Casual reminder how great Attack on Titan really is:

• The protagonist isn’t a multitalent who can lean back and do nothing. Eren isn’t naturally gifted and had to work his way to the top. In the end he got ranked 5th best of his unit
• The commander of the Survey Corps is non-binary. But Isayama has stated that Hanji/Hange’s gender is up to the reader to decide, and he instructed Shingeki no Kyojin’s marketing staff to avoid gendered pronouns.
• “Humanity’s Strongest” isn’t a hella tall, ripped, young guy with an incredibly handsome face, but a 34 year old short man whose expression is stoic most of the time and who likes cleaning
• 4 of the Top 10 ranked were girls
• The person who “is worth a hundred soldiers” is a 15 year old girl of colour, plus Mikasa is one of the physically strongest characters in SNK, and no one ever questions her ability ‘as a woman’. Men are in no way superior to women and everyone is treated with equal respect.
• Ymir and Historia are a canon lesbian couple that is not sexualized/fetishized in any way. Do you know how rare that is?
• Reiner is canonically gay/bi (Manga: Chapter 38 Page 29)
• gender-neutral uniforms
• Yes, the second season took 3 years to make, but that’s because WIT Studios put a lot of effort into the animation. Just take a look at the detailed scenery and the lighting and wow

SNK is literally one of the greatest Anime ever and we all should appreciate Hajime Isayama’s work instead of sending him hate threats. ‘Cause y’know, without him, this fandom wouldn’t even exist.

Probably me if I was transported into Attack on Titan
  • Commander Erwin: Why do you want to join the Survey Corps Cadet?!!
What your fave snk character says about you

Eren: you’re either shipping trash, wanna fuck Levi, or you hate most of the fandom

Levi: you’re either a casual fan or you wanna fuck Erwin

Erwin: you appreciate his depth or you’re thirsty

Kenny: you’re a dedicated fan but you’re insane

Mike: you are one of three dedicated Mike fans

Mikasa: you like strong women

Armin: you hate Levi fans

Reiner: you ship ReiBert

Bertholdt: he is your heart, soul and essence you feel what he feels

Annie: every time she’s mentioned you’re like next chapter she’s coming back for sure

Hange: you were considered  a weird kid in school

Sasha: you live for the happy parts

Marco: you prefer AUs

Jean: you like assholes with a heart of gold

Ymir: you ship YumiHisu and you might be gay

Historia/Krista: you’re either a true fan or you’re trash

Conny: you don’t exist


SnK characters in somewhat pastel colors
I overly enjoyed these. Especially bubblegum Armin!
I will always have a soft spot for him <3

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