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How would you guys rank yourselves as singers?

Pretty average.

Ibuki isn’t called the Ultimate Musician for nothing!

I’m not that great, but I have taken a few lessons.

I’m probably awful.

Around the middle, usually.

I ain’t sure. Never done much singin’.

I like to sing sometimes, but I don’t think I’m very skilled at it.

I am probably on the higher end of the scale, since I have had tutoring on the subject.

I don’t really know, but it doesn’t matter that much as long as I enjoy myself doing it.

I’ve never been great at it, but it can be fun to do once in a while.

I do not generally sing, save to assist the Devas with their slumber.

I… am not certain.

Who fucking cares? I’m just doing this so I’m not bored to death.

I-I don’t th-think I’m very good.

*over at the music venue*

Not great, not awful. But it’s a lot of fun!

I don’t think I’ve sung very much at all, so I don’t know.

watching danganronpa more like

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(Congratulations On 100! You deserve it!) Nagito are you okay?

Why wouldn’t I be? It’s not like I ever deserved to be with Mikan. She’s beautiful, smart, kind, and a symbol of hope. Someone like her is far too good for someone like me.

D-don’t s-say that, N-Nagito. I-I t-told you, i-it has nothing to d-do with you. Y-you’re a w-wonderful person, I-I just don’t f-feel that way about you anymore.

You don’t have to lie to me to make me feel better. I’m a piece of trash, not a “wonderful person.” I know that.

P-please, s-stop saying th-things like that about yourself!

Y-you are w-wonderful, a-and I’m sure y-you’ll be able t-to f-find someone else w-when and if you’re r-ready.

Well, I appreciate you saying that, even if I can’t see why anyone would want to be with someone like me.

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Probably the felines that went thru the most DESPURR (=;ェ;=)

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Now, what juicy gossip must be taking place in the gamer and mechanic's abscence~? Or.. just chatting. Yeah.

N-Nagito, I’m s-s-sorry, but…

What is it, Mikan?

I-I think… I th-think that…

Nngh, I c-can’t do this, M-Mahiru! I-I don’t kn-know what to s-say!

That’s okay, that’s why we’re practicing. Let’s try one more time from the top, okay?

O-okay. N-Nagito, I-I need to t-talk to you about s-something.

Well, I’m right here. What is it?

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Anon: Assassination classroom or Danganronoa
                                                       ↳ “Let the killing game begin!”