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Hello, I am a big fan of your character analysis and theories. It seems you are a fan of both the Harry Potter series and Durarara. How would you sort the Durarara characters if they attended Hogwarts and what is your reasoning behind it?

I am actually not a fan of the Harry Potter series, I only watched a few movies, didn’t read the books. I only liked Draco for some reason that’s all, I didn’t like the golden trio much though I didn’t dislike them either I read Drarry fics because they were interesting.

So I actually don’t know much about house sorting lol but I can try. I took the traits from the Harry Potter wiki. 

Izaya: Slytherin

A key feature of slytherins is that they have ambition and go against the rules and Izaya does this to the extreme. He’s driven by his ambition, his goal to love humanity. He also has cunning and resourcefulness. Even before the Shinra stabbing incident when he was in middle school, he was already handling gambling rings with his resourcefulness. He’s so resourceful he took the crisis situation and turned it to his own advantage and made Nakura his pawn. As an information broker he cunningly divulges information to either watch them rise or fall, all for the sake of his hobby human observation. While he could be in ravenclaw because of his wit and wisdom, they are to fuel his ambition.

Shizuo: Gryffindor

Shizuo can’t be in hufflepuff because he has no patience, he would probably get mad at the sorting hat talking inside his head lol. I considered ravenclaw since he learns and can be witty but I think his ‘daring, nerve and chivalry’ is more apparent, such as how he got angry at the Dollars kidnapping women. Gryffindors can also be quite reckless (and may have a short temper) Shizuo is reckless, like how he wanted to kill the Slasher when he found out it attacked Celty, and wouldn’t listen to anything else. And though Shizuo thinks he’s a coward, he’s brave for confronting his cowardly feelings. He’s brave for admiting his cowardice. He’s brave for having been socially isolated because of his strength but wanting to make meaningful connections with people.

Shinra: Ravenclaw

Shinra is not a hufflepuff, he has dedication and loyalty but only to Celty but most of all he doesn’t value fairplay. He’ll do whatever necessary to live a peaceful life with Celty and to keep Celty with him. He could be a slytherin, but unlike Izaya he has no ambition (if you don’t count keeping Celty with him). He’s got a lot of wit and able to adapt to any situation, and he’s ‘wise’ in the fact that he can see through Izaya at first glance. He could be the weird ravenclaw that almost became a slytherin (but asked to be put in ravenclaw so he could be closer to Celty and not cause her trouble because of his slytherin status) Or he could be the weird slytherin that the other slytherins look down on because he’s not ‘cunning enough’ But Ravenclaws are eccentric yet accepting and Shinra can accept not only Celty but also Shizuo and Izaya.

Celty: Hufflepuff

Because she has no memories, she treasures and is loyal to the people making up her current ones, especially Shinra. Celty works hard to live in normal human society, and is loyal to the people important to her like Shizuo and Shinra. She’s patient with Anri and Mikado (before he went all boss) She also has a very strong sense of fairplay, as shown by her dislike for Izaya and her incredulity at Mikado’s actions, attacking the Yellow Scarves. Even when she got back her Head, she wanted to reverse the impact of her actions on the city, saying that if she hadn’t come to Ikebukuro, the individual Ryuugamine Mikado wouldn’t have gone down such a disastrous path.

Mikado: Gryffindor

I could see him as Slytherin because of his ambition with the Dollars but I think he’s a Gryffindor at heart. I read a theory somewhere that Harry was supposed to be in Slytherin, Hermione in Ravenclaw and Ron in Hufflepuff and the reason why they were put in Gryffindor was because they were brave, and anyone an choose to be brave. And Mikado has his pride and desire for an exciting life, but he’s also brave. Unlike Masaomi who ran away, Mikado faced up to his insecurities and even when he had no power, tried to stop the Dollars from causing trouble. He’s not cunning like Izaya, he has a pure heart though his ideals are twisted. He’s an ordinary high school boy who came from a peaceful town but he became one of the most extraordinary people in Ikebukuro through his own actions. I see him as someone with Slytherin traits and was supposed to go into Slytherin but went into Gryffindor for his courage and bravery.

Masaomi: Gryffindor

Masaomi’s a tricky one. He has wit so he could be a ravenclaw but he falters in front of people like Izaya while Shinra has no issue with him. He could be hufflepuff because he’s loyal and dedicated to his best friend Mikado and he seems to have some sense of fairplay. But I think Gryffindor would suit him because although he’s a coward, he’s also brave. He’s a coward for running away from Saki, for leaving Ikebukuro, for not daring to talk to Mikado. But that makes him brave, because even after being such a coward, he’s able to muster up his courage to take Mikado down. He’s determined even when faced with a gun, he’s clearly scared but he pushes on with his courage. I guess he would be like Ron in this case? Probably could have been a hufflepuff but when it comes down to it is there for his best friend.

Anri: Hufflepuff

Anri probably wouldn’t be in Gryffindor, because she sees things through her picture frame in an attempt to detach herself from reality, unlike Shizuo who’s also seen as a monster but faces reality head on. She doesn’t really have any ambitions and doesn’t have the eccentricity of a ravenclaw. Hufflepuff would suit her most I think because she’s never really had friends except Mika but she’s loyal to Mika and thinks she’s amazing and she’s dedicated to Mikado and Masaomi, confronting Izaya when she found out he was behind everything, when usually she doesn’t acknowledge her reality. 

Aoba: Slytherin

Similar to Izaya, he has cunning and ambition. And he’s resourceful, while his expectations were upset by Mikado he bounces back and uses Mikado’s new attitude to his advantage, willingly being subordinate, letting Mikado use him as he uses Mikado. 

Vorona: Ravenclaw

She’s an information seeker who wants to learn more about human fragility. Initially she wanted to kill Shizuo but in the end when he became a monster she went to prevent him from killing Izaya so he would not become a monster. While that could make her a hufflepuff, her dedication and loyalty, Vorona is smart and eccentric (her thinking about humans’ fragility) and she’s ultimately an independent assassin and individual. Compared to people like Anri and Celty, Vorona seems more like a Ravenclaw. Her ambition to learn about human fragility could make her a slytherin but ultimately it’s driven by her desire for knowledge. 

Namie: Slytherin

Namie doesn’t care about anyone other than Seiji. She doesn’t care about knowledge unlike Vorona unless it fuels her ambition to protect Seiji. Even though she’s been Izaya’s secretary and the person he talks to, it doesn’t matter to her as she told Seiji she’d kill Izaya for his sake and go to jail if it’s for him. She’s willing to break the ‘rules’ for the sake of her twisted love for Seiji, like tricking Mika and wanting to operate on her face. But when Seiji ‘kissed’ her she forgot all about that because she was doing it all for Seiji. Namie and Izaya are similar in that they’re single-minded on their ambitions, are willing to achieve their ends through twisted means and won’t let anyone get in their way.

Kadota: Gryffindor

He’s a big name of the Dollars and when he was hospitalized there were people worrying and lost without him. He probably gives them courage, and like Erika said, is the type of good guy in manga you wouldn’t find in real life, someone who’s chivalrous. He’s a team leader, but is courteous enough to accept people who don’t want be in a team like Shizuo, and he won’t speak badly about Izaya, stating he’s also human too.


with the hopes of having a day event to promo the upcoming manga, here’s some information for artists and writers to know about the story!

This is a Modern HighSchool AU set in Japan in the fictional city of Hokori (誇り市) meaning Pride. (*wink wink*)

Our setting takes us to Hokori Gakuen, a private and rather small institution for promising students, with programs in engineering, computer science, etc. This school is semi-owned by a up-and-coming company known as GariTech, once previously owned by the school’s current headmaster/principal Mikado (Aarav) Akihito before the company went under new management.

Hokori Gakuen is unique in a specific sense, how they handle delinquency from students and the community. Thus, the Service Club.

Students who act out or misbehave are given the option of receiving disciplinary action or joining the Service Club for an appropriate and agreed upon timeframe. And now! Our Service Club members!

Shiroyami Takeshi - third year and president of the club. He is a delinquent looking guy with a heart of gold. Due to his appearance, people often think he is of an ill-nature. Mix that up with the uncanny ability to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and you’ve got a recipe for a terrible reputation and a lot of well-meaning intentions to make things better for others. He has known Kei and Aria longer than anyone else, and while he’s very focused on other people’s feelings, he’s kind of an idiot when it comes to his own. Particularly towards a certain Student Council president.

Seidou “Hunk” Tsuyu - second year and head of treasury, he’s a pretty friendly guy with a ton of anxiety and tech-savvy sticky fingers. There was only so many times he could steal (“borrow”) from the engineering club before he was caught and given the “choice” to join the Service Club. He isn’t very trusting of others with his tech but he appreciates a brilliant mind where he can get it. He catches on quick to the hidden romances brewing between the club members, which are a huge source of his stress and chronic annoyance.

Kogane Kei - second year and begrudging member of the Service Club. Much like Shiro, he has a pretty rough reputation but it’s actually well deserved. Generally uncaring of the status quo, he doesn’t care much what people think of him. He joined the Service Club as a way to pay off a debt to Shiro after Shiro was able to save him from getting expelled for a huge issue with other students. He’s known Shiro since they were kids and is very devoted to him. He is not fond of new people as they generally misinterpret Shiro’s good intentions.

Suzuishi Kazuri/Hato/Hatori – hacker and self-proclaimed computer genius and engineer, Kazuri is very skeptical of the club and its members, calling them out immediately for what the club truly is. Generally uncaring or unmotivated to doing anything she finds boring or uninteresting, she doesn’t mix in well with the club at first. However, she grows to become fond of the club and of its members. (With the exclusion of Kei who is a literal walking, talking, bad boy cliché. And sure they may work well together but he’s still a scowling jerk face.)

Mikado Aria - third year and president of the Student Council. Bred for success, Aria takes a personal responsibility of overseeing the SC’s major cases. An honorary member, but never official, Aria is capable of handing the reigns over to Shiro, whom she encouraged to take on the mantle of president of the club. Perceptive and mentally strong, Aria often sees critical points to cases that help Shiro and the others solve. But like Shiro, she has a tendency of ignoring/disregarding personal feelings over the good of others.

Kurogane “Lance” Mizuiro - second year and star of the school’s football team and sports program. He’s a genius in his own way. Having known Kazuri since practically infancy, he is automatically very protective of her despite their current estrangement. He fancies himself the coolest guy in the school…and well…he isn’t super wrong. When it comes to the rest of the club he’s very accepting, save Kei. Seriously f*ck that guy.

Hope this helps! Thanks again!!

things i need in durarara s2:

  • mikado’s mental state getting darker
  • sassy celty
  • lots of kida masaomi
  • more heiwajima sibling interactions
  • shinra discovering memes simon finally selling some russian sushi poor guy
  • more anri as the conscious leader of a legit gang
Mikado's first reactions moving to Ikebukuro

Mikado: *reunites with childhood friend* I want to go home.

Mikado: *sees crazy hot and mysterious girl in his class* I want to go home.. 

Mikado: *sees flying vending machines whizzing through the sky* I want to go               home… 

Mikado:*is face to face with the legendary black rider* I want to go home…. 

Mikado:*meets Izaya for the first time* I HAVE NO DESIRE TO RETURN                      HOME ANYMORE I’M SO GLAD I MOVED HERE!!!!💕💕💕💕💕!!!!!


In the light novels, in this scene, it was very apparent that he was talking about Celty when he said “a monster at my deathbed”.

“You were lucky I happened to be nearby’… It’d be a little hard to say that.”


“Your injuries were bad enough that you had to be rushed to the hospital, so I was fifty-fifty about helping you.” Kine spoke, blandly, of his own opinion.

“Honestly speaking, rather than that knife in your stomach, it’s the bruises that seem worse. It looks like your insides are in a bad state; you did well fighting Shizuo like that.”

With this, Izaya looked towards the side of his abdomen. Indeed, there was a projectile-type knife imbedded in it. But Shadow((courtesy of Celty)) coiled around the wound, suppressing the bleeding as much as was possible.

“You shouldn’t remove it. If you let it bleed your fifty percent chance would drop to ten.”

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OVA ep.4.5 My Heart is like a Hotpot Goods 

(squealng for pictures with Shizuo and Izaya in hoodies, Masaomi and Kida under umbrella with teru teru bozu of Shinra and Celty. And the hearts ♥ ♥ ♥ ) 

Mikado’s mother hears the click of the hammer of a pistol and turns around. Mikado is standing there, tears streaming down his face, hands shaking with the handgun in his hands. BANG! The first shot slams into her forehead, punching a hole through her temporal lobe. BANG! The second shot goes at an angle due to Mikado’s mother collapsing, entering through the nasal cavity and embedding itself into her thalamus. Mikado then stands over the broken body of his mother, depressing the trigger over and over again. Click. Click. Click. Click. A single tear rolls down from Mikado’s right eye, dripping onto his mother’s face. Mikado robotically cleaned the gun, set it in his mother’s hands, packed up his things, and stole his father’s dirtbike. It wasn’t until he reached a motel room at the edges of Mistral, covered in road rash from falling off a full sized dirtbike at high speed, just thirteen years old, that he regained rational thought, but by then, it was too late. The deed was done.

Durararax2!! Ketsu ep 12

I haven’t done one of these in a while but I really needed to highlight some things in this episode:

Izaya vs Shizuo:

  • OK, but Izaya fought Shizuo while his leg was broken
  • Also, Izaya was distracted by the flash bombs
  • The crowd reacting to Izaya being down is just soooo sooo accurate. Can you imagine? if you have always seen these two fight and neither has ever really lost or was at the brink of death, can you imagine how you would feel when for the first time, this might not just be fun and games? Or, if you have always feared Izaya, this conning bastard, but he is about to be killed. On one hand, this is great, on the other, this just means that Shizuo is capable of murder.
  • I love that Izaya would die to prove that Shizuo is a monster, it is very telling of his character
  • Another thing that is very revealing is his need to leave the city where Shizuo is at
  • Shizuo kicking ass and then running up to meet Celty though

Shizuo x Vorona moments:

  • Vorona not wanting Shizuo to become a killer is just so BEAUTIFUL!
  • Also, Shizuo apologizing for not being strong enough to quell his need to kill Izaya, resulting in Vorona having to step in
  • The funny thing is that Shizuo is not a monster (neither he nor Vorona believe him to be either) but Izaya calls him one while Vorona, who believes herself to be a metaphorical monster, is considered human by Izaya.
  • Shizuo being a good senpai and offering a hand whenever Vorona needs it
  • Vorona basically confessing to Shizuo (let’s be honest, that is as close to “I love you” as that girl is gonna get)

Manami saving Izaya:

  • I think it reveals that in the end, Manami is a decent human being. She doesn’t even let her enemy die and I think that is very noble of her
  • Very unexpected cause I thought I would be Mikage
  • Kinda feel like she is a non-romantic version of tsundere for Izaya

Shinra Celty:

  • Shinra getting the Saika from Kujiragi (dang it, why is everything connected so well!)
  • I definitely cannot gloss over the fact that Shinra basically manipulated Celty’s affection for him in an attempt to keep her selfishly with him.
  • The thing is, Shinra knows this and he is unapologetic. His one motive is to be with Celty and he doesn’t delude himself into thinking that what he is doing is right. He even calls himself a villain. I have to applaud him for being true to himself and so aware of his own motivations (most, if not all other, characters don’t have that)
  • Shinra knew what Celty was thinking (very accurately) but that doesn’t mean that he has the right to stop her from doing what she believes to be right
  • Also, Shizuo throwing Shinra in the air is soooo cool.
  • Celty talking to Shooter about Shinra is just so so sad. Like you can really tell that Celty loves Shinra.
  • Also, Shooter refusing to go because he knows what would make Celty truly happy.

Shinra Celty fluff:

  • Sooo cute
  • Also, the traffic police are back at it again
  • The PDA thing in no-parking area is just such a petty thing but I think that cop just likes messing with Celty in general

Celty’s idea of Durarara plot being driven by her existence:

  • I agree with her interpretation of Seiji and Mika Harima’s love
  • But I definitely don’t think that Mikado’s story was completely reliant on him seeing the Black Rider. More on that in my post about Mikado’s personality (coming very soon)
  • She really fooled me though, I really thought that she has changed into her cold persona.

Shingen and Namie:

  • In the end, the true winner in this thing is Shingen and Nebula, they got their hands on the Head
  • Also, does that mean that the Mika, Seiji, Namie trio are all going to be in Boston?

Mika and Seiji:

  • As much as their love is very very messed up, it is also soooo sweet.
  • Even though Mika wants Seiji all to herself, her instinct to be with Seiji wins against her more scheming, selfish self. I think that’s wonderful
  • Also, Seiji admitting that he loves Mika (even as family) is so beautiful.
  • Now Seiji has another family member that harbors romantic feelings towards him (incest intensifies lol)

Nasujima getting what he deserves:

  • OMG, Haruna was never under his control!!!
  • WHAT!!!
  • But you gotta admit that Haruna is very very very obsessed with Nasujima, to the point of fighting against Anri for him a couple of times despite his douche-bag-gery and even pretending to be under his control
  • Nasujima getting hit by Togusa’s van is just… Life!
  • OK, so Nasujima was in the passenger seat of the van that hit Kadota. Kadota was in the passenger seat of the van that hit Nasujima. Exactly an eye for an eye. Well played, Narita.
  • Haruna learning about a hide out for herself by working under Izaya (it all ties back huh)
  • Haruna having very weird ideas of what love looks like (just a guess, but maybe not knives)
  • Nasujima really looks like he is gonna become a sex slave at this point (stripped and chained to a bed and all). I seriously was thinking that we were gonna have a dick shot when the camera panned from Nasujima’s legs upwards (thank god Haruna kept the underwear on)

Aoba and flowers:

  • I’d like to believe that Aoba really cares about Mikado
  • But that confrontation with Akabayashi makes me think differently
  • But what if the reason why Aoba threw the bouquet was because he was frustrated that nobody believes that he actually cares about Mikado (Masaomi and Akabayashi to be specific).  
  • AAAAAH, I just want the anime to make Aoba’s affection for Mikado canon. All they do is tease!!! Like all the time!
  • Of coursse the novels make it more obvious but the anime is the more popular medium and it just didn’t translate enough of this.

Kujiragi Ruri conclusion:

  • I think is very fitting
  • On one hand, Kujiragi can’t do a face turn and save Ruri out of her good will
  • On the other, she has been developing as a character in the last few episodes and her saving Ruri makes sense
  • Kujiragi still being as straightforward as ever. This is the one trait that i love about her.
  • Adabashi getting what he deserves is also very important

Russian Sushi fighting back:

  • Was sooooo awesome. God bless.


  • Masaomi screaming Mikado! was like soooo important
  • Wait, but Nasujima stabbed Mikado, Nasujima was Saika… So… Mikado is a SAIKA CHILD!?!?!? Maybe?
  • Mikado facing reality (might be the overarching plot of the whole series)
  • Mikado crying
  • Anri admitting that she likes Mikado is so cute

Welp, Durarara was a crazy ride but I loved it! I’m gonna miss this series soooo much! I hope that SH gets animated (mainly to see Mikado with glasses lol) but I’m hoping that Baccano gets another season first cause now that Durarara has ended, the anime world deserves more Baccano. I’m gonna be posting my interpretation of Mikado’s character shortly because I think I finally understand him somewhat. It would be great if I could hear some people’s opinions on that post.