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😓 - acknowledging mistakes

He sighs heavily and runs a hand through his short hair. “It’s hard but, I do acknowledge my mistakes. I’ve lost too much in my life to not, it could cost someone their life if I didn’t.”  Mik’hal shakes off some of his seriousness and smiles slightly. “Besides, you have to be a pretty big ass and completely full of yourself not to admit that you’ve done something wrong.” 

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"send me a ship with a heart and i'll tell you..." mikhail & josie; ❤️💘💓💟💝 wow that's so many sorry sorry

❤️— i can see public affection going both ways honestly?? mik loves to show josie off in any way possible, especially in public, but i imagine that josie is the same way lol. in private, though, mik would go the extra mile to prove that he’s the most affectionate.
💘— mik, hands down. he’s had a crush on josie for as long as he can remember.
💓— josie probably initiates physical contact more than mik does, but mik always maintains physical contact.
💟— josie, mik doesn’t really look into that too much lol.
💝— m i k omg he’s a perfectionist and would spend all year at one store before settling on what to get josie.

also no don’t be, the more the better 😜