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So I found my sketchbook from the years 2012-14 (or at least this is what the cover of it says) and I got a little nostalgic. That was the time I used to draw a lot of black and white portraits which now I’ve abandoned a little. I also used to have a lot more time for drawing than I have now which makes me really sad, because not only do I have less time but also less passion. Anyways I just wanted to re-share these as a little sketchbook memory if there is such a thing.

Why Skins UK was the Best Teen Show EVER

For those of you who haven’t seen the show or are just so obsessed with it you’ll read anything about it, here’s a rather detailed explanation as to why Skins, the show that told the unglamorous story of a bunch of English pubescents, was literally the best thing to ever happen to teen television:

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