Favorite seiyuu 1/? (not in order)

↳ 花江 夏樹 Hanae Natsuki + main characters (not all)

EDIT 8/8/16: More song projects. Send help.

The fandoms for certain vocaloid song projects aren’t as big as I’d wish, so I’ve decided to signal boost them (sort of)

So, by now most of you guys probably know what Kagerou Project is, since it’s been turned into an anime and sometimes I spam the shit out of you guys with it (sorry about that, by the way). Well, if you’re into Kagerou Project (the song series, not anime), here are a few other song series that you might enjoy!!! And even if you don’t really care for Kagerou Project you should give these a try. 

Shuuen no Shiori/Bookmark of Demise project by 150-P

Genre: Psychological; horror; supernatural; drama; mystery; school life; tragedy

1. Lonely Hide and Seek by IA

2. Imposter Advisory by IA

3. Perfect Crime Love Letter by IA

4. Aimless Imitation Chair Stealing Game by IA

5. Common Heroes by Miku, Rin, GUMI, and MAYU

6. Underdog Supremacy Doctrine by IA

7. Shuuen no Shiori by IA

8. Gentle Ghost Story by IA

Manga adaption


Heisei Project by Zips

Genre: Sci-fi; action; fantasy

1. Heisei Cataclysm by IA

2. Worm-Eaten Psychedelism by Rin and Len Kagamine

3. Soul Distortion Terrorism by GUMI

4. True Emotion Deficit by GUMI

5. Revolution of Liz’s Innermost Heart by IA

6. Izanami Suppression Military History by GUMI

7. Yutori Strongest Generation by GUMI

8. Mikoshou Palpitation by Hatsune Miku and GUMI


Mikagura School Suite by Last Note. (Anime: Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku)

Genre: Slice of Life; comedy; school life; action; shounen; supernatural

1. After-School Stride by GUMI

2. A Lethargic Coup D'etat by GUMI

3. An Ecstatic Vivace by GUMI

4. Trashy Innocence by GUMI

5. Izayoi Seeing by GUMI

6. Esoragoto Spiral by GUMI

7. Hanafubuki Reflect by GUMI

8. Fujouri Roulette by GUMI

9. Kakushinteki Heroism by GUMI

10. Sekirara Candy by GUMI

Manga adaption


Jigokugata Ningen Doubutsuen by rerulili and multiple producers

Genre: Supernatural; horror; psychological; drama

1. Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl by Hatsune Miku and GUMI (rerulili)

2. Volatile Zen Girl by Hatsune Miku and GUMI (rerulili)

3. Brain Revolution Girl by Hatsune Miku (maretu)

4. M’AIDER Stranded Girl by IA (out of survice)

5. Computer Insane Love Girl by Rin Kagamine and GUMI (Kairiki Bear)

6. Love Doll Hate Girl by Hatsune Miku and GUMI (Task)

7. Delusion Disease Darkness Girl by GUMI (Moja and rerulili)

8. Facebook Indulging Girl by GUMI (Lefty Monster-P)

9. Culture Blooming Girl by Hatsune Miku (Yuzuhiko)

10. Disordered Self-Restraint Girl by GUMI (Otetsu)

11. Reckless Rampage Girl by Hatsune Miku and GUMI (rerulili)

12. Depravity Vision Girl by Yuzuki Yukari and Hatsune Miku (Okina)

13. Sacred Spear Explosion Boy by Len Kagamine (rerulili)

14. Father Rebellion Lewd Satisfaction Girl by Hatsune Miku (that and rerulili)

15. Middle-Schooler Disease Outburst Boy by Len Kagamine (rerulili)


Kotonoha Project by rerulili and mulitple producers

Genre: Supernatural; school life; sci-fi; action

1. Word Karma by Hatsune Miku and GUMI (rerulili)

2. Mischief by Lon (MONACA and uRy)

3. Word Game by Rin and Len Kagamine (Hitoshizuku-P and Yama△)

4. reverb by Nana Takahashi (MONACA and uRy)

5. Brainwashing by Rin and Len Kagamine (Neru)

6. Barbed Eye by Hatsune Miku (MikitoP)


And if you don’t know what Kagerou Project is (or if you are having a hard time finding all of the songs)…

Kagerou Project by Shizen no Teki-P/Jin

Genre: Tragedy; sci-fi; supernatural; drama; comedy; psychological

1. Artificial Enemy by Hatsune Miku

2. Blindfold Code by Hatsune Miku

3. Kagerou Daze by Hatsune Miku

4. Headphone Actor by IA

5. Imagination Forest by IA

6. Konoha’s State of the World by IA and Hatsune Miku

7. Kisaragi Attention by IA

8. Otsukimi Recital by IA

9. Toumei Answer by IA

10. Children Record by IA

11. Ene’s Cyber Journey by IA

12. Dead and Seek by IA

13. Shinigami Record by IA

14. Gunjou Rain by IA

15. Yobanashi Deceive by IA

16. Lost Time Memory by IA

17. Ayano’s Theory of Happiness by IA

18. Yuukei Yesterday by IA

19. Shounen Brave by IA

20. Outer Science by IA

21. Marry’s Fictional World by IA

22. Summertime Record by IA

Manga adaption