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1. If you can choose only one singer in k-pop to know, who will be?


2. Did you have anythig k-pop related? If yes, what do you have?

  • Alive (group + top version) & poster
  • Se7olution
  • Digital Bounce
  • GD&TOP vol. 1
  • First Step
  • Remember
  • One Of A Kind (gold version) & poster
  • To Anyone & poster
  • Break Down (Korean version)
  • Blue Love
  • New Evolution poster
  • Bad Boy snapback

3. Who is your ultimate bias?


4. Who is the best group who have debuted in the last year for your?


5. If you can tell somethig to you bias, what will you say?

I’d faint first haha

6. Favorite k-pop song:

There’s a lot x) I’ll say It Hurts for the moment, since I’m listening to it right now hehe

7. Favorite K-Pop group:


8. Best k-pop dancer:


9. Who k-pop singer you didn’t like that much?

I respect all artists.

10. Did you know some k-pop coreography? XD

I know Fantastic Baby ^^

11. Where are you from?

Canada :)

Sorry this is so brief >< I have a longer version, but I accidentally refreshed this page so I had to re-answer everything ;_____;

  1. Favourite era of your bias:
  2. Favourite MV of all time:
  3. Favourite album of all time:
  4. Which hairstyle of your bias do you like the most?
  5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
  6. Your biases of your top 5 kpop groups:
  7. 2013 comebacks you are anticipating:
  8. Favourite 2012 comeback:
  9. What type of music do you listen to besides kpop?
  10. Favourite solo artist:

This is my second time being tagged, so I won’t be lazy this time and will actually tag 11 people xD I tag: ayowuddupkreese, miirukuti, pandasneutralfandom, blackjackstoanyone, stolenseoul, wallflower-smile, zheshiaiela, jjang-junhong, ziconoo, shnelby, clawliet

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Hi! My name is Christine. ><

1. I am extremely calm/laid-back, patient, accepting, etc all that stuff.

2. I love having fun (going out on adventures!) probably because for the most part I stay at home being lazy haha.

3. I am reaaalllyy quiet (and shy). I mean when I’m with friends I let myself go crazy but they still think I’m quiet so idk.

4. I have a passion for drawing n_n

5. I apparently look pessimistic on the outside but I appreciate a lot of things and am quite happy in general. :D


Hi Christine!! 

I ship you with 2PM’s Junho!

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