Para cualquier mujer, incluso para la que se siente más realizada, con hijos, con una familia estupenda, satisfecha con su trabajo, siempre llega un momento en el que se siente sola. Y entonces se acuerda de lo que la ha hecho reír. Y, sobre todo, de quién lo provocó…
—  Federico Moccia.

During the darkest winter months of December and January, we need something that lights up our world. Something that gives warmth, creating attractiveness, confidence and builds pride. As a main artery Motala River is running through Norrkoping. The river in combination with light installations and various related events are what we call Norrkoping Light Festival.

This winter Norrköping will light up like never before! The festival takes place in collaboration with the highly successful Amsterdam Light Festival and will run from December 5, 2015 to January 31, 2016 and consists of many spectacular works of art from different artists around the world.

  1. Rob van Houten “Circle of Life”
  2. Angus Muir Design “Water Fun”
  3. Serge Schoemaker “Alley of Light”
  4. Vincent Olinet “Pas Encore Mon Histoire”
  5. Angela Chong “C/C”
  6. Paul van Laak och Arnout Mijer “Object O”
  7. Robin Noorda, Menno Schrap, Paul Godschalk, Margot van de Stolpe “Sneaky Serpents”
  8. Katja Galyuk “Intrepid”
  9. Federico Winqvist Estrada “In Lust We Trust” 10.Idé och konstnärlig produktion: Byn och Inwhite ljusmiljö “Stadens hjärta”

This is why i love my town Norrköping.. /MasseJasse

SO the other day...

i was strollin through mijers alone, doin that grocery stuff, AND THEN…


IT WAS SPEED OF SOUND!!! I freaked out all like

and then looked around at all these shoppers who were looking at me like, why did this girl jus spontaneously bust into freak out mode

then i was all like

trying to pretend i didnt just do that and go back to being a normal person

But i cant help it, everytime i hear Coldplay on the radio Im like,