i feel like it’s a dangerous notion to assume that someone is faking their sexuality just because they’ve only recently openly acknowledged it

like just because the shit is new for you doesn’t mean it’s new for them

and even if their discovery is all of 5 minutes old it is still 100% valid

Thankx Aroha Concert 1

-Opening VCR
-Rocky said “see ya” in his Mask voice when they introduced themselves
-They tried to skip Jinjin during intros so he joined aroha
-Astro were watching the crowd during the opening VCR
-My Style and Growing Pains were performed early on
-Astro then had on jackets and had a competition to see who could put them on the coolest
-Another VCR with MJ and Moonbin as BoniHani and Jinjin being purposely slow in his speaking (which was annoying Moonbin)
-Girl group time: MJ as Myungsoon, Jinjin as Jinsook, Eunwoo as Dongsook, Moonbin as Dali, Rocky as Minsoon, and Sanha as Yoonmi.
-Yoonmi is their girl group leader.
-Dongsook (Eunwoo) did some sort of body wave on stage and grabbed his butt
-Moonbin was spreading his legs and showing off his butt
-They only put on wigs and skirts (no time for makeup).
-The songs they performed were a mashup of Mr Chu, Cheer Up, and Dumb Dumb (with some fans praising Moonbin during Dumb Dumb and Rocky during Cheer Up).
-Fan accounts say Sanha and Eunwoo were the prettiest.
-When dressed as girls, Jinjin called MJ “MJ oppa”
-VCR of the members of Astro calling Aroha to say goodnight
-Moonbin cried first.
-Eunwoo started drinking water to avoid talking because he was starting to cry.
-Jinjin only made it halfway through what he was saying before he started to cry.
-There was a slogan event (after Eunwoo’s 같이 갈래 (gachi galle) Arohas held up a message and responded with 같이 가지) and Astro were so excited that they stopped the song
-VIJewels performed Zion T. with Eunwoo starting on piano, then he and Sanha doing a dance and Jinjin coming in to rap.
-VIJewels did a cat walk as M2K was preparing to perform.
-M2K performed a song by Crush
-There was a flashback to Meet U and Astro performed Dope and Good Boy
-Astro kept praising how pretty the light sticks were, and Jinjin said “aroha is prettier”
-Rocky was too enthusiastic with his spin in Hide and Seek and almost ran into the prompter but Eunwoo caught him in time
-At some point during the concert, Astro threw out candy to the crowd
-Jinjin couldn’t finish his goodbyes. He started then stopped and let Eunwoo go, and he still couldn’t continue so he let the other members go, too.

So basically:
1. Eunwoo talks and laughs in his sleep
2. MJ and Sanha run around their dorm, screaming
3. Bin always falls asleep (sitting, standing, walking)
4. Rocky uses all the data and sleeps in the living room
5. Which means MJ has the top bunk in the 4 person room all to himself
6. Cue MJ and Sanha jumping on top of Rocky
7. Sanha is learning a song in English and likes perfumes/colognes a lot because he thinks he smells weird. Why? Puberty.


NAME: Hyungwon
1. Birthday: January 15, 1994
2. Attractive points: Should we go with “Shoulders that are wider than people think”
3. Role in the group: Vocal
4. Ideal type: A wise and polite girl
5. Favourite foods: Raw meat, pork ribs, sushi, grilled king prawns
6. Something you’re obsessed with lately: Studying languages
7. Attractive point of MONSTA X: Our energy on stage
8. A message to the members: Let’s work hard!
9. Goal: Let’s work hard until people feel like they have something to learn from us when they watch us
10. A message to Japanese fans: I like you all. Have you eaten?

translated by 몬에기 ϟ take out with full credit.

tbh im gonna save the money i would have spent on a wedding and buy a wedding dress to wear on my balcony in the evenings while i drink wine