well that was a devastating chapter wasn’t it

So everyone told Levi to inject Erwin. 

Hanji had to physically stop Mikasa, someone had to fucking pin Eren on the ground. 

Connie said goodbye to Armin, Jean is cursing. 

Levi had all the power in this situation, he wasn’t forced in any way. 

And he chose Armin. 

Because he thought about Armin and Eren talking about the ocean, and he thought of all the hell Erwin had been through, and how he was a “demon”, as Flocke had said, but he couldn’t bring him back into this hellish world. 

So he decided to give Armin a second chance instead. 

How could you call this bad writing, everything in this chapter was beautiful, the flashbacks were perfect, Mikasa crying as Hanji holds her back, Eren being held on the ground, not wanting to lose Armin, both of them crying as they have flashbacks as children, and then Levi, who ultimately thought with his heart rather than his head, making a choice he hope he will always regret, but knowing it was the right thing to do. 

Bad writing my steaming ass. 


Can we please talk about this???
I always feel like Hanji doesn’t get enough credit from the fandom, that she’s always seen as “the crazy one” and nothing more; a mere shallow character who’s there just to make you laugh with her extravagant behaviour now and then.
She is so much more than that.