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Pennywise: *is a terrifying ancient evil that eats kids*

The Losers:

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Idiot: Peter Maximoff/Quicksilver Imagine

Based off of prompt #81

Summary: Peter accidentally runs into the reader when they get home.

A/N: I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T POSTED IN SO LONG!!!!! School has been extremely busy lately so if you have requested a prompt it will get done but it might take me a while. Because I feel bad here is a random prompt I wrote a few weeks ago <3

I walk in the door and suddenly fall to the ground with a thud. “PETER! WHAT THE HELL?!” I shout, knowing exactly why I’m on the floor. The silver haired boy appears in front of me in an instant. He shoots me a sheepish smile as he grabs my hands and pulls me onto my feet. “Sorry babe, I wasn’t paying attention.” he says. He pulls me in for a hug and kisses the top of my head. I bury my face into his shoulder and leave soft kisses on his collar bone. I lift my head as I say “you know this is the third time this week you’ve done that”. He sighs and rests his head on mine. “I’m sorry baby.” he says and I can hear the smile in his voice. He knows that that’s my weakness. “Oh don’t baby me mister. You owe me” I say smiling into his shoulder. He removes one of his arms from my shoulders and shuts the door before placing on the back of my head, tangling his fingers in my hair. He looks at me with his beautiful dark eyes and softly says “ I love youuu” dragging out the ‘u’ with a small smile. I lean up and place a gently kiss on the side of his mouth. “I love you too but you still owe me” I say smirking slightly. He raises an eyebrow at me before throwing his arms around my waist and picking me up. I start laughing and he throws me over his shoulder and walks into our shared bedroom before tossing me onto our bed. He softly tickles my sides before literally jumping on top of me. He just lays there with all of his weight fully on top of me for a moment before pushing himself up onto his forearms. I’ve finally stopped laughing and he dips his head down to kiss my lips briefly. As soon as his lips leave mine he attacks me, leaving small kisses all over my face and neck and I start laughing again. He continues for a minute or so before flopping over beside me and pulling me close to his body. “So, am I forgiven?” he asks with a small smirk. I look up at him, playfully rolling my eyes and saying “Of course”. He smiles and places a long kiss to my lips. “I love you” he mumbles against my lips. He pulls away and I say “I love you too. Idiot”. He kisses my forehead and says “I may be an idiot. But I’m your idiot”. I laugh and shift so I’m laying with my head on his chest and his arms wrap themselves around my waist. He rubs my back with his warm hands and I snuggle further into his side. He softly starts humming a slow song and I feel my eyelids getting heavy. Not long after, I fall asleep, wrapped in Peter’s arms, smiling like an idiot.


September 2017 Comic Covers

Rocket 5 - Mike Mayhew (Marvel)

Rick and Morty Pocket Like You Stole It 3 - Marc Ellerby & Katy Farina (Oni Press)

Ninjak 0 - Peter Bagge (Valiant)

Scooby Apocalypse 17 - Carlos D'Anda (DC)

Samurai Jack Quantum Jack 1 - Michael Avon Oeming (IDW)

Adventure Time Comics 15 - Jen Bartel (kaboom!)


CHPT. 2/??

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A/N: HELLO! i’m really happy to announce that I finally have the courage to put a fic out there. this is my first fic so go easy on me please! There’s a lot more action in this chapter, I promise! it’s still a little short but i just need to set everything up!

mentions: big thanks to </@edsrich for reading the first version of this chapter (i rewrote it lol) and just generally showing interest and being nice:) p>

also a little mention to @tobzier for showing interest, you may not think you’ve done anything but you actually encouraged me by showing that you liked my idea so thanks:)

description: The losers are only 15 when Derry changes forever. The scars from It are barely faded when the newest threat hits the small town, Zombies. Most adults start getting infected one-by-one leaving many kids to fend for themselves, including the losers club. When Beverly is attacked and bitten by her father she can’t help but think she’s a danger to the club, there’s no escaping yourself.

Pairings: reddie, stenbrough, benverly

!!!!!!TRIGGER WARNINGS!!!!!!!!: description of gore and lots of it (it’s a zombie apocalypse), a lot of angst

And without further ado,

Enjoy :)))))

“BILL?” beverly screamed running through the house, “BILL?”

“Bev what’s wrong?” Ben ran from the kitchen to check on her.

“I-I need- Where’s Bill?”

“I think he’s upstairs with Stan, but you can talk to me if you need something,”

“Ben, they’re here,”

his eyes went wide and he looked around the house, “shit,”

Bev ran up the stairs as fast as she could avoiding the broken step that had a hole in it and threw herself at the door to the second room, pushing it open.

“Bill! We have a big fucking problem!” she said with tears welling up,

“Buh-bev? Wuh- wuh- what’s going o-on?” he sat up from laying down next to stan. Stan slowly sat up confused and fixed the wrinkles in his shirt.

“They’re here Bill! We- we need to do something!” she held back the tears,

“Goddamnit!” Stan said under his breath.

“Fu-fu-fuck!” they jumped off the bed and Bill ran into the closet. He scrambled to find the weapons while Stan stood with Beverly, hugging her and reassuring her as they did when he got attacked. Bill grabbed a few fence sticks from the neibolt house (where they thought the zombies were coming from but were disappointed) and a threw an old gun to Stan.

“Buh- bev! di- did you see Eh- eh- eddie yet?”

“Bill I don’t think this is the time!”

“Bev you need to disinfect it as much as you can, seeing Eddie is the best thing you can do for yourself-“ Stan worked to talk sense into her,

“No! I need to help you guys! after we get rid of this wave I’ll see him!” she was running out the door but Stan stood in front of her,

“Beverly! You need to see Eddie!”

“I need to help you guys!”

“Buh- buh- bev, please!” Bill stuttered out while Beverly was trying to get past them.

“Bill! Just let me do this!” she yelled. Bill frowned, he was conflicted on what to do,

“Oh- Oh- okay.”

“Bill are you-“ Stan started unsure on what Big Bill thought was right,

“Just thi- this wuh-wuh- wave,” Bill handed Bev a fence pole and they all walked downstairs. In the kitchen Mike was reloading the sheep gun and putting amo in his sash and Ben was anxiously standing next to him.

“Where’s Eddie?” Mike said sounding concerned.

“He-he wasn’t uh-uh-upstairs,” Bill said looking down hallways for him.

“Well shit!” Stan yelled, voice cracking in the middle. Bill handed Ben a stick even though he wasn’t skilled using it, that’s all they had. They all ran out to the porch with Beverly in front of them all. They walked out to see the tarp’s opening was flying in the wind.

Richie was beating as many zombies as he could with a metal baseball bat while yelling and spitting curse words. He seemed to be protecting Eddie who was crouched down pouring large amounts of alcohol on the zombies path.

“This better fucking work!-agh shit!-” Richie said while knocking heads off corpses.

“Stop talking! I saw this on a show I watched with you, asshole!” Eddie said, “Oh thank god!” he saw the rest of the gang running to the pair of boys.

“What the fuck are you doing Eddie!” Bev said while stabbing a zombie in the eye that was about to eat the small boy.

“Just trust me, assholes!” he said.

Mike shot zombies and reloaded faster than lightning. Bill and Stan stood back to back with Stan shooting through zombies heads and Bill swinging at any zombie that came near them. When they got closer to Eddie, then the small boy handed Stan his gun. Stan always had a good eye which came in handy for birdwatching and using two guns as well as he used one. Ben was fully motivated on protecting his friends (and crush), by barely using the stick, but using stones he found from the yard. His aim was way better than people gave him credit for. Bev was crazy out there, she was yelling and swinging and stabbing like a psycho.

“OKAY OKAY EVERYONE STAND BACK!” Eddie said, from the tone of his voice everyone could tell he was serious. Bill, Bev and Richie used their weapons to keep the zombies away in the front.

“Richie! where’s your lighter!”

“I don’t think it’s the time for a smoke, Eds!”

“Don’t call me that! just throw it to me!”

“Haystack! Cover me!” Richie and Ben switched places giving richie time to get his lighter out of the old, leather jacket’s front pocket. He tossed it to Eddie and it he tried to catch it but it landed in the grass causing him to scramble to grab and get it going.

“C’mon! C’mon!” Eddie wasn’t experienced with lighters,

“Huh-huh-hurry it uh-up!” Bill yelled from the front where blood was splattered everywhere.

“That doesn’t help!- haha! yes!” he finally got a small flame, “Everyone out of my way!” he ran in between Bill and Bev. He knelt down. the flame grazed the wet grass and followed its path painted in alcohol.

“Holy fucking shit, Eds,” Richie said out of breath.

They all stood there with a large bonfire. they were all tired, covered in blood, and mentally scarred, but that wasn’t the first, and it sure as hell wasn’t the last.

“I’ll grab the hose,” Stan said as he walked to the other side of the house leaving the losers to watch the fire.

“Wuh-wuh-wuh- wait, Stan,” everyone looked to Bill in confusion, “I-I think th-there’s marshmeh-meh-mellows in the ki-kitchen,”

“Big Bill,” Richie put an arm around him and said in a deep, businessman voice, “I like your style,”

Stan wasn’t as excited as everyone else and just stood, off to the side when he noticed something about Beverly. She was swaying back and forth, visibly tired, and she was clutching her stomach and holding her face. She felt sicker than ever and her head was pounding. Her legs were seconds from giving out until,

“Uh, Bev?” Stan said motioning towards her.

“I-I don’t- I don’t feel too hot…” Mike walked up to her and one freckled arm wrapped around him for support.

“Please- Take me- me to the bed…” her breaths were sharps and short.

“Richie! help me with this,” Mike said as Richie ran to her other side, “We’ll take her to the master bedroom,”

“Bev are you gonna be okay?” Ben worried and fidgeted with his hands.

“I’ll be- I’ll be fine…” she slouched even more due to the horrific feeling in her stomach. The last thing she saw was Ben taking his big coat that reminded her of Sherlock Holmes then everything turned dark.

A/N: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!! It really means a lot to me!!! Okay anyways I hope you liked this chapter I wish i could’ve made more happen but that’s for the next chapter and I’m still new to this so cut me some slack please:)))) Anyways I’m planning on doing a little Bonus Chapter about what happens at the zombie bonfire!!!!!!! I’m in the middle of the next chapter but you might have to wait a wee bit! Send me an off anon ask to be on the tag list!

Next Chapter Preview: “Bev, what the fucking hell?” Richie quickly finished the stairs and came to the girls side, “You look like complete shit!”

“Richie…” she said at a whisper, “I- I need food…”

“This is all because you’re fucking hungry?” he said surprised as she used his arm as a support beam, “What type of dreams are you having to make you this goddamn hungry?”

“Shut up…” her stomach felt like it was being stabbed and it made weird bubble noises.


“If you got faith, you safe!” This apocalyptic attribute comes up more than once in this episode about the END.


On September 10, 2004, Resident Evil: Apocalypse was released in theaters.

Great soundtrack. However, in humble opinion, the Nemesis was criminally underused. Just saying.

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Hello there, I'm looking for a fanfiction where Rick and Michonne wake up in a world where the zombie apocalypse didn't happen. He is still a sheriffwith Lori, she is still a lawyer with Mike. All the zombie apocalypse stuff feel like a dream/nightmarefor them But they remember each other and try to find each other. I can't remember if this fic is complete or not. It was really really good . Can you help me out ? Thank you😘

Hi there @yunalili.  Thanks for the request.  I believe the fic you are looking for is:

Waiting To Exhale by Misty Grimes


Hope you enjoy it.  Thanks again.

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