@pangur-and-grim aaa I saw ppl were showing you their cats so here’s my Isabell!! She’s a ten yr old rescue cat that I got when she was barely 8 weeks old. Big grumpy girl that loves cuddles but she’s a binch since I feed her separately from the other cats mostly she’s sometimes able to trick my mom into giving her a second can

She’s such a spoiled brat I luv her :’^)

First look at the game art (demo) & artists

Since our demo’s releasing day is getting closer (we update exact day of the release later), let’s have the official look at game art!

In demo our artist for game protagonist Mizuki Kita is Hikari. Hikari’s main job is to work with Rin. 

The youngest Matsuoka aka Gou gets her looks from Ellie.

Samezuka’s fierce captain Seijuro will be in a good care of Karitsu. Currently Karitsu is battling with drawing tablet problems, so let’s wish her all the best!

Adorable shota boys Nagisa and Nitori for dating will be done by double route artist Miinty

Our very own “stripper” Haruka will have an honour to work with Christine

Iwatobi’s Big Brother Mama Makoto will be handled by Niuniente

Rei will be in a good care in Pudding’s hands. 



- Demo is our first real try out for the full game. This is also first try out for our artists with their route art. Some changes will most likely to be seen in the art as the game progresses. 
- Demo is the only part of the game where the art from different artists is combined, for the sake of the continuation later in the game routes (and to be fair with everyone).
- In the full game artists will be drawing all characters appearing in their route themselves; for example Nagisa appearing in Rei’s route will be drawn by Pudding, Nitori in Seijuro’s route by Karitsu and so on. 
- We won’t be accepting any insults towards artists or the art. Such notes will be deleted without further notice. 
- Remember our Demo Giveaway with a chance to be one of the very first people who get to play the demo. 
- New to I Date Free-game?

Hi! Here’s Mizuki!

I haven’t really been online much, sorry! I’ve just been really busy with sorting things out.

My mother and I have had a look at my new school’s website, just to see what it looks like. It seems they have a lot of clubs, so might be some worth checking out when I arrive!

I think it might be a bit weird for me though, since I won’t be starting there at the beginning of the new school year. I’ll be spending April at my current school. We’re moving during Golden Week, so I’m starting classes at Iwatobi High School on the 6th of May.

But there are so many more things that need to be done before then, so I’d better get on with it!

Talk to you all later <3


Mizuki sketch by artist Miinty

We’ve been a bit quiet lately! This is due to the fact that most of us had to deal with midterms/finals or have just been really busy with getting things sorted for the holidays!

Anyway, we should be getting more active again after Christmas, since most of us will have some time off and most of the artists will be focussing on getting the sprites done. That of course means more sketches too!

~ Nikki