painful AUs

“We’ve been together for a year and you missed my fathers funeral because you feel guilty about a fight and why can’t you see I fucking needed you there” AU

“We’ve had a lingering break up but you came to my defense when someone was bullying me about my sexuality and why did you never stand up for me then?” AU

“We were so close. And I finally made up my mind. But you decided it was too late, even if you never gave me a shot. Now all we’ll ever be is almost lovers.” AU

“It’s over now but YOU NEVER GAVE ME A FUCKING CHANCE TO TELL YOU. but now you’re gone.” AU

“I fucking loved you. Why couldn’t you see? Why couldn’t you ever see what i tried to show you.” AU

“We were young and in love and we were gonna take on the world. But now you have a temper and I break things and we’re older now. We’re killing each other. You were once everything to me and now look where
we are” AU

“And the night I told you I loved you and that I forgave you, you drove yourself off the fucking bridge out of guilt. I can’t do this without you.” AU

“You’ve been gone for years. Yet I still call our old mailbox to hear your voice, to picture your smile, to pretend everything was still okay.
I’m not okay.” AU

“Let’s go home” AU (Gomenasai)