Why people should buy Tomodachi Life
  • Miis: *blast off into soace when they like food*
  • Miis: *melts into a grey puddle if they really don't like that food*
  • Miis: *get squished between books, become flattened, recommended for use of bookmarks, and are put on the news*
  • Miis: *instantly become mature or immature with sprays*
  • Miis: *have children within two days of discussing it*
  • Miis: *don't like an outfit but may wear it anyway for five days straight*
  • Miis: *spew hearts from their heads when hanging with the bae*
  • Miis: *get married after going out for two days*
  • Miis: *do legit third wheel montages*
  • Miis: *wear literally anything*
  • Miis: *make mayonnaise-covered porridge*