re: julia & lauren’s names

julia’s name is julia. it’s not giulio. if his name were giulio, it would be spelled ジュリオ (jurio), but it’s spelled ジュリア (juria). julia’s middle name ミカエル (mikaeru) is a pronunciation of michael - notably, how archangel michael’s name is pronounced in japanese, which is closer to the hebrew pronunciation. the typical name michael is マイケル (maikeru). i haven’t settled on a spelling i like for his last name yet. borges would be pronounced  ボルヘス (boruhesu) as opposed to ボルジェ (boruje), so i’m not fond of that one, though.
this goes for lauren as well. his name is not lorenzo. it would be spelled ロレンゾ (rorenzo), but is spelled ローレン (rōren). this one is WAY different so i’m ?!?!? at how they did this.
the only reasoning i can think of is that the people who wrote the romanized names on the official products also thought it would make more sense for them to have masculine names, and therefore changed them. it wouldn’t be the first time official anime/manga merchandise incorrectly romanized names, or completely CHANGED names

another thing to keep in mind is these novels… aren’t 100% accurate. male characters having feminine names? not out of the ordinary. fujiki rin literally said vatican city was on the wrong bank of the tiber river so. just some things to keep in mind