Cosplay pictures!

Sorry I posted these so late. I had such a great time at the comic con! It was just like I imaged for my first con, and a lot of people asked for pictures with me (I was Harley Quinn). My mom and Dad even went to! (My mom as the White Rabbit and my Dad as Clark Kent.)  Feel free to ask me anything about it!

\|/ Aren’t my parents awesome? UwU

V - The terrible trio, Fem!Riddler and us two Harleys.

V - I met another Fem!Riddler!

V - Saw my Puddin’ too!

V - So many Jokers and Harleys!

V - Met the Doctor (I wish!)

V - A Fem!Joker and her Bang! gun.

V - EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!

V Found a Cecil! Their tumblr!—> http://miirkaelisaar.tumblr.com/

V -  We all have guns (though I think there’s may pack a bigger punch)

V - Another cute Cosplay couple!

V - Two Tardises

V - To think he almost caught me O.o

V - nana nana nana nana nana nana nana nana


V- I didn’t enter the contest but I got on stage and danced with the MC