jacket. Richie never takes it off because he loves his boyfriend and he wants everyone to know! Richie goes to every single football game because he really loves watching his boyfriend be happy (and Mike).
  • Sometimes all of the losers can go to the football game and they make signs. Every sign is either really fucking cute or it is a shitposting meme. This makes Eddie and Mike so happy and they try extra hard to win. Mike takes all of the signs home and puts them in the treehouse.
  • They all just become normal children who deal with depression and anxiety but they are all there for each other and there is no dumb dancing clown anymore just love and happiness!

If you want more, then just request it? This was really fun and I will honestly write about anything if it is to do with my children!  

Here’s the Adult Swim schedule as of last Monday.

Believe it or not, at least 10 hours of Cartoon Network has a decent amount of variety.

The weekday lineup had some changes, Aqua Teen and Moral Orel came back for reruns, replacing Rick and Morty and Mr. Pickles. An encore of the newest Rick and Morty airs Fridays at 10.

Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter airs at 4am during the DVR Theater block.

Toonami’s had a rocky Summer, especially since Samurai Jack ended. They thought 11pm reruns was a good idea. It was not. So they removed those and moved it to 8:30pm and 3:30am and shortened Toonami 30 minutes. Ratings continued to suck. People blamed Venture Bros. at 10pm. So Adult Swim got rid of that and bumped Toonami back up to 11pm after only three weeks, giving Attack on Titan a rerun slot at 3:00am.

Has that improved ratings anyway? Nope.

There’s something wrong with Saturday right now, and no one can figure it out. IMO remove the early Dragon Ball Super premiere, make it a repeat, and then just air FOX shows from 8:30-11.

But what do I know.

Final Scene of Stranger Things 2: 

Mike and El finally get to go to the Snow Ball. There are blue and white Christmas lights strung all over the gym (or the hall—wherever Hawkins High would host their prom) and fake evergreen and birch trees draped in sparkly fake snow in every corner. 

We see Mike and El, their backs to the camera. She’s wearing a silvery blue dress and he’s in a dapper suit. Their hands are clasped together as they enter the dance, blaring music softening into a slow song. They come together on the dance floor, Mike blushing furiously and El smiling brightly. 

The lights flicker ominously once. And then again. 

Cut to credits. 

The End. 

some alice in chains memes

because i look @ the fucking tags and theyre so depressing

- sean dressed as a fucking clown
- laynes impression of dave mustaine ????
- narlens
- jerry in speedos
- “This is our mascot alice”
- did i mention yeah?
- love song
- jayne and larry
- “hell…yeah….can i say hell?”
- we will never know who won the waterslide race @ headbangers ball (it was jerry cmon)
- getting sludge factory wrong on unplugged
- when u break a lampshade
- “i know butt town. Ive been to butt town”
- when layne fucking decks some nazi in the audience
- “slaughter?”

Here’s the Adult Swim schedule, starting this Monday.

A new weekday schedule gets rid of The Boondocks and Childrens Hospital and adds Robot Chicken, Mr. Pickles, and Decker: Unclassified (just in time for the new Decker season). Williams Stream, a show showcasing highlights from several of Adult Swim’s online live-stream originals, no longer airs every weekday. It’ll instead start airing twice on Fridays.

Saturday gets a minor change, The Cleveland Show replaces Bob’s Burgers at 8:30 and 3:30. Why? I don’t know. Samurai Jack keeps 11:00 despite being over. Forever.

Sunday changes a bit, too. The Brak Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and The Venture Bros. are all gone from 8:00 and from the schedule in general. Replacing it is Samurai Jack. Starts with season 5, but my guess is if it lasts more than five weeks it’ll go back to CN-era episodes. That’d be nice. New season of Decker, now called Decker: Unsealed, replaces Mr. Pickles.

I’m not doing the new episode/top 3 stuff like I do for CN posts. Just look at what’s bold.