mika chan


I really like Daishou x Mika! She brings out a different side of that snake (something which canon has yet to fully explore), and it can be interesting to view this competitive/gruelling/ male athletes story from a girlfriend’s perspective. 

I also love that Daishou and Kuroo went to middle school together. I wonder if Mika was their classmate since they seem to know each other. I once saw a headcanon where… bb Daishou admired Kuroo and wanted to play volleyball together, but Kuroo only hung out with Kenma. Daishou was jealous and acted mean to Kenma, which pissed Kuroo off and he disliked Daishou ever since. 

THERE IS SO MUCH POTENTIAL W THESE 4 CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But fandom hasn’t picked up on it aye…. Other than this book by Torino, there hasn’t been any release about my DREAM FOUR sigh…. 

Being Torino, this story is….wild lol. 

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I just decided to check the whole Jump SQ and just realised there’s a quiz section and this month was Owari no Seraph-themed, and when I checked the questions…
The last question is “Yuuichiro’s ‘family’ and Mikaela’s 'Yuu-chan,’ which one is mentioned more in the series?”


So is ‘smol blond with blue eyes and angry dark-haired smol with green eyes bond over reading about the outside world’ a trope yet or….


Part 2: “Nightmare”


I wanted to give it more of a brotherly vibe this time rather than make it romantic because… fluff… and… I’m not in a romantic mood hah;; It’s also a bit more serious than how it was planned but I can’t help it! … sorry for the long wait too // making it colored is way harder than I thought I feel so sorry for those who draw comics lol also speech bubbles are a pain forgive me

Next part might take a while but I’ll try to get it done asap

Out of curiosity I counted every time Mika has said “Yuu-chan” (excluding the times when the demon took Mika’s appearance) and every time Yuu has said “family” for the SQ quiz. The left one is for Yuu and the right one for Mika.

Why am I surprised

A little follower special I did for the OnS Amino Community I’ve been a part of for quite a long time now.

It’s a crossover of the innocent side of the visual novel DRAMAtical Murder and Owari no Seraph since I used to go by the name of Aoba on there.

If my memories aren’t deceiving me, this particular piece was for my 300 follower mark, because back then, I would have never dreamt of actually reaching such a high mark of followers anywhere, haha.

This is currently the only piece of my art that is hanging in someone else’s room and my first big art piece in general, for I have actually sent one of my followers a poster of it. He was just so amazed by it and I wanted to say thank you for the lovely Christmas card I got from him back then.