Jean-Philippe Dion: I read the lyrics of Last Party and they are filled with melacholy.
Mika: Last Party’s lyrics are very tough. I read a story about Freddie Mercury and after he learned that he had AIDS he decided to lock himself in a club to party during three days. And I told myself it was so sad, this story really affected me and I told myself, why wouldn’t I write something about it? So I asked myself what the most idiotic chorus would be : “and if it’s the end of the world let’s party, like it’s the end of the world let’s party” and you can imagine guys in tanks up in Miami at the beach doing this. (laughing)
Jean-Philippe Dion: That’s very moving.
Mika: It’s a big rough. Well it is the first time I’m talking about the story behind the song, because I prefer to make people listen to it . Once in a while, it’s best not to explain too much a song.
—  Mika about the meaning of “Last party”