Poofy Family

Been a long while since i played them.

Most of you are new and probably dont know. When i first started this blog this  was the main family i was playing at the time.

Its basically my husband and i’s sims self as vampires.  kinda of like in the future, we have kids in the game (not in real life). 

Poofy (me)

Mike (Hubby)

Micheal Jr


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When you saw them last mini was still a toddler and jr was a child.  Few years have past.

In those few years the family has had many adventures. During that time, poofy heard about a different supernatural witches. there weren’t very many around so she was in search for one.

witches were in a different time period.  At one time there were many.  Among them were also werewolves, fairies, mermaids, mummies, zombies, genies, aliens, plum bots, plant sims, and ghosts. 

Sadly most of them are extincted and are in hiding.  

Some think that witches were the problem. So practicing any witch magic was forbidden.  Some couldn’t handle the power & lost control.

Poofy wanted to be a witch. She wanted to wanted to heal her pain from her past.

Before she was a vampire, when she was human, she dealt with nothing but pain growing up.  Same with her husband. Being a vampire makes everything more intense. She wanted to became a witch so she could take the pain away from her self & her husband.

Lucky for her a witch knew she was for her. Bridget Lovelace

One day there was a knock on the door…..


Before any of you guys try and call Mike Zacharius a coward or anything negative. Let me remind you of some things.

-Mike was humanity’s strongest soldier before Levi Ackerman came along


-Levi has inhuman strength that only Ackerman’s have and therefore doesn’t count as the average human. Before you fight me on that read the manga. Same goes for Mikasa.

-Mike was outnumbered by titans. The chances of survival were very slim and he knew this when he left without asking anyone to follow because he did not want them to die

I swear if any of you say he screamed like a little girl when he died let me remind you of some other things.

-You fuckin would too.

-Mike was RIPPED APART by titans. SEVERAL SMALL TITANS. He was not eaten in one bite. He was torn to shreds. Bones crushed. Flesh ripped open. Organs ruptured. Limbs torn off. Need I say more? Thats an excruciating feeling I can only imagine. Most of us cry when we stub our fucking toe.

-Mike wanted nothing but to save humanity and he died in the process just like your stupid little Marco and Petra. He just got farther in doing so. So don’t you dare call him anything other than brave or a hero.