mikaela ann

Results of our first art raffle!

Travelers! Did you miss us? (We missed you.)

Patrons have already seen the two requests that were randomly selected for @disasterscenario‘s first art raffle, and we’re sharing them with all of you today before the second round of results go up for patrons tomorrow! 

Kai Blake requested Chance carrying Mary-Anne! Mary-Anne looks pretty put out but I think we all know she likes it. And damn, wouldn’t you?

Naomi Snelson asked for Nureyev braiding Rita’s hair, so here they are at a rather adult-themed slumber party in their crop tops. In another life, Nureyev probably could have been a master hairdresser instead of a master thief. 

Remember, you too can make requests for the next raffle if you pledge at the $10 level or higher!